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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I'm Sick of Trump Caving on Russia:

Donald Trump was elected on the premise that he would be conciliatory and peaceful towards Russia.  He's completely betrayed that campaign promise.

First, he 'admitted' that Russians hacked John Podesta and the DNC, even though there's no evidence to that effect, and in addition Julian Assange, who has been trustworthy, far more so than the FBI or CIA, for decades now, personally guaranteed, repeatedly, that the leak did not come from Russia.  Not that it should matter in the least who hacked Podesta, since Americans have a right to know what the people they're electing really think and say behind closed doors.  If we are not a fully informed electorate, we'll make bad decisions, and democracy will fail.  Only an informed electorate can vote for the right person, so whoever did that hacking was aiding democracy, not 'hijacking' it, 'hacking' it, or whatever.  It's secrets that hijack democracy, truth is never wrong.

But Trump completely caved on that issue.  He hasn't rescinded the sanctions Obama placed on Russia over the issue, which any honest person would have done on day one, alongside an apology for the ridiculous action Obama took in the first place.

Next he threw general Flynn under the bus and fired him, simply for talking to a Russian diplomat.  What was the horrible thing he talked about?  He asked Russia kindly not to impose counter-sanctions on America for what Obama did, to which Russia generously agreed.  That's his crime.  He negotiated a de-escalation of tensions with Russia, so obviously he had to go.  There were no bribes, no foul play, nothing illegal, no leaking of confidential information.  He was fired simply for getting along with Russia.

Now he demands Russia return Crimea to Ukraine.  Hello?  How do you think Texas joined the Union?  We voted in a referendum to join the USA, and the USA accepted.  They even went to war with Mexico in order to seize the territory (and more) for themselves.  Who the hell are we to say that Russia can't do the exact same thing regarding Crimea (or more)?  Crimea voted in a referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia.  So what's left to say?  They have a right to self-determination, just like Texas had.  Russia felt like accepting, just like the USA did.  End of story.  Is Trump going to hand Texas back to Mexico?  If not, how dare he say anything about Crimea?

On the campaign trail, Trump said Crimea wanted to be part of Russia so it wasn't a controversy.  He said he was prepared to recognize Crimea as a fundamental part of Russia.  Now he's demanding Crimea be returned to a country that hates the people of Crimea and would gladly genocide them if they could get away with it, just like they've been indiscriminately killing the civilians of the Donbass in any way they could.  Who on Earth could possibly imagine this has even a speck of justice or morality connected to it?  The people of Ukraine are evil.  Crimea wishes to be part of Russia.  What on Earth, what part of the puzzle does Trump no longer understand?  On the campaign trail he seemed to get it, and now he's completely clueless.

Trump has betrayed the good will of Russia and the American voters who voted for him to make peace with Russia.  He's a lowlife maggot for bending to whatever deep state pressure is being put on him, and caving in to a policy that is brazenly and manifestly hypocritical, immoral, and downright stupid.

This is how stupid his statement is.  Return Crimea, or else.  Or else what?  How the hell are you going to threaten Russia?  They could whip us in a conventional war, and they have about ten times as many nukes as we do on top of that.  I'd love to see America try to 'liberate' Crimea.  We could all laugh about Trump's suicidal policy in hell.  So, seriously, what the hell is the point of even making demands that obviously won't be obliged and will just result in nuclear Armageddon?  It just makes Trump look weak and ineffectual.

Trump says, "Russia needs to return Crimea now."
Putin says, "yeah, no, not gonna happen.  Go fuck yourself."
Trump says -- what, exactly?  No, really.  What's the next move here?  Except to curl up into a corner and whimper?

"I'm gonna pass sanctions on you, you'd best watch yourself, I've grabbed pussy in seven systems?"

Putin's a killer from the KGB.  He's not afraid of you, fucking pussy.  Russia has plenty of trade possibilities with Iran, Brazil, China, India and the likes.  He never needed the USA to begin with.  Russia is so huge it could be completely internally self-sufficient if it ever wanted.  It's also more white than the USA, and with a higher birth rate than white Americans, so it has a much brighter future than we do anyway.  There is absolutely zero pressure we could possibly apply on them.  We'll collapse long before they do.

Putin has 82% popularity in Russia and has been overseeing unprecedented growth in his country for decades now.  The length of life under Putin in Russia has shot up ten years in duration.  Meanwhile America's average length of life is going down.  We're killing ourselves with the diseases of despair, heroin and alcohol, while Russia surges ahead full of healthy, happy, hopeful people having lots of beautiful brilliant white children.

You're not going to pull off a color revolution like you did with Ukraine.  Putin is so popular, if any crowd did try to gather in the Kremlin and pull that kind of shit, the people of Moscow would personally rip them apart with their bare hands.  You wouldn't even need to call in the 2,300 newly built, circa 2016 technology Armata tanks.

There is nothing Trump, or America, can do to Russia.  Russia is stronger than us militarily, more respected diplomatically in the world, has a stronger economic base (growing way faster than the USA has ever since 2009 with zero symptoms of system-wide failure like the USA's crumbling dams and $20 trillion debt), a stronger demographic base, has greater assabiya, and they're even better than us at sports to boot.

So here's an idea.  How about we shut the fuck up about Crimea, respect our betters, and mind our own business?  Putin could show Trump how to get a few things done.  Like, you know, those rioters in Berkeley?  That sure as hell wouldn't have been allowed in Russia.  No one disrespects law and order and lives to tell the tale over there.  Nor would Putin have allowed some shitty local court to suddenly claim that all people in the world have the constitutional right to move to Russia and become Russian citizens.  He would have just had the judge offed by the end of the day and the executive order would have been enforced without a hitch.  But Putin doesn't even have to do that, because there aren't any swarms of third world immigrants flooding into Russia.  They know that that wouldn't fly in Russia, and they'd get their heads chopped off if they tried.  Instead, hundreds of thousands of white Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia every year and enriching their demographic base with beautiful brilliant white immigrants.

Russia has some troubles with poverty, crime and corruption.  But at least Russia will still be Russia in 2100.  Can the same be said of the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe?  ((for dullards, I'll just give you the answer to that question -- no.))

America is going to be a pile of smoldering ruins, torn to shreds by civil war or just race riots and jihadi terror or perhaps even worse, just complete dysfunctionality due to blacks and hispanics trying to maintain the infrastructure like they do so brilliantly in Zimbabwe or Brazil.  Our economic, military, demographic, diplomatic, every single 'superpower' we currently possess will be long gone.  Meanwhile Russia is going to be more united, more proud, richer, happier, bigger and healthier than ever.  They will be the princes of the universe, alongside other sane countries like China, South Korea and Japan who kept their borders closed.  In fact, I assume the countries of Eastern Europe will eventually start begging Russia to annex them, just like Crimea did, once western Europe is overrun with Africans and Middle Easterners.  They will quickly see the vast void, the gigantic gap, between the nihilism of 'Americanism' and Russia's steady hand on the tiller.

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live"

Side with America and Western Europe, and you will be swept away by the third world and liberal faggotry forever and ever.  Or you can side with Putin and Russia, with God almighty, with traditional virtues and values, and thou and thy seed can prosper in the gardens of white peaceful bliss and progress forever and ever.  Which way do you think Eastern Europe is going to turn?  (I'll give a hint to the dullards, hello new warsaw pact!)

Trump should stop yipping like a feeble dog at Russia and concentrate on Making America Great Again.  What the hell does his entire campaign promise have anything to do with Russia?  We voted to leave Russia alone and put America, not Ukraine, first.  When was our president replaced by a body snatcher puppet?

Fuck Trump and fuck America.  If we do go to war with Russia over Crimea, count me on the trenchlines of the other side.  I'm going to die for a white country, not a mongrel hell hole.  I'd be proud to die a Russian.

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