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Friday, January 13, 2017

Youjo Senki Promoted, Fuuka Dropped:

Youjo Senki has everything I want in a story.  A logical refutation of God.  A manly man who you can actually admire (even if he happens to be reborn as a cute blonde haired blue-eyed girl).  A historical revisionist war fought from the perspective of the German side as the good guys.  Killing like it's nothing and to be expected  (no dainty lectures on morality here!).  Like, I'm pretty sure this is heaven.  This is the most hard core alt-right anime I've ever seen.  This show would have never been made outside of Japan.  This show is pretty much samizdat contraband anywhere else on Earth, and they're just merrily throwing millions of dollars of production money at it over there.  God bless Japan, and God bless Carlos Zen for writing such a thrilling tale that this anime actually saw the light of day.

It's like the reverse side of the coin of Shuumatsu no Izetta.  Instead of optimism you get cynicism.  Instead of the Allies you get the Axis.  Obviously if Izetta is great then this show must be great too.  As such, Youjo Senki begins its ranked life at #187 on my top anime rankings list.  When the season is over I'll be able to place it more accurately, but just being ranked is good enough for now.

Since the anime is based on a light novel series (already 7 volumes in length), this also gets into my good books hall of fame.  Carlos Zen will be 33rd in the light novel authors' rankings until the end of the season where I get a better bead on just how good he is.

Incidentally, this now perfects my good books hall of fame.  Previously I had authors who were just doing spinoffs of other people's works which weren't originally light novels, but that's all gone now.  All thirty-three light novel categorized authors are original authors of their own original, light novel stories.  It took years for enough great light novel authors to show up, but now the final jigsaw piece has been placed.  I just hope there aren't any further good light novel authors for the rest of time, because I'd have to start excluding worthy people from here on if there are.

Meanwhile, Fuuka is dropped.  I think it's ridiculous that they would drown so quickly and so easily.  I think it's an unbelievable coincidence that Fuuka would track down our hero the very moment a gust of wind blows away his childhood friend's umbrella, forcing her to seek cover under their last remaining umbrella, thus making Fuuka think the protagonist is cheating on her.  It's all so pat.  So forced.  There's no inherent truth to this story, it just does whatever it wants to create fake drama.  It's like fake news.

That puts the current anime watchlist at 20 shows, with Yojo Senki proudly at the top.  Tomorrow the long-awaited resumption of Rewrite will join that list~

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