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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Durarara Ketsu Subtitled in Blu-ray:

Durarara Ketsu, the third and final part of the second season of Durarara, is now out in blu-ray subtitled.  I've watched the blu-ray versions of part 1 and 2, so now after rewatching this I'll have rewatched Durarara in its entirety.  Another series I can remove from my checklist.  Schwarzesmarken and Yuru Yuri Season 3 bit the dust last week, so this whole blu-ray anime stuff is suddenly going quite smoothly in the fansub community.  I wonder what will come out next?  Working Season 3?

Meanwhile, I'm dropping Chain Chronicle.  I don't actually like the characters, the plot, or the setting.  It's all just too random and thrown together.  Healers stand next to mortally injured knights and don't even bother to heal their wounds.  That's just inexcusably dumb.  It feels like I'm playing a video game when they do their obvious game mechanic inspired chain attacks, and it breaks immersion.  You realize that none of this is real and it's all so silly.  I could just be actually playing Disgaea or Tears to Tiara 2 instead, so what possible benefit does this 'game-based show' bring to the table?  Rewrite has joined the party though, so the winter season is still at 20 shows.

The Texans lost, but I can still cheer for the Cowboys.  My football spirit will never falter.

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