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Monday, January 9, 2017

Akatsuki no Yona Zeno Oav's Subtitled:

Another long awaited translation objective since 2016, Akatsuki no Yona's Zeno arc, is subtitled and available to the public.  It's been a long wait, but 2017 is ushering in a fresh breeze where things actually get translated, one thing after the other, so now it's Akatsuki's turn.

Even with these oavs, Akatsuki no Yona is in woeful need of a sequel season.  The manga is enormous, so a 27 episode adaptation just isn't going to cut it.  As a result, a top ten manga is only the #102 anime of all time.  But I guess now isn't a time for grousing, but celebration.  Two new episodes of Akatsuki no Yona.  Yay!

My prediction of an Alabama win and an SEC bowl challenge cup win was off.  Alabama led most of the game, but Clemson won at the last second (literally).  The ACC won the bowl challenge cup outright as a result as well.  All hail Clemson and the ACC.  Sigh.  Well, at least a Southern state still won.  South Carolina was the heart of the rebellion, so I don't mind throwing them a championship every now and then.  I still have the Cowboys and the Texans left to cheer for in the NFL, so there.

Fate/Kaleid Liner's movie is scheduled for this summer.  So that's four separate Fate series that will all be airing this year.  Wow.

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