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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Akame ga kill! End:

Just as predicted, we've finally reached the end of Akame's journey, the first momentous event of this nubile year.

The final chapter of Akame ga Kill! was perfect.  Leone died after all, so my giant complaint of the author suddenly going soft on us at the last battle is now null and void.  It did take sacrifices to win the biggest and hardest fight of all, which is the only way to make a battle feel real or hard.  I like how all the bad guys met their end, I like how Akame stuck to her convictions even after the war ended, I like how the kingdom actually did become a peaceful and happy place again (proving that all that murdering was worth it, proving that violence can lead to good, proving that all the lame ass morality preaching of the modern day where heroes are never allowed to kill because it always leads to a bad outcome in the end is obviously and patently false), I like that Mine recovered and doesn't mind that Tatsumi is a giant dragon, I like Akame reminiscing about her comrades, because it let me do the same, putting me to the brink of tears.

This story is thrilling, complete, and unique.  Making it the 4th best manga of all time.  But it's not even done.  There's still Akame ga Kill! Zero to salivate over and enjoy for who knows how many more months.  The prequel volumes are absolutely just as good as the main series.  I consider both a necessity and Akame to just be one series starting at the beginning of Zero and going to the end of ga Kill!

But don't let that stop you from diving into Akame ga Kill! now.  Even without the prequels, you can enjoy reading this story from start to finish.  It's a complete story in its own right, with no loose ends.  Everything is written to concise and elegant perfection.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten how much I loved the Zestiria anime.  Now that it's back I'm totally floored once again at how beautiful it is and how appealing all the main characters are.  Especially Rose and Edna.  Who can possibly resist the allure of Rose or Edna?  Anyone who has any complaints with this show is a fool.  Long live Tales!  Long live the soon to be released Berseria prequel!

Meanwhile, in To Love-ru Darkness, Haruna and Rito have finally confessed their love for each other.  It also looks like the Harem Plan is in mortal danger, and could well disappear forever in just the next chapter.  In that case, Rito sure has a lot of girls he needs to reject.  I hope he's ready for a boatload of tears.  But will Haruna and Rito really get together in the end?  Somehow I still have my doubts. . .  Maybe, after having gotten their love out in the open, they'll agree that it's actually best they stay just friends, and Rito should really get with Lala and become emperor of the universe?  Haruna is self-effacing like that, so I could totally see it happening. . .

In any case, my prediction that the To Love-ru manga would be ending soon seems to be bearing out, just as expected.  I'm quite the genius.  To Love-ru is already the 13th best manga ever, but if the ending is satisfying enough, I could see it rising even higher.  To Love-ru ending is almost as momentous as Akame.

Meanwhile, I read SAO: Progressive volume 4.  Like all SAO novels it's amazing.  I especially like how Asuna is not a 'strong, independent woman who needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.'  If you want feminism go watch Black Widow in a marvel film.  In SAO, Asuna relies on Kirito, and for good reason, because he's the most reliable man in the world (literally.)  Laughing Coffin is not some enemy you can play around with and make feminist poses over.  Her life seriously hangs by a thread in there.  A man showing up and saving you at a time like that isn't something to get pissed about and lecture him on 'white knighting.'  It's when you start crying and hugging him and telling him how scared you were.  That's a real woman.  And it's also a woman worth protecting.  Worth dying for.  This is what a real couple looks like.  The ideal woman and the ideal man, together, complimenting each other, respecting each other, forming a perfect, ideal, everlasting union.  The ideal of ideals.

Meanwhile, James Madison easily beat Youngstown State for the FCS championship.  The higher seeds all won their games in the NFL playoffs.  The FBS championship is tomorrow, and then it's back to even more exciting playoff games.

Meanwhile, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl all got renewed for a new season.  So not only will we be enjoying the 2nd half of the current season we're on for all these shows, we've already been promised a bright new toy starting in the summer or fall of 2017 to fixate on.  Does the fun ever stop?

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