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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Majikoi A-2 English Translation Released:

Majikoi A consists of five parts.  Thanks to Majitranslations, two of those parts have now received a fan translation.  Majikoi A is set after Majikoi S, which is set after the original Majikoi, so playing A might be quite the epic journey, but having the option at all is still a wonderful thing.  Majikoi is one of the best visual novel franchises out there not just due to its quantity but also due to its quality.

I'm still on Tsubame's route in S, so it will be a long time before I actually play A-2, but it's always wise to secure these types of things immediately, because you never know when they'll disappear from the internet due to takedown notices and the like later.

A new Grisaia short story is also out on steam.  Melody of Grisaia this time.

Dragon Quest XI looks a lot better than last time I checked up on it.  Based on the new trailer, now it looks worth buying after all.  It's set to come out sometime in 2017.

Meanwhile, a new Naruto anime has been announced, this time following Bolt.  It starts in April of 2017.  I'm sure Bolt will be fine and all, but all I want is the scarlet spring gaiden to be animated, which was actually written by Kishimoto.  After that it's just 'whatever.'  So if this announcement includes Scarlet Spring?  Great.  Otherwise, meh.

The new Rewrite announcement was a mobile phone game.  Meh.

Fairy Tail's natsu vs. mavis oad has received subtitles, so be sure to check out this great new addition to the corpus.

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