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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rewrite Renewed:

I had two main objections to the Rewrite anime -- it was too short, and the new 'unified route' did not do justice to the previous game's five separate routes.

The second objection to Rewrite remains.  But the first objection is more or less obviated by the announcement that Rewrite will resume in the winter of 2017, delivering us the moon and terra routes that are the true ending.

Whether it's this new unified route, or the five character routes of the game, it will always end up at Moon, because Moon is literally the alpha and omega of all possible worlds.  So now we have the story back on track, thankfully no more filler will be needed, and the story has enough breathing room to actually deliver its content in full, thanks to the length suddenly doubling from what we previously knew about.

Did Rewrite deserve better?  Sure.  But this is an imperfect world.  Compared to other series that were shafted much more, Rewrite is actually one of the lucky ones.  As such, asking for a Rewrite remake is a little too selfish at this point.  This will have to do as the definitive Rewrite anime.  Now that a sequel season has been promised, it's close enough to the original to be the final word on the matter.

Instead of a Rewrite remake, I think I'll just ask for a sequel season to Love Live Sunshine, which ended on a pretty random note with nothing resolved.

With Rewrite added to the mix, 2017's anime prognosis has improved yet again.  What will they announce next?

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