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Friday, September 23, 2016

Kyoukai no Rinne Season 3 Spring 2017:

This is welcome news.  Kyoukai no Rinne is getting a season 3 in just six months.  Based upon the previous two seasons, this one will no doubt be 25 episodes as well.  Will the manga end in time for the anime to reach the ending?  That seems more doubtful.  Could there be a season 4 then?  That actually seems pretty likely.  If season three is greenlit, why not 4?  Why not 5 or 6?

This series is rapidly becoming one of the longest anime out there.  How far will it rise in my rankings before the end?

In addition, Fate/Kaleid Liner is getting a sequel anime movie, which will cover Shirou's flashback arc.  That will catch us up entirely with the manga, but depending on when it comes out, maybe the manga will have advanced some more, in which case a new season of the tv anime is still possible.  Or maybe they'll make another movie covering the next batch of material too?  Who knows.  The point is Fate/Kaleid Liner has been amazing in its willingness to adapt more and more material.  This is already by far the longest Fate series around and it's still growing.  It's very convenient that this is also my favorite Fate series around.

If silver link really does adapt Kaleid Liner all the way to the end, I might have to improve its rank yet higher, but for now #5 seems pretty fair.  Currently Fate/etc doesn't have a single completed storyline.  Not for the original game (though the Heaven's Feel movie trilogy should fix that), not for Fate/Extra (a single season couldn't possibly cover the entire game(s)), not for Fate/Zero (fate/zero can't be called over until the whole series is done, including Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, since all the series tie into each other), and not for Kaleid Liner (the mangaka hasn't even finished the manga yet).  A shoddy, incomplete construct like that can't compete with the fully polished and completed Clannad and Code Geass currently ranked 3rd and 4th.  Let Fate actually finish something and maybe we can reevaluate.

All in all, 33 top ranking anime series still have plans to come out with additional content.  Plus, Dimension W, Assassination Classroom, Saki Achiga and Wake Up, Girls! have yet to be fully translated, so there's potential for four more great series to receive additional content (as far as we're concerned) in the future as well.  ~20% of currently great anime is going to get even greater somewhere down the road, and that's just the series whose sequels have been announced.  Who knows, maybe even Bleach will get a sequel someday far in the future.  This makes for a very healthy 2017 animescape.

Meanwhile, I bumped up my top movie rankings to top 25 from top 20.  There's enough quality movies out there to merit their inclusion.  X-men squeaked in at 25th when I considered the value of the original cult classic animated tv series in combination with the movies that really sparked the whole superhero genre.  The latest Age of Apocalypse movie was pretty decent, all in all, and there's more movies to come so the franchise will only keep getting stronger over time.

Ender's Game is at 24th.  Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors of all time, and it's mainly due to his Ender's Game series.  The movie featured Harrison Ford and really pulled off the story quite well.  The adaption could have been much, much worse.  When you do even a halfway decent adaption of one of the best books ever written, you should be ranked as one of the best movies ever.

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover made a great team in Lethal Weapon, coming in at 23rd.  I liked how serious this series was.  Jet Li was also really cool.

Top Gun received the 22nd slot.  Maverick, Cougar, Goose, Iceman, that's my whole childhood right there.  It was just a slick movie from start to finish.  Good looking planes, good looking guys, good looking girls, what is there not to like?

To honor the Greeks and Romans, the 21st slot goes to Gladiator and 300 (plus its never acknowledged sequel).

The 20th slot goes to the US military, due to their amazing displays of competence and courage in Black Hawk Down and 13 Hours.  Our country doesn't deserve such heroes.

The 19th slot goes to the wild west, represented by Silverado and Tombstone.  And with that, all changes from the previous list are accounted for.

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