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Monday, September 5, 2016

Juvia Lives:

So for chapter 500 of the mainline Fairy Tail manga, it's revealed that Juvia lived after all.  Apparently Gray didn't wait until Juvia actually died before he just left her body on the ground to hunt down Ingvelt (yeah, that's realistic, he cares for Juvia so much he abandons her while she's still alive instead of trying to help her somehow. . .).  Instead he went out to get vengeance for Juvia's still alive soul.  Then when he achieved that goal and defeated Ingvelt, he decided to pardon Ingvelt after all, because eh, why not let bygones be bygones.  So first he abandons the chance to save Juvia, then he gives up on avenging her too, because he couldn't care less either way.  That's some great characterization of Gray right there.

While the person who cares about Juvia most abandons her for no reason, not even for vengeance, since he decides not to pursue that course after all, Wendy arrives just in time to heal her.  Because Wendy actually cares about people.  Go figure, she's my favorite girl in anime.  Wendy is my hero, while Gray is just a burgeoning villain.  Now for no reason he's going to resent Natsu even though Natsu can't control the circumstances of his birth, all he can control is how he lives his life, which he's done in a completely moral fashion ever since he was a little kid.  So Gray is going to try and kill Natsu just for being a demon, just like all those bigots persecuted Mirajane for the same reason?  Gray never tried to kill Mira, so it would be completely ridiculous if he turned on Natsu, after all the time they've shared together.  I just do not like this entire Gray plotline.

Chapter 500 should've been something to commemorate, but since it was just Mashima trolling us again with another fake death, just as I predicted, I can't get very excited over it.

Fairy Tail is currently my favorite manga, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

Meanwhile, Texas beat Notre Dame in memorable fashion this Sunday.  They blew a huge lead, blew a second lead they had at the end of the game by having an extra point try blocked and returned for 2 points by the defense, and only finally won in double overtime a game they should have salted away in the 3rd quarter.  Nevertheless, all that matters in the end is that big fat W.  An unranked Texas took out #10 Notre Dame.  An unranked Texas aTm beat #16 UCLA.  A ranked Houston team took out #3 Oklahoma in yet another upset.  Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas San Antonio, Texas State, University of Texas at El Paso, TCU, and SMU all took care of business as well.  Boldest, and grandest, withstanding every test, O empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blessed.

Though it's already clear the state of Texas dominates college football, Ole Miss vs. Florida State will go a long ways towards determining whether the SEC still dominates the country or if parity has returned.  I can't wait to see this Sugar Bowl worthy contest go down a few hours from now.

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