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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Dallas Shootings:

Imagine there's a group of people, around 25% of your population, who are otherwise just like you and I, but have an irresistible attraction to chakrams.  The moment they see a chakram, they'll do anything to get their hands on it, and the moment they have one, they'll slit their own throats with it in a fit of delirious ecstasy.  If they can just avoid ever seeing a chakram in their life, a completely achievable feat since it exists nowhere in nature and has no modern use so everyone could easily keep it out of their eyesight, they would go about their productive and happy lives, start families, love their children, pay their taxes, obey the law and laugh on Thanksgiving.

This fault is so minor and so easily forgiven in them, because chakrams provide no benefit to anyone else, so the 75% of the population that agrees to forego the sale, advertising or manufacture of chakrams can't even imagine how exactly this imposition on their liberty is worth resenting the maniacal 25% over.  It's just a quirk, everybody has them, and it's nothing to get excited over.  Keeping chakrams out of the hands of chakram lovers is a lot easier than keeping bacteria away from bubble boys or tainted blood away from hemophiliacs.  We've done far more to try and save the lives of far fewer people, so keeping chakrams away from hundreds of millions of would be chakram suiciders should be a no brainer.

What is true of chakrams is also true of drugs.  Marijuana aside, whose side effects seem to be pretty minor, virtually all other drugs lead to a person being incapable of functioning in society, dropping out of the workforce, resorting to all sorts of various crimes to make a living, and eventually dying an early death, leaving their family destitute and heartbroken.  Not just hard drugs, you could say the same of alcohol.  Anyone who is drinking more than a glass of wine a day in alcohol has a serious problem, and this drug tends to ruin more lives than all the others combined.  Cigarettes also impose huge social burdens on others and huge medical costs alongside shortened lifespans that can't possibly be justified by the pleasure smokers may take in smoking.  Marijuana is infinitely more harmless than tobacco, and yet one is banned and the other is legal.  I'd be fine with banning marijuana too just because I don't like any mind-altering drug, which I think is an insult to human dignity, but right now we're just talking about safety, and in those terms marijuana is the safest drug around and therefore the least offensive.  Tobacco and alcohol clearly need to be banned well before marijuana in terms of lives lost due to these poisons.

The fact that we think chakram suiciders have a divine right to access to chakrams because we should never impinge on people's liberties is aiding and abetting madness.  It's obvious that whatever personality quirk makes them think chakrams are the greatest thing in the universe, we don't have to play along with their stupid fixation.  Many people are wrong about one minor thing, and if you can just avoid the topic it's like the issue doesn't even exist.  The last thing you'd want to do is give them access to the one thing they are wrong about so that they can wallow in it 24/7.

Otherwise good people, with bright futures, are tearing their lives apart and bringing their family and community down with them.  As various people reach out to help, because they remember and know that these people are otherwise good people and they can't bear to see them suffer, they're sucked into the undertow of continuously worse behavior and have to ride this merry go round all the way into the abyss.  In the end we taxpayers have to bear the full burden of burying all these wretches.

The problem is even worse.  Imagine this society that has successfully quarantined chakrams away from the community and is living an idyllic existence far away from all chakrams.  A group of foreigners notices there's a huge unserved market in chakrams and they could make a killing on the sale of chakrams (literally!).  They could care less what their customers do with them, they could care less about all the pain and suffering and death that is about to follow, they just want to get theirs and devil take the hindmost.  These people are ruthless, psychopathic scum who become some of the richest and most honored members of their community, they get all the hot women, have all the kids they want, and even get songs penned in their honor.  Through doing nothing difficult or productive at all, they rise to the top of the pyramid, simply by being willing to exploit the weakness of others where everyone else on Earth is too decent to do so.  Sort of like how rapists can have all the kids they want because they have realized, unlike everyone else on Earth, that women are too weak to physically resist them if they just force themselves upon them.  They think this is some sort of earth-shattering revelation and they must be more clever than all the other males on Earth, but actually they're just more ruthless and everyone else knew the same but refrained, out of moral decency, from ever employing such a strategy.

By allowing only evil people who are heartless enough to manufacture and sell chakrams to your 25% chakram loving minority, you are giving 25% of the entire GDP of your country over to the worst sort of human scum and refuse imaginable.  Not even the worst people in your country, the very worst people in the world.  Which is why such shitholes as Venezuela and Afghanistan invariably are the centers of drug production and sale in the world.  Only vortexes of pure evil and darkness could ever found their economies around killing others like this, and we simply go along with it and allow these pustules to profit and benefit from their rank deeds.

Chakram users are distributed randomly throughout the population, you would never guess who uses one next just by knowing them.  When a chakram is put in front of them, all their previous personality and behavior flies out the window and they become gibbering madmen.  Even people who assume they themselves would never be at threat from chakram-induced-euphoria, when a chakram is actually placed in front of them, are magnetically drawn to it like Venus coming out of the sea.  Before they know it, they've already put the chakram to their throats, and in a panic they realize it was their very own souls they had been protecting up until now, but in their craze for unlimited liberty, they put down their very own shields that had preserved their very own life up until this point.

When random people are being killed by chakrams, good and bad alike, while only the worst people on Earth benefit from it, it's a no-brainer to restrict the sale, manufacture, advertisement and distribution of chakrams.  Only the Prince of Hell could be for the continuation of the chakram business.  This isn't difficult math.  This isn't a careful weighing of plusses and minuses.  There are no plusses and infinite minuses.  This is the clearest case for intervention you could ever ask for.

If you say that chakram demand will always induce supply, you're just wrong.  Most decent people would not give, say, a guy who says he's always thirsty no matter how much he's had to drink recently, another cup of water.  They would realize that he's a madman and if you give him as much water as he asks for he's just going to die from it.  Only indecent people supply something they know will be harmful to a 'customer' who demands it from them.  There are only a limited supply of evil, heartless, ruthless scum in the world, and if we simply wipe them out then no, there won't 'always' be a supply of suppliers catering to chakram needs.  The answer isn't to surrender 25% of our GDP and 25% of our population to the chakram suppliers because it's 'inevitable,' the answer is to crush them while they're weak and before they get this kind of revenue stream by effectively keeping chakrams from crossing our borders and hunting down and killing anyone anywhere who tries to penetrate our borders and provide our suicidal idiots with more chakrams.  We have the mightiest military on Earth, we may as well use it for something, and I can think of no better use than genociding the cultures and types of people who would be willing to provide death and suffering to people they know are innocent and happy up until this point.  These vampires who feed on other humans as their ecosystem must be wiped out before they wipe us out.  It's quite simply an existential struggle for survival, no quarter, certainly no understanding or respect, can be given to these people.  They will utterly annihilate you and laugh all the way to the bank while doing it.  A community flooded with drugs can no longer provide for itself, is a menace to everyone else, and creates a generational chain of misery that barely anyone can crawl out of.  Babies in their very wombs are being poisoned by this shit, and they can never recover.  Fetal alcohol syndrome on Indian Reservations are through the roof.  Crack babies.  AIDS.  There are children born shaking because they're already heroin addicts and they haven't gotten their fix recently cuz of that whole birth canal business.

People selling drugs on the street are not just inventive entrepreneurs trying to make a living for their families.  They are ruthless predators taking advantage of other people's weakness and profiting from others' misery and loss.  That is no longer a commercial exchange, that is sadism mixed with slavery.  There is a mental defect, I believe known as Wilson's disease, but it doesn't matter what the name is.  There is a mental defect where people are infinitely trusting of others.  If you tell them something they cannot conceive of the concept that you might be lying. They'll do whatever they're told with a smile and a nod, helpless sheep to whichever dark shepherd might be passing by.  It is not inventive entrepreneurship to create a business lying to these people and taking all their money and even sleeping with all their women.  That's just evil.  It's just plain evil.

If you're a drug dealer, I'm perfectly fine with cops gunning you down without a trial.  I wish they would torture you to death first.  You aren't a person anymore.  You discarded that identity long ago.  You are now an alien predator living in our midst, wearing our skin but nothing but a ravenous wolf underneath.  No human being could take advantage of others like that, if they cared about humans at all, they would never do that to their fellow man.  They discarded their humanity long ago, and with it any human rights they might hold.

As far as I know, every black killed so far by cops was a thug with a long criminal record deserving of the death penalty.  This Minnesota case may be the first exception to this rule, but if that's the case, no doubt the cop involved, who was a Hispanic, so hardly a white racist of any sort, will be charged with murder and properly brought to justice.  Which means the system is working, and blacks have nothing to complain about.  If blacks wish to avoid dangerous scrapes with the law, all they have to do is stop breaking the law, which is there for a reason, and stop resisting arrest when police come to punish them for breaking the law.  Simple.  Very simple.  Even low IQ blacks should be able to do this.  It's not rocket science to do what you are told.

Now, some laws are ridiculous and should not exist, and people can be legitimately resentful of cops enforcing unjust laws upon them, so long as they aren't simultaneously breaking just laws.  The age of consent is way too high.  Women used to marry at 12 and their decisions were respected at the time.  According to the Flynn effect, we are all much smarter today than we were back then, and obviously our bodies reach maturity much earlier as well, a well documented fact.  So why can't women marry at age 12 now?  Juliet is treated like a mature and responsible adult who can make her own decisions and she's only 13 in the play.  No one thinks to call Romeo a child rapist, despite the fact that he must be well over the age of 15 given the way he interacts with other adults and is able to best them in combat regularly.  If two people love each other and wish to marry each other, criminalizing their behavior is completely unfair.  The fact is women are most attractive in their teens and men will always want to get in on that.  When you cut off licit means they will turn to illicit means, and then you go and criminalize that too (child porn), when we're talking about pictures of 17 year olds, often of their very own girlfriends who consented in giving them the picture.

I want people to marry younger, while they are still virgins, and while they still believe in the sanctity of love and that you can't just break up with your first love and try out a second, third, fourth and millionth love instead.  All these laws about child porn and statutory rape go against nature and make love and marriage unworkable in the modern age.  We are just shooting ourselves in the foot and criminalizing good people who simply want to love the most attractive women in the neighborhood like any sane man would.  Forcible rape is wrong, obviously, but if you're lucky enough to be chosen out among all the suitors of these gorgeous girls, then why on Earth should you be punished for it?  Is it just rank envy?  Spite?  How dare he get such a hot wife, let's put him in jail instead?  And this sort of barbarism is legitimized by law?  Really?

Likewise, laws against polygamy and incest simply restrict the rights of lovers to form relationships, which are proven to be an enormous boon to health and happiness and long term fulfillment, in an age where relationships are very difficult to come by and most people miss out on one entirely, all life long.  No one can say an incestuous couple or a polygamous triple is worse off than a person living alone with nothing and no one, so what right do they have to barge in and tear these loving relationships apart?  Who is the victim in these cases?  Who is being saved?  And if you say that incestuous couples cause birth defects well guess what, that would require eugenics and birth licensing for everyone, not just incestuous couples, before your argument holds the least ounce of water.  Otherwise you're just singling out and arbitrarily punishing one group for a sin that many more people do much worse of all the time.  Incestuous couples could always screen their babies and make sure they are healthy, adopt, use artificial insemination, go childless, or have any number of other solutions to this problem as well, so 'nipping the problem in the bud' is an outrageous overreach to the problem and it's clear that your motivation isn't about the children at all.

There are too many business and workplace related regulations.  If anyone actually abided by them all, they would go bankrupt.  It is physically impossible to follow the law and make a profit anymore.  Everyone is secretly cutting corners and just hoping the government doesn't notice.  All the while even more piles of regulations are being added on every year like an ever growing mountain.  Taxes are also too high, and fines most of all.  People need cars to get to work or just to socialize and meet with friends or even to buy their groceries and eat.  And yet the insane burden of taxes and fines and regulations on cars makes it a luxury most people can't afford.  A necessity is transformed into an unaffordable luxury by the government.  Gas tax, vehicle registration tax, mandatory insurance for an extremely unlikely scenario that ends up costing well more than the car itself, endless inspections and sticker fees which are both expensive and a hassle to get.  Repairs of things that don't actually need fixing and cost too much to fix, but laws require be fixed anyway.  It just goes on and on, and the poor simply can't keep up with it.  Even getting driver's licenses is expensive, a hassle, and nigh impossible for the poor, so they just drive without one and hope they don't get caught.

Traffic laws are way too asinine.  "You must signal before making a turn, you must come to a full stop at every stop sign, you mustn't go over the speed limit, blah blah blah."  No one can actually follow all these traffic laws, they're too restrictive and everyone is too busy to spare perfectly following every rule to the letter.  Most of us make do with just driving safely and making sure not to inconvenience or endanger others.  But the cops have other ideas, they want to steal your money and tax you into oblivion, so they'll pull you over for every and any little thing.

The laws restricting what you can do and what you must do on your own property are too restrictive.  Environmental laws are insane, prioritizing random squirrels and rodents over real live people.

Discrimination laws are evil.  People discriminate between good and evil, right and wrong, just and unjust, lovable and unlovable.  This is the very core of morality, the core of what makes us human.  To criminalize this and require that you treat everyone equally regardless of their moral worth is to simply abolish all reason and justice from this world.  Next there will be quotas for who women are allowed to fall in love with, and 13% of their marriages will be required to be with black males.

Copyright laws are bullshit.  First off, every 'new' idea is in fact not new, but a pre-existing platonic truth that existed since the beginning of time.  By the nature and structure of the universe, by the nature and structure of human nature and logic, all ideas can eventually be arrived at through studious thought and application of what we can observe around us.  The idea that you can simply seize these primordial universal truths and call them your own, require everyone else pay you rent to think them, and then lord over others for centuries even after your death with them, is absolutely insane.  It's also anti-progress, and anti-human, which relies on the playful exchange and interaction of ideas to synthesize new and better ideas.  People have a right to any information, period.  It's just an extension of freedom of thought, which is the basis for freedom of speech.  If you want to be compensated for your good idea, find a way to do so without relying on copyright law.  Use kickstarter.  Get donations.  Sell associated physical merchandise.  I don't care how.  There's a million ways to do it.  But copyright law is out of the question.  The restriction is insane in an age of endless free digital copies that could enrich the world, and it's harmful to a public that can't actually afford to pay market price on all their entertainment, but contribute as much as they can afford already, so no business is actually losing out on these phantom 'losses.'  Patents and copyrights all need to die, die, die.  The majority of the world are 'pirates' and it's insane to criminalize the majority of your population.  That just throws out the very concept of crime which is supposed to be an egregious deviation from the norm.

If police were harassing and arresting people daily over crimes like these, and the hounded public got sick and tired of it and started resisting arrest every time they were cracked down on, and then cops got out guns and just blazed them down for daring to resist government authority, yes, riots and retributionary killings of cops would be justified.  At this point we're just being oppressed by tyrants who want subjects not citizens.  The government simply doesn't seem to get the message that we don't want these sorts of laws enforced anymore.  They aren't good laws.  We're sick of them.  We want them abolished, but if for some reason that won't happen (generally because representative government answers to the corporations, not to the people, because they're the ones who fund their campaigns), we want cops to just look the other way and leave us the hell alone.  When cops refuse to do that and become the instruments of a tyrannical government, then guess what they have pushback and backlash coming.  Maybe if we keep killing them they'll get the message and stay out of our neighborhoods and leave us the hell alone again.  Killing a guy for driving with a broken taillight is unacceptable.  Shooting back at the cops after something like that is perfectly legitimate.

Last time the government started unreasonably intruding into our personal lives and slaughtering those who resisted them, like in Ruby Ridge and Waco, we got Timothy McVeigh, who carried out a collective reprisal on an FBI building.  After the Oklahoma City bombing, somehow government magically got the message, and the slaughter of innocent people suddenly came to a stop, and the government starting leaving us alone again.  That's called pushback.  It worked like a charm. The government had gone rogue, and then it was put back in its place.  They were made to fear us, the people, again, and respect our rights and freedom again.  The shooter at Dallas was just a replay of McVeigh, standing up for the oppressed and making government know that they will pay a price every time they overstep their bounds.  The people of this country are furious with law enforcement, which is attacking them from all sides on completely niggling things that shouldn't even be illegal in the first place.  We are fed up with all the rules and regulations and taxes we can't afford.  They just keep pushing and pushing us, killing us over broken taillights, and of course at some point someone is going to snap.  The more they push, the more pushback they'll receive.  If they want a freaking civil war they couldn't have gone about it any better than this.

There needs to be a new deal of policing.  Police will only enforce the laws that the community as a whole in that region wishes to see enforced.  All other laws, whether they're on the book or not, like driving without a seatbelt or whatever, will be ignored, because the people don't like those rules and they never voted for them.  If police continue bearing down on 'malefactors' that the community considers perfectly fine and acceptable behavior, then the police, not the criminals, are the aggressors in this equation, and it's the police, not the criminals, who need to back the fuck off.  If police in a region are no longer trusted and no longer wanted and a community wishes to simply police itself with their own code of conduct, that's fine too.  In that case the police should simply vanish entirely and no longer serve the community whatsoever.  They have lost the public trust and thus they are no longer enforcers of the public will.  They're just an invading and occupying army.

Most cops are decent people trying to prevent real crimes like rape and murder.  They're also trying to make a living and provide for their family in a country without many good jobs or paths of opportunity for them.  I don't hate police and I don't want them all dead.  But they have to stop harassing us over every little thing.  And they absolutely have to stop killing us over every little thing.  This is a systemic problem and all cops are part of the problem so long as they continue to enforce the law as written instead of the law the people actually want.  It doesn't matter if the vast majority of say, Alaskans think Vermonters should have to clap five times a day and twirl around before leaving any building.  Police do not derive their authority from what Alaskan voters think, and they should not enforce the will of Alaska on Vermonters.  If Vermont says we don't want to abide by that law, I don't care if the majority of votes are on Alaska's side.  Only the local majority matters to local law enforcement.  If your local majority says we don't like that law, they can nullify it, and everyone else who passed it be damned.  You can impose laws on yourself and that's just discipline, but imposing it on others is just tyranny.

If cops refuse to get this and all band together behind their evil practices then collective punishment is perfectly legitimate and completely predictable as a response.  Maybe the cops in Dallas didn't gun down a guy over a broken taillight, but they probably all did something similar, or supported something similar themselves, so in the end it all boils down to the same level of guilt anyway.  Harassing people with tickets and shooting them is the same injustice, it's only different in scale.  And all the cops are simply pernicious in the frequency of their harassment.  In Ferguson there are more warrants out for arrest than there are people in the god damn city.  If that isn't police overreach then I don't know what is.  Anyone would go stir crazy and riot in a world like that.  It has to stop.  The police need to discriminate between sane laws and insane laws, and start enforcing them selectively.  Communities have a veto right over any law before it is imposed upon them from above, and police need to respect that veto.  If they just try to shove this shit down our throats, don't be surprised when it comes back at them in unexpected and unwelcome ways.

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