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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rewrite, New Game and Planetarian Added to my Top Anime Rankings:

For now, these three shows will be given the placeholder positions of #182, #183, and #184, but at the end of the summer season we'll have a better grasp of their worth and be able to rank them fairly, which presumably is much higher than their current positions.

The reason this summer season was so exciting all year long was the promise of these three shows.  We've waited long and patiently for this moment to arrive and now it finally has.  With Fate/Kaleid Liner also airing the summer season has really heated up.  There are already 18 worthwhile shows airing per week and the summer season still has a ton of new series debuting over the course of the next week.  The long-anticipated summer is finally paying off, just in time to tide us over till the Rio Olympics.

For the first time ever, Naruto filler is actually good.  I'm really impressed.  I'm learning a lot about characters whose names I've only heard about in passing before.  I also understand Naruto's history a lot better than when I started.  According to the opening, however, the filler should be ending soon and the final piece of the Naruto puzzle will be plopped into place.  The opening has spoiled virtually the entire remainder of the manga so they pretty much have to air the ending within the next 13 episodes from here.  The big question is whether the anime will just happily continue from here into the spinoff novels, the spinoff mangas, or what.  It's virtually impossible to believe it could all just come to an end after all this time.

Meanwhile, Bleach has made the startling announcement that there will only be 1 additional volume of the manga published from what we already have.  This translates to only 4 more chapters of the manga, going by the size of the previous volumes.  The story is coming to a crashing halt and we still haven't seen a ton of bankais be released yet.  This is unfortunate to say the least.  I hope he somehow squeezes all the answers in to these final four chapters.  Even if the ending is too abrupt, Bleach will remain a masterpiece and stay my 3rd favorite manga of all time, he's earned that much due to his excellent writing up until this point.  The next question is where is the anime announcement that will adapt this final 1,000 year blood war arc?  There's no point waiting around if the manga is going to end in the next few weeks.  Even if they started development work on the anime now, it would take months or years to gear up towards full production.  As such, delaying just the announcement of the anime makes no sense at all anymore.

If the Bleach manga ends without any anime announced, the Japanese Parliament should demand an investigation.  This is one of the most popular manga/anime of all time.  You can't just shaft it like this.  The people demand a resolution to this cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, I took Da Capo and Da Capo II off my wishlist, because it's practically impossible to reform the middle of a show without just redoing the whole thing, and remaking the entirety of Da Capo is impractical when only a few mistakes and additions need to be made to get it right.  The situation is an unsolvable mess so we may as well just be content with what we got.  In their place I put in Omoi, Omaware, Furi, Furare and Utawarerumono 3.  The Utawarerumono 3 video game is coming out in September, so they should at least announce the anime by now.  By the time they get it ready for viewing the game will have been out for some time.  The Utawarerumono 2 anime ended on a cliffhanger and we very much need the ending to this story animated just as much as we need the video game ending that's been long promised.

The winds of change are blowing fiercely with three new great anime series added, while shows like Naruto are coming to an end and Bleach is writing out its last will and testament.  We are currently at the heart of the storm and should enjoy every moment of it.  There won't be many years like 2016 in otaku-dom history.

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