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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Night Club:

This is an Ayn Rand moment.  Remember when two trains collided inside a tunnel, killing everyone, and Ayn Rand explained how every single person on the train had somehow contributed to the state of society such that accidents like this were bound to happen, and thus they had all simply killed themselves?  Well here we are again.  There were no innocent victims in this massacre.  Every single one of them had voted for and endorsed and helped fulfill the situation where a muslim terrorist would be able to shoot them down.  Even after the massacre, I'm sure the survivors will continue spouting their liberal drivel about how we are a nation of immigrants and we must tolerate all our diverse brethren.  This is 100% their own decision and seldom does karma work out so magnificently as what we just saw today.

If we had done what Trump advised and banned muslim immigration, then this son of an Afghan immigrant never would have been here to kill us.  If we had at least not been politically correct, the two FBI investigations of this Omar criminal before his attack could have thrown him in jail or deported him before he did his terrorist act, because you don't need 100% proof in order to win a war on terror.  But liberals, just like those gay night club goers, banned us from any effective means of defending ourselves against the Muslim menace.  And now the chickens have come home to roost.  Liberals don't care when its soldiers in Fort Hood or sailors in Chattanooga dying, but now maybe that its gays they'll start to wonder if this whole muslim thing really is working out for them.

And let's not kid ourselves about how wonderful these gays were.  Not only were they liberals who directly empowered the terrorists who want to kill us in the first place, they were at a nightclub in order to engage in sin.  Drinking, drugs, casual sex hookups, this is the sort of place you go at night to indulge in vice.  A loving gay married couple wouldn't attend these nightclubs, they'd be home in bed with their kids worrying about work tomorrow.  I doubt any of these people will be missed now that they're gone, since they have no children and already betrayed their parents by refusing to have any grandchildren or continue the family legacy in any way.  Obama pointed out that this nightclub was a center of gay activism as they tried to induct and corrupt more kids into their degenerate deathstyle, like an open cesspool these people represented a public menace to the rest of the community.  They were probably slated to die of AIDS in a few years anyway, or were going to commit suicide soon enough even if we left them alone.  This massacre couldn't have happened to a better group of people.

Hopefully this will remind on the fence voters that only Trump can protect them from Islamic terrorism, and Hillary intends to open the borders and let in infinite more Syrian refugees.  If they want to live they'll vote Trump this November, but if they want to die just like these Muslim-loving gays in Orlando then all they have to do is vote for Hillary.

Liberals are right, however, to point out that no matter how crazy or vicious an extremist is, without easy access to guns there's no way they could rack up kill counts like 50 dead, 53 wounded on their own.  America is full of degenerates, crazies and terrorists.  It isn't safe to continue giving them access to assault weapons to play out their fantasies with.  Until we get rid of all guns in America outside of law enforcement agencies, these massacres will continue like clockwork and there's nothing we can do to stop them.  This time we lucked out and it was just a bunch of gay liberals getting killed, but next time it could be a bunch of Sandy Hook kindergartners or movie theater goers just trying to watch the latest Batman flick.  There is no possible offsetting advantage to everyone in America owning a gun that could justify all these massacres of innocents that keep popping up virtually every week in one place or another.

If we deported all Muslims and banned all further Muslim immigration, and banned all guns and confiscated all private gun ownership, the age of the spree killer would come to a screeching halt.  Until we're willing to take decisive action like that, the blood is on the hands of all the passive status quo supporters who would rather shrug and do nothing as these butchers go about their business one day after the next.  They could have stopped this incident, but they chose not to, so it's on them now.  Omar is just the tip of the spear.  All the people who enabled Omar are the real killers.  Sometimes the penalty of that dilly-dallying inaction is death visiting your community and your loved ones the next time.  You can't always luck out and watch these massacres occurring elsewhere.  Unless we fix this problem it will only continue to grow.

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Reallynewguy said...

So you agree with the media Jews: let's get rid of the guns. Lol! Im betting you'll ban the 1st Amendment as well, due to "National Security." Nigs and spics attacking white Americans means lets disarm whites! That is retarded. Gun control was always meant to control white people, and keep them from rebelling.