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Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Updates:

After many hours of labor, my Top Anime Rankings post received an update in which series should precisely rank where.  Virtually every show's place has changed at least a little, many quite a lot.  The top 10 slots were not immune to the generalized chaos, nor were the top 20 slots.  These new rankings should be more up to date with what has come out since last time I changed my rankings, the new insights I gained through rewatching a series from the past, or just shows I slowly changed my mind about upon reflection.

Rewrite and Planetarian will be joining my rankings shortly, once their first episodes air, but they can wait at the edge of the rankings until they've played out in full, after which I can get an accurate sense of where they should be placed.

Naruto and Pretty Cure stay unchanged at the #1 and #2 position by virtue of being both super long and complete.  Technically Naruto isn't finished yet, but the rankings are forward looking and the show will be finished relatively soon now.  Even if it continues onward into the spinoff material, the main tale at least will be completed, which is what really matters.  Pretty Cure 'completes' itself every year because each season is independent of the next, so it could end any time now and I'd be perfectly satisfied with the results.  So long as they keep making new seasons as good as Princess Pretty Cure, though, I hope they keep carrying on forever.

Clannad and Code Geass moved up to positions #3 and #4 due to being completed series, which gives them a leg up over the incomplete #6 Fairy Tail, #7 SAO and #8 Bake-(etc)-monogatari.  Maybe someday these three shows will finish adapting their material, but right now they are lacking critical pieces of their story and it really weighs them down.  Even if Bakemono adapts Owarimonogatari Part 3 at some point, there's still some five additional light novels in the series there's no hint of being adapted, and the author wouldn't have written them if they weren't important to the story, so I can no longer give Bakemono credit for being a fully adapted series anymore.

#5 Fate/Etc lies somewhere inbetween being a complete series and an incomplete series.  The original visual novel will finally be completely adapted with the release of the Heaven's Feel movie trilogy.  But the Kaleid Liner manga hasn't been fully adapted.  On the other hand, we are getting an adaption of Fate/Extra and we got the excellent Fate/Zero prequel, so how does it all balance out?  I decided putting it exactly between the complete Code Geass and the incomplete Fairy Tail is the fairest position for now.

Cross Game moved up to #9 by virtue of its completeness and flawless execution of a believable and relatable story.  Its only weakness is that the scope of its theme is somewhat limited compared to the epic tales being woven around it.

One Piece is back to #10 because like it or not, it's already 647 episodes long and will probably be twice that size by the end.  It's hard to compete with a series that gets 1,000 episodes to work with when most series only get 12.  Dressrosa was nothing special in terms of quality, but it was still at the level where more of it was preferable to nothing, which means each additional episode of One Piece really is contributing more and more to its overall value, unlike Jojo's Season 4 which is just making the show worse by the week.  I dislike season 4 so much, and there's still so much of it left to go, that I've dropped Jojo's  down to #179.

Dragon Ball is back up to #11 because Super is surprisingly good.  It's adding real value to the franchise, and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.  I still wish they would remake the first half instead though.

Full Metal Panic! is back down to #27 because the sequel they announced never materialized, so there's no point giving it false credit for something that didn't actually happen.

Working is up to #24 due to getting an additional season.

Love Live is up to #32 for the same reason.

Strike Witches is up to #34 for the same reason.

Maria-sama ga Miteru is up to #33 because season 3 was better than I remembered it being.

Girls und Panzer moved up to #50 because the movie was fantastic.

Non Non Biyori moved up to #51 because of tadpoles.

Galaxy Angel swung down to #81 because comedy doesn't leave a lasting and memorable satisfaction like drama does.  It's like eating junk food versus lasagna.  You might prefer junk food for the first five minutes, but you'll remember the lasagna for the rest of your life.

Cowboy Bebop moved up to #95 because of its great visuals, music, and easy rewatchability even if it's your fourth or fifth time seeing the show.

School Days moved up to #100 because the intensity and realism of the story is gripping throughout.

Akatsuki no Yona moved up to #106 because of the upcoming Zeno oav's.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri moved up to #114 for its magnificent art, animation, music, and action scenes.  Mumei is one of the prettiest girls anime has ever produced.

Hunter x Hunter dropped down to #147 due to the manga being terrible after the anime ends, which then reflects badly on the anime too.  Now that you know all the things that were 'cool' when they were foreshadowed in the anime end up being 'stupid' when they actually happen, the value of that setup is also reduced proportionately.

The same is true of Gokukoku no Brynhildr, who also dropped down to #170 due to the manga becoming lame after the anime ended.

Kuromukuro rose up to #155 due to its slow and steady characterization and careful world building.  No complaints, but it also never did anything amazing, so Kabaneri really stole the spotlight for this season.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi dropped down to #171 because I still can't stand the terrible ending.

Ghost in the Shell dropped down to #172 because the show is too American.

There were many other shifts and there were various reasons for all of them, but this should suffice as far as highlights go.

I'm working on volume 9 of Hataraku Maou-sama!  The characters have all wandered off to the decidedly uninteresting world of Ente Isla, so I can't say much in praise of the series anymore.

So long as it's just Russia's track and field team that's banned from the Olympics I don't mind.  Just leave the Gymnasts alone.

The NBA Finals is surprisingly coming down to the wire with game 7.  Hopefully the Warriors win and set a new record for greatness.

The NHL is getting its first expansion team since 2000.  Good luck and congratulations to Las Vegas on landing their first major sports franchise.

Iraq has finally retaken Fallujah from Islamic State.  That city has permanently been the center of resistance to a modern, democratic, secular Iraq, so this time they should think about just leveling the damn city and salting its ashes like Rome did with Carthage.  Good riddance and be done with it.

My Tales music listening project continues apace.  I'm done with Destiny, Destiny 2 and Eternia, and have moved on to Graces, my favorite Tales game.  I'm about 1/3 of the way listened through on Graces, and next up is Hearts.  It's fun listening to the soundtracks of all these Tales games I never played, because even though the graphics and gameplay of Tales was much worse in the past, the music remained stellar from the very beginning.  It's all done by the same composer(s), no matter where in the history of the franchise you wander.  As a result, just by listening to the music, I'm getting the lion's share of the value out of all these old games without even having to play them.

I'm fond of the EU.  I think it was a good idea and I'd like all the remaining nations of Europe to eventually join it.  However, I sympathize with Britain wanting to leave the EU so long as the immigration situation is completely out of control.  Bailing out of a sinking ship is not a bad idea, but it is a shame because the EU at its best is better than any single European nation could be.  A single free trading market, a single currency, visa-free travel made fast and easy, peace within Europe and a unified foreign policy, what more could you ask for?  If the UK does leave the EU, I hope they get their immigration policy under control.  If they don't, I hope they help make the EU great again.  There's potential benefits to both routes.

Warcraft: Legion and the Rio Olympics are still a long ways off.  But the summer anime season is just 12 days away.  You can almost taste it now~

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