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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Only One Way to Stop Sexual Harassment/Assault/Rape:

If women commingle with men on the street, at work and at school, invariably men will sexually harass these women at all such places.  They will make unwanted advances towards them, catcall, grope them, or just plain rape them.  With men there's just no telling what trigger will set them off, it could be anyone at anytime.  The probability of an attack of some sort approaches 100% the more attractive a woman is and the more time she spends around strange men.

Sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape are not a problem in Muslim communities.  Women cover themselves up so they aren't considered attractive to men, and they are escorted by male relatives whenever they go outside, or segregated by sex into female only groupings which they can relax in without any possibility of male predation.  This is a genuine solution to sexual harassment.

A better solution that the white western world once had, that offers greater freedom and better dress options for women, is Victorian England.  In this society, women were not approached unless they were pre-screened by relatives as allowable company.  Men had to be invited to balls or picnic parties or wherever the women were before they were allowed to approach the woman.  If they wished to have a more serious relationship with the woman, they had to beg the right to court them from the father.  Even during such courtships there would always be chaperones to make sure the gentlemen behaved around the ladies.  If they tried something on the sly the woman's brothers would challenge you to a duel and kill you over it.  If you so much as gave an insulting look or word towards a woman you would be challenged to a duel and killed by the relatives.  In this way male strangers that women had no interest in were quietly and efficiently cordoned off from the woman, so that only serious and acceptable suitors could reach her feet.  Women were still allowed to go wherever they pleased in public and dress however they liked and be as attractive as they wanted without ever receiving insult from rude men.

But women didn't want Victorian England.  They wanted the freedom to go their own way and they preferred the sexual revolution and the birth control pill and abortion.  So all male protection and safeguards were removed, and women were left to fend for themselves, at their own bequest.  Now they're astonished that all that protection was there for a reason, and that all our customs existed because they worked, not because they were just spitefully attempting to keep women down.

Women should be able to move around in public, work, and go to school without men demanding sex from them in any way, shape, or form.  Of course this is what the ideal world would look like -- women could stick to business as long as they liked, and only relate to men romantically when they chose to do so with only their own handpicked partners.  But that's not the world we live in.  It only takes one stinker of a man out of all the hundreds a woman meets to have that woman be sexually harassed, assaulted or raped.  With all the men women come across in their new busy lives, it's impossible to avoid all the scum who don't treat women the way they deserve.

And so long as the sexual calculus rewards the men who do these things they're never going to stop.

A third ideal alternative that would stop all sexual harassment, assault and rape would be if women and only women had the right to bear arms, and they had the right to shoot any man who approached them with the cops giving a no-questions-asked approach to all female on male murder.  It would be illegal for any man to make any romantic or sexual advances on women, and the punishment would be instant death meted out by the woman affected right then and there, or execution after the fact if the woman only managed a non-fatal shooting at the time.  In this society, only women could make romantic or sexual advances on men, and once said advances have been duly recorded on the cell phone, for instance, the woman gives a speech that is live recorded and sent to the nearest police station, "I hereby initiate contact with this man," the man is free to look at and respond to the woman instead of meekly pass her by.

But women don't want this world either.  They want to be able to not be bothered by unwanted men hitting on them, but they still want attractive men to show off their manliness and confidence by walking up to them out of the blue and asking them out.  They want the man to take the lead on all things romantic and sexual, but they never want to be asked by a man to do something they didn't already want to do with them.  This ridiculous double bind, where men have to be psychics and read women's minds to satisfy women and not sexually harass them, means sexual harassment can never be solved because women ask the impossible from the rest of us.

Women have chosen not to follow the Muslim system, the Victorian system, or a hypothetical female-approach-only system.  They reject all of them and prefer the status quo where any woman below 200 pounds will be sexually harassed virtually every time she leaves her home and walks outside or goes to work.  Then they demand we men do something to police our own so that they stop being victimized.  We used to police our own, but you took away all of those tools, so how exactly can we police them anymore?  Somehow it's us men's fault that sexual harassers are among us, when every single way to stop them has already been defanged for the woman's own convenience.

The men who behave best towards women and never approach any of them are mocked as losers and nerds who live in basements.  Women hate the very men they say they most approve of.  Women have tons of sex with the very jerks who approach them out of the blue, get them drunk or hopped on drugs, and have their way with them on a daily basis.  Then they say they hate that type of man while their bodies are saying they love them.  So which orifice exactly are we supposed to believe?  Which should we take seriously?

Once women are serious about preventing sexual harassment, by adopting a policy that actually has some chance of preventing it, or at the very least they universally shame and ostracize and turn down men who approach them without explicit approval and thus make it no longer darwinianly rewarding for men to sexually harass women, we can start taking them seriously on this topic.  I hate the idea of any lady being denigrated by jeering leering men to the point that it makes my stomach turn.  But when I realize that the very woman being abused previously just voted in all these muslim rapefugees and threw out the Victorian England that men had set up, explicitly so that they could have more casual sex without any societal interference, well cry me a river.  You reap what you sow.  In South Africa and in Sweden, the majority of women are raped.  When you make it public policy to mirror South Africa or Sweden culturally and demographically, don't be surprised when you're raped too.  And don't say we didn't warn you.

Women are on their own.  They need men like fish need bicycles, right?  So they can deal with the brave new world of constant sexual harassment, assault and rape themselves.  It's what they've turned our society into, it certainly wasn't our choosing.  When we ran society for ten thousand years, nothing like this ever happened.

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