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Saturday, June 11, 2016

If Trump Loses Electoral Politics are Over:

Trump is the best candidate America has had for decades if not centuries.  If he can't win, no one can.  To top things off, he's running against Hillary Clinton, a known crook, a mass murderer and an enabler of rape.  If the American people think this is all okay and elect her anyway, their character has been forever exposed as wholly wanting.

Trump would save America from the endless waves of 3rd world immigrants that is set to swamp all civilized white corners of the globe.  If Trump doesn't do this, no one will, and America will cease to be, just like Europe is slated to disappear under the tides of Muslims and Africans flooding their lands.  The fate of the entire white race rests in the hands of this one election.

Trump would also fight back against the culture of political correctness, which says that no fault can ever be found with any group other than cis-het white males.  If we could at least properly diagnose the ills of this country, then maybe we could go about finding reasonable solutions to them.  But so long as we're confined within the strait-jacket of political correctness, we're forever impotent.

America desperately needs Trump.  It also desperately needs to not elect Hillary, as three hundred million people publicly endorsing a rapist murderer is perhaps the most immoral act in human history.

So if the electorate is so far gone that Trump doesn't win, what does that say about democracy?  It says that democracy has failed, and that electoral politics are a joke and a sham.  Why should we allow elections to drag us into what is clear and evident self-destruction?  Why should the majority be allowed to kill all of us, even those of us who never signed up for this plan?  The foundation of democracy is that the wisdom of the crowd can be trusted over the wisdom of a few hand picked elites.  But if this theory is proven false by the election of Hillary, then democracy itself is no longer a valid institution worthy of any respect or obedience.  If people can't even distinguish between Trump and Hillary, then we'd do better letting madmen determine our kings or just throwing darts at a board.

If Hillary wins then populist politics will be 'discredited' and conservatism will roar to the fore again.  We'll get more anti-racist Romney's preening over how they'd do more for blacks and Mexicans than democrats ever could.  All subsequent decisions will be between liberals and conservatives who debate over corporate income taxes while both of them hold an open borders policy that allows billions of poor people to come into our country and immediately go on welfare, receiving more money than they ever could have earned in their lifetime by staying and working in their countries of origin.  Conservatives will stand for nothing and be of absolutely no use to anyone, except maybe the top .01%, even if they ever do win, which is highly doubtful considering the changing demographics of America.  There will be no one left to vote for after this election.  There will be no-thing left to vote for after this election.  The policies we want enacted won't be available on either major party platform.  We'll be locked out of the electoral process forever.

Democracy, universal democracy, is only a recent innovation in human history.  It does not have a proven track record of success.  As far as I can tell, it has been downhill ever since the system was put in place, with worse and worse leaders making dumber and dumber decisions by the day.  At some point we're going to have to admit that democracy has become so incompetent that it is below sustainable and survivable limits.  At which point we will have to return to fascism or simply watch our people die.

Fascism would start as a group of people who agree on a set of laws that must be enacted in order to preserve their civilization from the barbarians.  They would start as a paramilitary force all agreed on the end goal, a new law code that would be put into place once the war of independence is won, with a commander in chief/spokesman in chief who they all respect as the best enunciator of their vision.

Once the war is won, those people who were most prominent and virtuous in the war would be promoted to the leadership class to work alongside this new Washington of our new Vinland.  We will discover our Madisons and Monroes and Paines and Jeffersons in the crucible of conflict, and they will form the cabinet.  Then we will efficiently rule with an executive-branch-only fascist government.  The law code was decided upon ahead of time and is sacrosanct, since all of it is based upon founding moral principles and not the expediency of the moment.  The law will be so simple and clear that no judicial review is required, computers could do all the judging of any case brought before them.  The executive branch would set priorities on which problems to solve one by one, somewhat like communist 5 year plans.  If the cabinet decides that the dictator has lost his touch as a leader then he can be voted out of office and a new leader voted in from the junior ranks of leadership at the cabinet level to replace him.  If the leader is considered wise and judicious, then he can at any time appoint a new leader to replace him and retire.  Likewise if any cabinet member gets too old or infirm he can personally appoint his own replacement, or if he's considered corrupt or crazy then the remainder of the cabinet can impeach him and vote on a replacement they deem worthy.  In this way the system perpetuates itself without any need for elections.

At the heart of the nation's ethos will no longer be ensuring individual human rights, but instead ensuring communal survivability, prosperity and progress.  For this reason, we will no longer have to address whether our policy is fair or unfair to Angolan would be immigrants, fair or unfair to transgenders, fair or unfair to women with college degrees, etc.  We could wipe the slate clean and start with a country of pure straight whites, so that the poison of 'minority rights' and 'minority interests' never infects us in the first place, and keep out that poison from ever infecting us again via a pure white nazi-supporting only immigration policy.

For ages now, we've known policies that would quickly transform our lives for the better, but been unable to enact any of them for fear of contravening 'human rights.'  The disavowal of human rights as a concept will pay such a huge dividend that Vinland would almost instantly, overnight, become the best place to live on Earth.  Families would be intact, form early, and have lots of children.  Poverty would end, period.  The lies would be uprooted and extirpated from all media and discourse and only truth would be allowed to stand on the stage of public attention.  Crime would be totally eradicated and completely unforgiven down to the lowest deed.  Schools would be totally reformed and things like school bullying simply would not be allowed to happen.  Drug use, drinking, smoking, and all the other vices would be banned.  Over.  Done.  Obesity would be done.  Everyone would be required to stay healthy, and the savings on this expense down the road would be enormous.  The most fit would be awarded additional resources and required to have more children, while the least fit would be required not to reproduce, creating a eugenic tidal wave that would turn the least mortal in Vinland to be a veritable Hercules outside of Vinland.  The environment would be protected.

The citizen's dividend, birth licensing, education reform, the dispelling of liberal lies, required moral personal behavior, required moral family formation and upkeep, zero tolerance of crime, zero immigration of unassimilable natural-born traitors, homogeneity and sexual normalcy.  We've known the answers to what makes a state thrive and prosper forever.  We've known what makes people happy and purpose-driven forever.  We just haven't been allowed to enact a single policy this entire time because universal democracy and human rights stopped us at every turn.  Universal democracy and its goal of complete fairness and total freedom has gotten us to this point, with Hillary the rapist murderer elected to the presidency.  It's clear that we are in the terminal stage of this type of civilization.  Our length of life is actually decreasing and our birth rate is plummeting.  It couldn't be more clear that democracy and human rights has no future.  Only fascism has a future.  And the payoffs would be so enormous, so quick, that people would think they've been transported to another world, to a fantasy story, to Heaven itself.

And once we've policed our own people into good behavior, their surplus wealth and newly released positive energy will be turned into the greatest leaps of technological and artistic progress ever before seen.  When they aren't always buzzed, drunk, on anti-depressants, and gorging on ice cream while gossiping about the latest guy they broke up with, things like spaceflight, virtual reality, fusion power and the cure to cancer become much clearer and easier.  When we aren't wasting all our money on education and health care and criminal justice, we can easily plow it into scientific research and support for the arts (which would occur naturally via the citizen's dividend, allowing people to pursue their own personal projects instead of getting a makework job).  Women will be so much more beautiful than before that simply walking around town they'll be a greater work of art than anything the west has produced in decades.

There are already hundreds of thousands of fascists who would love to come together and live in Vinland.  They swarm around various websites and make clear their support for Hitler daily.  The country definitely has the manpower needed to get this project off the ground.  At this point it's just having the courage to fight for your future that's lacking, and that will come when their desperation outranks all other concerns.

Everything Harold Covington predicted has come true.  Even the fact that Hillary would be elected to oversee the white race's final destruction.  His predicted revolution needs to come true too.

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