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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top 178 Anime Rankings!:

It's been years since I reached a top 175 anime rankings list.  Not many new shows joined the rankings, and those that did simply pushed out older shows I no longer felt worthy of listing.  But now, finally, the quality of anime is moving forward and the list is growing again.  All at once, this winter season has already produced three new promising additions to my great anime rankings list.

176.  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
177.  Dimension W
178.  Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

For now they join in at the bottom rung.  Once I've seen the series in full I can decide how much higher, if any, they go from here.

This extraordinary winter is deep in both quality and quantity.  There's still a chance that Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm joins in as well.

Dimension W simultaneously entered my top 100 manga rankings.  Boku Dake was already there, and Hai to Gensou was already in my light novel authors rankings.  So now everyone is properly represented.

That's not all that's changed in my top anime rankings permapost, however.  I've also added and compiled several other features into one giant mega-post.  The Top Anime Rankings now includes a list of all the great seiyuu's roles in every single great anime, a chronology of exactly when each part of each show came out and how they compared against the other shows that came out that year, an apples to apples comparison rankings that breaks down shows by their length and completeness, such that short stories compete with short stories, long stories with long, and so on, a ranking based on the source of the show, so manga competes with manga, light novels with light novels, and a ranking based on genre, so that comedies only go up against each other, shonen actions fight each other, and so on.

If it feels unfair for shows from different genres to compete with each other because they have nothing in common you could judge them over, say no more!  There's a ranking for that.  If you think a single movie shouldn't have to compete with mammoth 600 episode plus tv series, say no more!  There's a ranking for that problem too.  If you think anime originals have a distinct taste and feel compared to anime based off of manga, say no more!  There's a ranking for that too.

I also added in the runners-up post to the anime rankings post.  These shows aren't ranked, but they're close to being ranked, and the runners-up post explains my system of judging exactly why a show is great or not great, so it's a useful inclusion.

I also added in my anime wishlist, because they too are anime rankings, though in this case a ranking of just how much we're missing out on, as opposed to how much we're currently getting, because these 100 projects were never actually made.

Begin the endless exploration here.  It took a lot of work, but everything is currently up to date.

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