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Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015 Treatment for 1982-1987 Anime:

There aren't enough entries to cover the remaining years one by one, so let's lump the rest of great anime together for one last hurrah!  No good anime came before 1982's Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, the original Macross tv season, which is the start of great anime.

1.  SDF Macross (1982-1983)
2.  Nausicaa (1984)

Guyver ova's came out during this time, but they were supplanted by the superior tv series which aired in 2006.  Touch and Miyuki came out in Japan at this time, but they were translated much later, so to us they are far more recent series than they are to Japan.  Dragon Ball came out at this time, but it's such a low quality product with so much embedded filler that it's not even worth listing.

Thus ends this series of posts, until 2016 ends and it gets the 2015 treatment as well.  This also, incidentally, serves as a full chronology of all great anime releases, when strung together.  If you want to know when something came out, you need look no further than here.

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