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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Subarashii Sekai takes a turn for the Worse:

The new character in Subarashii, a crusader named 'Darkness,' is a horrible and retarded joke that should never have existed.  Such a terrible, awful, rotten character brings down the whole show if not to unwatchability, to at least unpraiseability.

I've kicked Subarashii out of my book rankings and put Oregairu back in.  Hopefully someday a good light novel author will emerge and replace Oregairu, because it really isn't that good a series.  But for now that's the best we've caught.  Maybe next season.

Komugi-chan R also dipped down in quality this episode, as did Saijaku Muhai, so there's no chance that they'll be 'great' anime series by the end of the road.  Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm has been great though, there's still hope on that front.

That leaves us with four candidates still in the running to join my anime rankings -- Hai to Gensou, Dimension W, Ao no Kanata and Boku Dake ga Inai.  I'm still waiting on that little push that makes the shows really stand out before I want to praise them too highly.  Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that adding new shows to my list now would disrupt my nice even number of 175 without reaching a new nice round number like 180.  If only Subarashii Sekai hadn't added that stupid masochist to the roster.  *Sigh.*

Meanwhile, I like that Trump skipped the latest debate.  What's the point?  He's said everything he has to say and now it's up to the voters to decide.  He leads by such a huge margin that all these extra debates are just a waste of time.  I can't wait for the election to start already.  All of these ridiculous loser Republicans need to shut up and get off the stage already.  No one likes them and no one wants to hear them, but because the primary is still technically ongoing they just keep blathering and blathering and the media keeps reporting what they have to say, like any of us give a damn.

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