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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2010 Anime:

Is there any year that 2015 can beat?  So far everyone has looked better.  I have a melancholy supposition that 2010 will be the same:

1.  Angel Beats
2.  Oreimo S1 (beginning)
3.  Katanagatari
4.  Highschool of the Dead
5.  Fairy Tail - moon drip arc + R-system arc + Battle of Fairy Tail arc + Oracien Seis beginning
6.  Dragon Ball Kai - Frieza arc ending + Cell saga beginning
7.  K-On! ova + K-On! S2
8.   Sora no Woto
9.  Shukufuku no Campanella + specials
10.  Bakuman S1 1st half
11.   Strike Witches S2
12.   TWGOK S1
13.   Cross Game ending
14.   Inuyasha Final Act 2nd half
15.  Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu S1
16.  Working! S1
17.  Index II 1st half
18.  Bleach - war with Aizen arc
19.  Naruto - Hebi arc ending + Pain arc
20.  Fresh Precure ending + Heartcatch Precure + Fresh Precure movies
21.  Railgun ovas + Railgun S1 2nd half
22.  Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
23.   Amagami SS
24.  Motto To Love-ru
25.  One Piece - Impel Down ending + War of the Best arc beginning
26.  Touch S1-S2 (finally subtitled)
27.  Love Live song and dance single ovas
28.  Sora no Otoshimono ova + Forte
29.  Major S6
30.  Kimi ni Todoke S1 2nd half
31.  Shinryaku S1
32.  Tales of Symphonia ovas
33.  Bakemonogatari ending
34.  Break Blade movies
35.  Negima ova
36.  Tamayura Ovas
37.  Durarara S1

2010 is an amazing year for anime.  With 37 entries, you might think the selection here is weakening.  But these are almost entirely tv series, not ovas or specials, which means the overall mass of content is actually higher than average.  The first relatively weak entry on this list is #22.  Not because the Haruhi movie was bad, it was fantastic, it's just a little short to compare a single movie to entire tv series. Everything before then is an exciting long-running series with tons of episodes or the beginning or ending of one of the best anime franchises of all time.

With a lineup like this, you only need 37 entries to beat 2015.  It's probably even better than 2011's entries.  2012-2014 > 2010 though.  SAO is just that important.

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