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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2006 Anime:

2006 is a transition year.  It's the ending of many legendary series, like Full Metal Panic and Galaxy Angel, while being the beginning of soon to be world-famous series, like Haruhi Suzumiya, Higurashi, Zero no Tsukaima, Kanon, Utawarerumono, Fate/Stay Night and Code Geass.  Without 2006, where would we be?  Almost everything good in the future is a sequel to one of these shows.  But this is the small seed that leads to a much larger flowering in the future.  Taking the year just for what it was, this wasn't a very eventful or impressive year in anime:

1.  Code Geass S1 1st half
2.  Haruhi Suzumiya S1
3.  Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
4.  One Piece - Water 7 arc (continued)
5.  Kanon 1st half
6.  Utawarerumono + specials
7.  Futari wa Precure Max Heart ending + Splash Star + movies.
8.  Shakugan no Shana S1 2nd half
9.  Zero no Tsukaima S1
10.  Fate/Stay Night
11. Kenichi 1st half
12. Happiness!
13. Guyver tv 2nd half
14. Prince of Tennis Nationals ovas 1st half
15. FMP ova
16. Tales of Phantasia ova
17.  Maria-sama ga Miteru S3  (episode 1)
18. Galaxy Angel Rune
19. GITS Solid State Society movie 

Just 19 shows, but Haruhi, Code Geass, Kanon and Higurashi are among them.  I wouldn't mind having another year in anime just like this one.  Still, I have to believe 40-50 shows, like from 2012-2015, just has to be better than 19, no matter how good they were.  Surprisingly, both Bleach and Naruto were in filler for this entire year.  That's a painful blow to any year's overall quality.

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