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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Treatment for 2005 Anime:

Aisia!  Ui Miyazaki!  Kyoto Animation's god like reign begins!  Bleach is actually good!  2005 might not have many entrees, but there are a ton of stories behind these wonderful shows all the same:

1.   Nanoha A's
2.   Bleach - Introduction arc ending + Soul Society Infiltration arc
3.   Major S1 ending + S2
4.   Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
5.   Naruto - Sasuke Runs Away arc ending
6.   Basilisk
7.   Air + ovas
8.   Shakugan no Shana S1 1st half
9.   Da Capo Second Season
10.   One Piece - Foxy Pirates arc ending + Water 7 arc beginning
11.  Seikai no Senki III
12.  Futari wa Precure ending + Max Heart
13.  Guyver tv 1st half
14.  To Heart 2
15.  Samurai Champloo ending
16.  Tales of Phantasia ovas
17.  GITS 2nd Gig ending

2005 is pretty comparable to 2006.  It has Bleach and Naruto, but it lacks awesome shows like Code Geass, Higurashi and Haruhi.  I'd say 2005 is the weakest year we've seen so far, but only by a little.  The one thing that really strikes me about this list is Seikai no Senki ending.  God do I miss this series.  And there's two books plus lots of short stories they could still adapt if they ever wanted to.  It's such a terrible waste.

These shows were made 10 years ago.  There's only about 1/3 as much good anime back then as there is today, but the lineup of their classics is just so overwhelmingly strong.  The Bleach soul society arc is one of the biggest things in anime history.  Air is the beginning of the key-Kyoto collaboration that goes on to conquer the world.  Water 7 begins.  If you know the history of anime, you know 2005 was a big deal.

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