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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Romi Park, Akane Tomonaga and Fumie Mizusawa:

Three new voices have been added to my great seiyuu list.  Romi Park, Akane Tomonaga and Fumie Mizusawa.

Romi Park has a low voice, so she normally plays butch girls or effeminate boys.  This puts her in a very similar position to Junko Takeuchi, and I often confuse the two voices when I hear them.  Despite the overlap, Romi Park has an amazing voice acting career of her own and has to her credit an enduringly popular character in Hitsugaya Toshirou from Bleach.  A superstar like this shouldn't be left out in the cold forever.

Meanwhile, both Akane Tomonaga and Fumie Mizusawa have high, chipper voices mixed in with a bit of mischievousness.  It's like they're having way too much fun and they must be naughty somehow, but we just can't pin it on them.  If I had to distinguish the two's specialties, I'd say Fumie is more of a wail than Akane's voice, which is more crystal clear in every note.  Akane Tomonaga only works in the anime world when one of her visual novel characters is adapted, so we rarely get to hear her, but she's a superstar in the visual novel scene.  Her roles as Kazuki in Grisaia and Kazuko in Majikoi are the two pillars of support that land her on my list.  Fumie Mizusawa, meanwhile, only has one important role in anime and that's as Cure Marine, but what an important role it was!  Cure Marine and Cure Blossom carry pretty much the entire series on their shoulders, as they get more speaking lines than everyone else on the show combined.  They're such popular pretty cure that they often get to speak in DX movies as well.  People never want to stop listening to them.  Without Cure Marine, Cure Blossom wouldn't have gotten very far.

This brings my list up to 107 and even more favors the women's team over the men's.  But such is fate, I'm just going where the evocative and memorable voices lead me.

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