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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Megumi Han and Mayo Suzukaze:

I've added two new voices to my great seiyuu list.  Now that we're up to 104 voices, I may as well aim for 200 as my next target.

These are pretty simple choices, because each of them leads a famous series as the protagonist.  Megumi Han is Gon from Hunter x Hunter and Mayo Suzukaze is Kenshin from Rurounin Kenshin.

However, I've been loathe to add these two girls because they haven't actually done much outside their pinnacle roles.  Mayo Suzukaze has pretty much only done Kenshin and then just disappeared afterwards.  Megumi Han only has one other prominent role, as Cure Princess in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure (which she did really well).  This hasn't stopped me in the past, though.  When Keiko Suzuki was only credited for Saigusa and Futaki in Little Busters, I still added her to the list, and Ui Miyazaki is known only for her role as Aisia in Da Capo Second Season.  If you do one role well enough, it's okay not to get any others.  Chie Nakamura has only ever been Sakura from Naruto for decades now.  Masako Nozawa rarely does any role outside of Goku/Gohan/Goten from Dragon Ball.

As lead protagonists of extremely important mega hit series, these girls have done enough voice work for a lifetime.  In particular, Megumi Han's chirpy, optimistic, cheerful voice is always a joy to hear, and Mayo Suzukaze's special 'roar' whenever Kenshin gets angry or just especially motivated is one of the most amazing things you'll ever hear in your life.

There's always room for more great seiyuu, so I'll just keep adding them in as I notice them whether they're complete rookies or just veterans I've overlooked until now.

I'm still on Yukie's route in Majikoi.  Haven't even touched Majikoi S yet.  This will take a while, but it's been fun so far.  Can't wait for Majikoi A to come out and add yet another burden to my backlog.

Meanwhile, I plan to put my WoW account into hibernation until just before Legion comes out.  I never did get all of my alts to 100, but oh well, I've never gotten all my characters to max level before so this is nothing new.

I've been rewatching Hunter x Hunter as part of my promise to have watched every series I label 'great' as least twice within two years of it airing.  I'm into the Chimera Ant arc now, so it shouldn't be long before I cross this mammoth project off my list of 'needs to be rewatched' as well.

The college football season began with a bang, at least for the FCS, when 4 time consecutive champion North Dakota State lost its very first game of the season to Montana in a last second touchdown reversal in the 4th quarter on 4th down.  What a way to start 2015!  I can't wait until football starts for the FBS on Thursday.  It's been a long time coming.

Naruto is more or less filler again, so I doubt its episode count will be increasing any time soon, and it's only kind of on my anime watchlist at the very bottom.  I really wish Naruto would stop doing this.  Meanwhile Fairy Tail has been incredibly good.  The latest episode featuring Lucy had so many distinct emotions and facial expressions that I added some 27 new pictures of her to my beautiful anime girls permapost.  It was just like Wendy's dragon force episode all over again.  Still, I hesitate to rate Fairy Tail ahead of Naruto so long as Naruto promises to reach its ending in the anime and Fairy Tail doesn't.  Unless Fairy Tail has a proper ending like Naruto does, I just don't see how Fairy Tail could ever be better than it.  The frustration of not knowing and seeing the ending will just eat away at me for life, just like what happened with Bleach.  Naruto, for all of its filler diversions, at least won't pull that ultimate sin on me.

Nichijou's manga is ending soon.  Is it time for a 2nd season of the anime?

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