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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Nazis, Imperial Japan and Confederates were the Last Heroes on Earth:

The answer is simple -- they were the last cultures, nations, powerful entities that could actually shape the world, that believed in the concept of superior and inferior.  They were not egalitarians.  They believed that some things were superior and other things were inferior, and that superior things had the right to supplant inferior ones.  This belief is not unique to the Nazis, Imperial Japanese or the Confederates, it's just that these were the last three groups to ever believe these things, before the belief system was completely wiped out from the modern world.  They were Earth's last chance to head in the right direction.  Before them, the world was heading in the right direction because virtually everyone believed in these things, instead of just a few reactionary outnumbered holdouts which had become the case by 1939.

At the very beginning of civilization, the Greeks took a survey of all the peoples and cultures surrounding their own, and made a concise calculation that they were more civilized, virtuous, and good people than anyone else in the world.  They were correct in this assertion.  Not only did they prove it in their literature, mathematics, philosophy and science, they even proved it on the battlefield with Alexander the Great conquering the whole known world.  After the Greeks came the Romans, who also realized that their way of life and culture was far superior to the barbarians who surrounded them.  As a result, they spread their empire freely without guilt, killing everyone and everything in their path, because they knew they were spreading the light of civilization across a world covered in darkness.  You can see a glimmer of this Roman self-assertion in the movie Gladiator, which makes it very much worth watching if only for that single line.

Across the globe in China, something very similar was happening, as more civilized Han Chinese displaced and conquered less civilized barbarians both to their south and their north.  They frequently described the customs and habits of the people they were fighting against as justification for their acts, as the people around them were so evil that simply narrating their history was cause enough to take up arms and go to war with them.  Chinese historians made painstakingly clear why their rivals or older dynasties had to go, documenting the corruption, wastefulness, and divine disfavor previous inferior groups had before they, the superior group, entered the scene.  China and Japan also understood the concept of the superior supplanting the inferior and took to it like a fish in water wherever their wars and migrations went.

When Rome fell, Christianity took to the fore, pronouncing Christian (European) culture to be superior to pagan barbarians (who lived outside of Rome and thus hadn't converted to Christianity yet) or heretical Mohammedans (another non Roman, non-European group of savages.)  Though ostensibly a war for the faith, Christendom was just a synonym for the previous civilized Roman culture and the spreading of its beliefs values and norms just like Rome did before it.  In fact, most early Christians were so wedded to Greek and Roman philosophy that they even melded the two, like Thomas Acquinas did in his writings.  This masculine Christianity that tamed even the fierce Vikings and launched the Crusades against the Turks and Saracens was still the exact same philosophy by just another name, of the superior, civilized group taking land and converts away from the inferior, barbarous groups.

In the 1400's Europe had flourished to the point that even travel across the open oceans was possible, which opened up the possibility of more superior cultures supplanting inferior ones to a scale never before heard or dreamed of in the annals of man.  Warring with Turks, Mongols and Arabs was tough hewing.  They were strong warriors, well organized, rich from the spice and silk trades and their many mighty rivers like the Nile and the Euphrates and valuable waterways like the Red Sea, the Black Sea, and the Gulf of Oman, and often fighting on home soil in desert climates the Europeans didn't understand and couldn't cope with.  It was very difficult for the superior to supplant the inferior when the margin of error was so thin between these two groups.  But suddenly we were talking about European culture and technology and disease resistance and population densities compared to stone age savages who were still living in the era prior to farming across most of the landmass of the world.

So began the biggest supplanting of the inferior by the superior in world history, the Age of Exploration, Colonialism, and Imperialism.  Note, the people who did these things were not evil Germans or Japanese (both of these nations were backwards and powerless at this time), they were the French, the British, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Dutch, etc.  Today the people who claim to be the most tolerant, liberal, egalitarian, diverse, blah blah blah lovers.  But at the time they were all heroes who followed the Nietzschian creed of survival of the fittest and the will to power.  There is nothing about Nazis or Japanese or Confederates that makes them better than these early explorers and conquerors and settlers.  In fact, there are many things that make them worse than those original supplanters.  It's just that everyone else quit the business of spreading progress across the world except these last three outliers, so they ended up being the only heroes left on Earth by default.  Praising people like the Prime Ministers of Great Britain as they went about colonizing most of the world, from America to Africa to India to Singapore is perfectly in keeping with my point, more in keeping with my point than Nazi Germany.  The Confederates were just a continuation of that British policy, with a plan to conquer central and South America and stamp out its backwards Spanish culture with the superior British one, at the beginning of the Civil War.  Don't ask me why all the Spanish, Dutch, Unionists, French, and British suddenly disavowed their own deeds they'd been doing for centuries and became the polar opposite of everything they had believed in since their philosophical legacy began in Greece.  This is the greatest mystery known to man.  The only thing that does make sense is the actions of Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Confederate USA, which did not disavow this historical legacy but presumed it to just be common sense to continue it onwards all the way to its natural conclusion, with all the world conquered by the most civilized and powerful groups who would run it all better than the natives ever could.

The great whites of yesteryear who took over the world are the most admirable people in history, because they created the most value added the world has ever seen.  Taking Native American America, a stone age land of cannibals and human sacrifice and dogs as the only domesticated beasts and hunting as the only source of food, and turning it into the mightiest, freest, and healthiest nation on Earth under George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other moral and intellectual luminaries, is the greatest act in the history of the world.  All the whites who participated in that transformation are heroes, titans that make Nazi Germany look like dwarfs (who were just trying to Germanize Eastern Europe, which was only slightly behind their own level of progress).  Or Imperial Japan (trying to conquer a China that was only slightly less modernized and industrialized than they were).  The whites who settled South Africa, Canada, and Australia likewise took complete wastelands of wasted space and pathetic tribal cultures and turned them into modern prosperous wonder lands.  New Zealand is an island paradise now, perfect for the filming of Lord of the Rings, but when we got there it was just full of cannibals chucking spears at each other.

When the British arrived in India, it was a land dominated by mystical fog headed Hindus and cruel fanatical Muslims.  The British took over all of it, they tamed the Muslims who in their savagery attempted to kill even all the British women and children in a surprise treacherous uprising (just like the savage Indians attempted to do at Jamestown), they banned the ridiculous Hindu customs of suttee and thuggee.  They built railroads and canals and telegraph lines and all the trappings of modernity into the infrastructure of a land that before had nothing.  They created a civilized and non-corrupt law code and bureaucracy, something never before seen or hence seen in South Asia.  When they left India, it was united, peaceful, well run and with modern infrastructure, the complete opposite of the India they had found when they arrived.  The same miraculous transformation of regions can be seen in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea (a Japanese uplift project), Taiwan (again a Japanese uplift project), Israel (when the Jews took it from Palestinians in 1948), Angola (a Portuguese uplift project), etc.  Everywhere Europe or East Asia went, they spread civilization to regions that were laughable in their backwardness and more like monkeys than men.  All of these people believed in the concept of the superior supplanting the inferior.  All of these people believed in manifest destiny.  Everyone understood that they were creating progress and unlocking human potential by changing the cultures and racial demographics of the regions they visited.

In the late 1800's and the early 1900's, it was clear that Russia and Eastern Europe had surpassed their former masters, the turks and mongols, and they waged a series of wars to liberate themselves from the yolk of their Muslim conquerors, and then to bring the war back into the throats of these oppressors by taking land back away from them and restoring it to Mother Europe.  One of the most amazing wars in history was when the Greeks, Serbians, and Bulgarians allied together to wage a successful war on their previous conqueror the Ottoman Empire to mutually support their independence and land claims against the foe who had previously subjugated them all one by one.  The Ottoman empire receded and Europe grew, the superior was supplanting the inferior even in the region that had seemed most impervious to change.  World War I was a capstone on this event, when the entirety of the Ottoman empire was dismembered, when Attaturk took power in Turkey and modernized it along European lines, while all of the Middle East was divied up between the British and the French, all far more capable administrators than the Ottomans had ever been.

Even as stupid as World War I was, even with all the needless European deaths that occurred during said war, it was still in line with the march of progress because it handed the Ottoman Empire's lands over to Europe, which was the last land outside of European or Japanese/Chinese ownership at that time.  The whole world had been successfully divided up among the best, brightest, and strongest of the Earth.  As foolish as the Union had been in abolishing slavery, at least America still believed in white supremacy and kept their blacks carefully down with Jim Crow segregation laws.  America was a 90% white country which had virtually abolished the black race altogether and had not allowed anyone else but nordic whites into the country since 1920.  It was the high tide of the superior supplanting the inferior.  Even Ethiopia was eventually conquered by Italy, the last independent nation in Africa, in the 1930's.

Since the beginning of writing, since Homer walked the Earth, until the fall of Ethiopia, the world had embraced the concept of the superior supplanting the inferior, and had acted accordingly.  As a result, we went from a land of brave Spartans and poetry spouting Athenians to the greatness of the Roman empire, the intrepid explorers like Cortez and Columbus, and finally the mighty steam engines and age of machinery, even airplanes, things undreamed of in the Greek philosopher's heads, by the beginning of the 20th century.  We had conquered the entire globe and had civilized most of it.  Farming had replaced hunter-gathering.  Literacy had replaced illiteracy.  Science had replaced superstition.  Everything was going great.  There were symphony orchestras by people like Beethoven and Dvorak.  Books by people like Jane Austen and Dostoevsky.  Sports had been invented, all the fun sports we are playing today were recent innovations that had just been thought up back then.  There was insane amounts of progress in all fields of human endeavor.  Everything was looking up.  We already had invented science fiction literature, which was already predicting eras of technological and political progress like unto infinity.  Everything was in our grasp.  By following the same philosophy as the Greeks had from the very start, of holding in contempt everything beneath us and laying waste to it, shattering it, driving it beneath our hooves and planting our own works on top of their ruins, we had come this far.  Sumpter's Creative Destruction writ large, and we had come to the very brink of the computer and space travel at the beginning of the 1940's, we had even learned how to split the atom and release destructive energies that only God could imagine up until this point, all following this one grand philosophical ideal.

And then we inscrutably, unimaginably, turned around and renounced that primordial concept we had been using since 5000 B.C. and decided on a new plan of egalitarianism, where we would not only cease trying to civilize and improve the outside world, but we would even import barbarism into our countries and relax our morals and strictures to the lowest common denominator.  Thereby, in a couple hundred years, undoing and destroying the work of ten thousand years of progress by all of our ancestors.  The only people who didn't turn around, who thought this was madness, who thought it was ridiculous nonsense befitting only of perplexed looks and laughter, were the Axis powers.  They thought, surely you must be kidding.  Surely you must just be saying this as some sort of political tactic.  Surely you can't actually mean what you are saying, right?  And so the Nazis and the Italian Fascists and the Imperial Japanese ignored all this crazy talk of respecting the rights of man and treating everyone like a special snowflake and continued their projects of uplifting the backwards regions of the globes -- and the British and French declared war on them for doing what the British and French had been doing since the age of the Crusades -- Hell, since the days they still belonged to the Roman Empire and were attempting to conquer the barbarous Germans!!!!

The last sane people in America were defeated in the Civil War -- it didn't look that way because the South was left alone for another century after that, but once their ability to launch an armed resistance had been shattered it all came tumbling down the moment the North chose to make its next move in 1960.  The last sane people in Europe and East Asia were taken out in 1945.  And now we have a new philosophy, completely different from the philosophy that drove all human progress, all global progress, since the dawn of civilized man.  This philosophy says we should quadruple the population of 70 IQ savages who by their own self admission are majority rapists and let them into every country on Earth, allow them to become the majority of all the world's democratic populations, and let them vote to decide how everything should be settled for the rest of world history.  This is their idea of progress.  This is what the Nazis died trying to stop at the Battle of Berlin and the Japanese died trying to stop at Iwo Jima.  Fanatically.  Frantically.  With all their hearts and all their souls.  But we toasted them anyway, and now -- we are realizing our new dream, a new world order of 5.4 billion blacks and muslims, who have never contributed one drop of progress to world history, but have always before been its most severe retardants across every era.

And like I said, the world had almost crystallized into its most perfect state in 1930.  Even Ethiopia had been colonized.  Everything was going perfectly.  There was nothing to complain about.  People's living standards were far better than ever before.  The fruits of their previous philosophy were apparent all around them.  The superior supplanting the inferior had gotten them London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Moscow, New York City, and Tokyo.  They had no cause for complaint.  They had just learned to fly.  They were inventing rockets that could take them into space.  And yet they rebelled, they turned their back on this way of life, and they decided on Black World instead.

Hitler warned them against it.  He shouted until his lungs were hoarse against it.  But in the end all he could do was commit suicide with his wife in despair at the stupidity of man.  And now here we are, living in the ashes of that defeat, as the world crumbles around us back into Africa.  Slouching towards gomorrah:

    William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)
    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.
    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

What an appropriate lifespan for this most prophetic of prophets -- to be born on Western Civilization's first defeat, 1865, and to die at the beginning of its last defeat, 1939.  He must have been given to us by God to document the waning years of Earth's golden age.

What a terrible pity it all is.

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Reader said...


While reading your articles I have noticed that you seem to hold a very negative view of India and Indians in general like many Westerners. As an Indian I can agree that it is true that India does suffer from a multitude of problems to this day so I'm not blaming you. But India isn't as backward as many foreigners seem to believe. It's modernising quickly and many of us don't cling to our old beliefs and customs that encourage irrational behaviour.
I hail from Bangalore in South India and virtually everybody I know - family and relatives, friends, classmates, neighbours share modern ideals and understand the importance of pursuing a good education and they also condemn the age-old social evils and discriminatory practices based on caste, gender, etc that have plagued India since centuries. We believe in providing equal opportunities to all to lead a good life and recognize the way in which many were and are denied basic facilities on the basis of caste or gender. Also I hold great respect for the Western World which has been the driving force of modern civilisation.
Please don't imagine us all to be a set of people who share wrong ideas and practice wrong acts. Just like any other nation India also has its own share of issues to deal with but many of the wrong ones are fading away with time. I hope for a better India where all of its citizens live happy, meaningful and contented lives. There are so many wonderful aspects of India too which can only be clearly experienced by visiting it. I would encourage you to visit us if you wish to and can so that you can better understand our nation. While there will always be bad elements in any society please don't let them shape your view of us as a whole.