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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Confederate Battle Flag was Flown By the Greatest Men Who Ever Lived, not Wannabes and Yokels:

If you watch Gods and Generals and Gettysburg, you come to realize that the Confederate Battle Flag is not something to pose with or wave around, it's a sacred flag that was dyed red with the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots, the entire male population of the South was wiped out in its name, led by the greatest generals the world has ever seen, fighting more bravely than any other army that has ever taken the field.

It is the flag of an enormous army backed by an enormous nation, the 2nd most powerful in the world at the time of its founding, only weaker than the very Union forces that ended up beating it.  It had millions of women and children who hoped and prayed for its victory and cheered it on from behind.  All of them believed in the righteousness of their Cause, and they all believed earnestly and clearly in things that none of the wannabes or the yokels who wave the flag today dare say or even think.

Anyone who doesn't support the South's right to have maintained the institution of slavery has no right to wave that flag.  Anyone who doesn't believe in white supremacy and black inferiority has no right to wave that flag.  Anyone who didn't fight in one of the pitched battles of the Civil War and prove the depth and mettle of their belief in those two things has no right to wave that flag.  The Confederacy was founded to defend a southern way of life, and slavery was a major portion of that way of life, women living lives of hearthbound domesticity is another major portion of that way of life, Christian morals and chivalric, gentlemanly and ladylike behavior was another major portion of that way of life, and anyone who denies this or doesn't live up to it has no right to wave that flag.

It doesn't matter even if you're a terrorist who willingly dies while shooting up enemies of the South, you still don't have the right to wave that flag -- because that flag was the flag of a mighty nation, a mighty army, a might entity that was self-sustaining and capable of greatness, it had millions of women and children behind it, and it was not just a meaningless explosion of death and harm but a dream with a real nirvana at the end of the road.  There is nothing remotely equal between dying for nothing and dying for a real breathing living nation with millions of supporters living and dying beside you for a united goal.  Don't associate yourself with something as noble and dreamlike as what happened in those four years.  You're nothing compared to them, and there's nothing you can possibly do to be like them, because your circumstances are too wildly different from theirs to ever live like they did or die like they did, as martyrs for a cause they really almost succeeded in pulling off.

The Confederacy ended in 1865.  With it, the entire Southern culture withered on the vine and disappeared.  The South of today is nothing like the South of back then.  Don't even try to compare yourselves to the titans of yesteryear.  Southerners practically don't even have an accent anymore.  They can't even talk like their forefathers did, much less act like them.

The South was defeated and conquered.  Its people were slaughtered or scattered, and its memory stamped into oblivion and now it's all gone with the wind.  Who the hell are these people who pretend it still beats in their hearts by waving that battle flag around while never even shooting anyone in their whole damn lives?  That's the flag that flew at Gettysburg, it's not meant for some damn front porch to drink beer over.

While we're at it, the exact same rules apply to swastikas or other Nazi paraphernalia.   Unless you actually fought in the Wehrmacht or supported them from home as their wife and children, you have zero right to display any of that stuff.  That isn't you.  That was the Third Reich, a real nation with millions of women and children who supported it with all of their hearts, who really believed the things Hitler said, who supported everything he did, where millions of men died on bloody battlefields proving their courage and the depths of their devotion to the cause.  You can't just put on a pin or badge and pretend you're one of them.  You're not one of them.  You never can be one of them, because the Third Reich ended before you were even god damn born.  Their cause was not just some terrorist stunt that kills a couple people or a couple dozen people, but a real dream that almost reached fruition, a nirvana that it seemed like they had actually reached during a few moments of the war.  Those millions of people who fought and died didn't kill or die for nothing, but for a real chance at a future completely different from our own, a future they believed in and still thought could come true if they just worked and fought hard enough, all the way until the end.

Take down all these stupid symbols.  They don't belong to us.  They don't belong to you.  They belong to the graves of all those millions of men, women and children who were the people living in those states, the people who died for those state's political platforms, the people who actually bled, sweat, and cried for those realms.  We don't deserve them.  Those nations were crushed underfoot, their memories scattered to oblivion and now they're gone with the wind.

Once you're awakened to white nationalism and the true facts regarding race, sex, history, etc, you come to realize that the Confederacy and the Third Reich/Imperial Japan were the two lost wars that mark the greatest disasters in human history, that have sent this planet spiraling towards a horrendous conclusion of 5.4 billion blacks and muslims outpopulating and eventually ruling and/or destroying every corner of the globe by 2100 that previously was elevating in an exponential curve of progress towards infinity.  It's easy to become a stupid fetishist and parade around with confederate flags and SS symbols as the next clownish step in your redefinition of self -- but it is not correct.  We are not Confederates, we are not Nazis, we are just enlightened thinkers of the 21st century.  We are thinkers, not doers.  There is nothing we can do remotely on the scale of Confederates or Nazis, and to top it off, we have so little in common with either group that they would never accept us as one of them anyway.  That was then, and this is now.  We must look to the future, not the past, to create our own identities that can rally not just some terrorist killers but millions of women and children to our cause, just like the Confederates and Nazis did in their day.  We will not gain millions of patriotic women and children with the flags or symbols of lost, discredited, and demonized empires of the past.  We will need a new symbol for them, just like all the symbols the Confederates and Nazis came up with were new at the time they made them.

Honor the only sensible thinking people in the past, defend their causes, and explain how history really went to those who want to listen.  But for God's sake stop pretending to be someone you're not, like some stupid Ku Klux Klan name, like goblin or wizard or dragon or whatever the hell stupid names they came up with.  Anyone who plays at that junk is an embarrassing idiot.

Fighting to keep the Confederate flag flying over a conquered country that resembles the South in no way, shape, or form is a mockery.  What's the point?  What is that flag waving over anyway?  It's nothing but Union territory, which has totally and completely been forced to obey the Union's will in all laws and all things.  Why the hell should a Confederate flag be flying anyway?  What's the point in Confederate monuments in the middle of black inner cities?  It's a joke.  Of course they should come down.  Those aren't our cities anymore, they're black cities, so let the blacks have their own heroes like Chief Ungabunga or whoever the hell they can dredge up from their oral histories, since they never did invent the art of writing.  Are we so ridiculously immature that we're content with the style of the South surviving without any of the substance?  Do you think those hundreds of thousands of young boys bled to death all across the thirteen Rebel states so that some damn flag could fly over a statehouse where all the laws they fought against have already been passed?  Do you think the millions of dead germans in World War II are pleased you're wearing thunderbolts when eugenics is no longer even allowed into polite conversation, when nations are no longer even allowed to remain the homogenous legacies of their homogenous ancestors, the expression of their own nation's race-soul?

All these debates are so stupid.  The Confederates lost.  The Nazis lost.  Woe to the vanquished!  Did you think it would end any other way?  Why do you think so many people martyred themselves fighting desperately to stop this future?  Because they thought they could just dress up as Nazis the next day and dance around waving flags in front of a camera so it was all good whatever happened to be the result?  I'll tell you when you can break out those stupid flags again -- and it isn't anywhere in America (or Europe).  It's the first time you can build a new nation that treats those two realms as the good guys of history and has millions of women and children supporters, just like those realms had the first time around.  If you can do that, then break out all the flags and monuments you please.  Until then, anything you do is just a mockery and a demeaning disgrace of the sacred causes they actually fought and died for long, long ago.

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