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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Majikoi S fan translation Relased:

Following up on the Majikoi release earlier this year, the sequel game, Majikoi S, has now also been fan translated and released.

Get the original game here:
Then get the patch here:

Combine the two and do the various other alchemy to get the game to work (follow instructions if you don't know how yet), and you have yet another great visual novel ready for reading.

I've only just started playing Majikoi, so Majikoi S will still have to wait a while before I actually touch it.  But you always want to secure these things as soon as possible before anti-piracy people take them down again.  In Majikoi, I chose the Miyako route because I liked her standoffish attitude of not needing scads of friends and not needing to be liked by everybody and not wanting a career because she was content with how her life already was just the way it was.  She's like an awesome zen monk, no wonder she's always reading in her spare time.  Sadly I think the point of the route is to change her from that state into a popular career focused friendly girl like everyone else, so it's sort of a shame and I'm not that enthusiastic in terms of playing the game a lot as a result.  There's still very little overlap between the visual novel and the anime up until this point, but then again the anime probably wasn't following the Miyako route so. . . In any event, though the anime is downright perfect, the visual novel is still good and also much, much larger, so it stands to reason to enjoy both of them.  Since the first visual novel is definitely worth playing (Because I'm currently playing it and it is fun), surely the sequel is worth playing too, so there's no helping it but to add this game as well to the to-do list.

Majikoi A is also in the process of being translated so the maji-fun isn't going to end any time soon.

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