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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Dropped:

In a time when half of America is up in flames because Michael Brown tried to grab Darren Wilson's gun and was killed for it, I don't consider it a joke when a character in an anime suddenly grabs a cop's gun from his holster and holds it up to admire for himself.  Nor do I consider it realistic for this man to be gently chided for the act and then released without any criminal charges immediately after.  Nor do I consider it funny that this same guy who went for a cop's gun moments before then compounds his crime by suddenly attempting murder on an innocent guy minding his own business at a shop helping out other customers.  The fact that he will also get away with this crime without any repercussions is entering the level of encouraging criminality in others.  What kind of thug life show is this?  This isn't humor.  It's just evil.

Even without this issue, which is large enough on its own, the show is no good though.  The guy waving around eromanga and erogames in front of crowds full of women and children is disgusting.  Why can't he have the smallest bit of respect for society and not impinge his tastes on others who don't want to see that stuff as they go about their daily lives?  And then there's the disgusting boy's love parts where this guy acts like some sort of dog asking for a head petting from his coworker who then does a sadistic put down routine on him.  There's way too many people getting touchy feely with the main character girl without ever asking before they're groping her all over  -- it doesn't matter that they mistake her for a boy, because I assure you boys don't want to be groped by other male strangers either, perhaps even moreso than girls would object to it.  All of these dumb scenes are due to fujoshi girls who like seeing and imagining this sort of stuff, it has nothing to do with the real world where these sorts of activities would never happen.  Just as I hate shoujo tropes like princes on white horses, I hate fujoshi tropes like boys being dominant and submissive in the middle of a hospital.  The moment I see a stupid trope like this it's time to turn off the lights.  Aoharu x Kikanjuu's party is over.

That puts us down to 28 shows.  Surprisingly, Danchigai and Prison School are still fun, so the record number of shows watched continues.  I assume more shows will mess up and get dropped eventually, but three episodes already makes a show mediocre, which is impressive in its own right, though not good or great it's still worth recording and entering the list as a comparison factor for 'great' shows to stay in the top third of said list as a quality cutoff.  Go mediocre shows!  On your shoulders stand my giants.

Meanwhile, the 18th volume of Zero no Tsukaima has finally been translated.  And by finally I mean it took over four years, so yeah, finally is the correct term.  It's well worth reading as the story is now dramatically divergent from how the anime went, and the books are way better than the anime as far as characterization and dialogue go.  You really feel a lot more for these characters, who feel a lot more real and a lot less childish, immature, and comical the way they're portrayed in the anime.  Hopefully the last four volumes of the series will also be translated and we'll finally get to see the posthumous ending of this incredible franchise just like we did with Wheel of Time.

In addition, Sally Subs has finished fansubbing Sword Art Online season 2 in blu-ray, so now's the time to start rewatching it all from the beginning.  Tsundere subs have finished subbing Akame ga Kill in blu-ray, so now's the time to be rewatching it from the beginning as well.  Love Live Season 2 is almost done in blu-ray as well.  Just two episodes to go.  Keep up the good work, FFF.

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