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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Utawarerumono 2:

As expected, Aquaplus has announced their intentions of hyping their forthcoming Utawarerumono 2 visual novel with an Utawarerumono 2 anime coming out this fall.  At 25 episodes in length, it may even be capable of telling the full story of the visual novel in animated form.  With the superb white fox studio doing the animation, the same people behind the original Utawarerumono anime, everything is looking great for this next installment of Aruru joy.

If that weren't enough, some more Yuru Yuri ova's are coming out in the next few months, preceding the forthcoming third season of Yuru Yuri which starts this autumn as well.  So we've got Utawarerumono and Yuru Yuri announced for this fall already.  This is looking to be a great way to finish out the 2015 year in anime.

Fairy Tail has slowed down tremendously ever since the beginning of this Tartaros arc.  It's using huge amounts of time recapping instead of moving on, and even the art and animation seem to be lackadaisical.  It joins Naruto with its endless flashbacks of stuff we already know about and One Piece with its endless stalled pacing as the big three anime going nowhere.  I could add in Pretty Cure with its countless repeat animations and events that mirror each other both within this season and across all of its previous seasons.  So the top four shows of all time right now are all really annoying.  Dragging their feet so much they may as well be going backwards.

In comparison, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has had a great string of episodes recently where the fights are high stakes and the villains can actually beat the heroes for once.  Jojo's and Dragon Ball Kai have the right pace of content per episode down.  These four shows, which are intentionally slowing themselves down just to make more money and keep viewers hooked, are acting abysmally in comparison.

I finished my rewatches of Yuuki Yuuna, Locodol and Wake Up, Girls!  They were all great as expected, which only confirms their placement in my rankings as all wise decisions.  As for light novels, I'm currently stuck on volume three of Index New Testament because it's just not any good.  Validating my anime rankings is so much easier than any of my other rankings, which all fall short of the wonderful medium that is anime.

Meanwhile, the Tales franchise continues to expand at an explosive pace with a newly announced Tales of Berseria, before Zestiria has even come out in the USA.  I'm sure it will be yet another good game, all this while Square Enix continues to fail to release FF XV even though it's been a decade since they started its production.  FF XIV came out in 2010, so it's seriously been five years since Square released a Final Fantasy title and counting.  In those five years, Tales produced both Xillia games, Tales of Graces F and Tales of Zestiria, and is now working on Berseria.  Five games to zero?  Really Square?

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