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Monday, June 15, 2015

Some Cliffhangers Mercifully Solved:

Two cliffhangers were mercifully resolved today.  FF7 is indeed getting a remake.  And in Akatsuki no Yona, Hak was restrained from killing Soo Wan and the two managed to separate without major injuries.  Phew!  What a load off my back.

We've come a long ways from Square Enix trolling us last year with its fake FF7 remake announcement.  Now that they've actually announced they're really going to do it, I expect this to be the best video game ever made.  So long as they don't change the music, character relationships or gameplay I'm fine with whatever else.  God, what a long wait it has been.  It's been 18 years since FF7 first came out.  Already by FF8 the graphics looked a lot better, and it was obvious that FF7 needed a graphical face lift.  Then the PS2 came and went.  Then the PS3 came and went.  And now finally, on the PS4, a graphical face lift like nothing we could have dreamed of is about to begin.  The best Final Fantasy with the best graphics of all time.  This game is the game.  The messiah.  The savior of this universe.  This is who we've all been waiting for.  It actually happened.  After all the shoot downs.  All the denials.  It's finally coming true.  Customers prevailed.  Fans prevailed.  The creators actually listened to us.  Maybe they were right to wait this long, so that we could get a real graphics overhaul that only the PS4 could give.  But they certainly had no reason to wait any longer.  This is the one game the whole world wanted and was readily willing to pay for.  There is nothing left to prevaricate over.  FF7 is going to earn hundreds of millions of dollars, and delight tens of millions of people worldwide.  This is Big.

Meanwhile, Shenmue III will probably raise enough money to begin production via kickstarter.  Good.  I played the first two and am as eager to take down Lan Di as anyone else.  It's about time this game got made as well.

If only dragon ball kai's latest episode were subbed, yet another cliffhanger could be resolved.  That's definitely the next thing to look forward to most.  But man, every second feels like a torturous eternity now that we've come this far.

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