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Friday, March 20, 2015

Summer is Coming Redux:

Previously announced sequel series, Non Non Biyori season 2 and To Love-ru Darkness season 2, have now been announced to be airing this summer.  They join good company with Durara, Idolmaster, Working, and Fate/Kaleid Liner all resuming.  It looks like summer is the season of sequels.  Since I'm always asking for sequels to great series, instead of mediocre pilot shows of inferior works no one cares about, summer is a season of delights.

What else is going to be announced for this summer?  I'm starting to think all good things will be coming in three months.  Wakaba Girl is coming out, which is by the same author as Kiniro Mosaic (which is getting its 2nd season this spring, so it's like the Kiniro never ends.)  Sore ga Seiyuu is coming out, which is partially by the same author as Hayate no Gotoku, I find it hard to believe that will be bad.  Plus a ton of promising new series that might be good, like Gate, Kangoku Gakuen, the idol genre anime series Venus Project and Million Doll, Chaos Dragon. . .virtually everything has potential.  2015 is such a great year in anime, that every season is entrancing just to look at.  Heavy Object, made by the author of Index/Railgun, is getting its anime release this fall.  Is there any doubt it won't be great as well?  Most studios are playing their cards close to their vests, so we're still only now learning what's going to air this summer, but already some announcements about the fall season have been made, and they're all exciting too.  Spring is only two weeks away now, but in terms of announcements, spring is already old news, it's already happened, so there's nothing to get excited about anymore.  Summer and fall, though, just keep getting better by the day.  Looking forward to Christmas is oftentimes more fun than Christmas itself.  Likewise, the announcements for what will air in summer and fall are oftentimes more fun news than the airing itself.

March Madness started with an unprecedented number of upsets and close games, making for a riveting night of television from beginning to end.  Today's basketball games have been more tame in comparison, but there was still plenty of excitement.  Anyone missing out on the spectacle that is March Madness is a fool.  Basketball is a fun sport when it isn't dominated by mutant giants (like in the NBA), but played more like it was meant to be played, by kids just trying to have fun.  There isn't any other tournament that plays so many elimination games so quickly, every two days for the teams, with new games starting every hour from dawn to dusk.  March Madness has more upsets and fun Cinderella stories than any other sport, because the goal of not-so-good teams making deep runs into the tournament through blind luck is a feature of college basketball's one-game-elimination tournament, not a bug.  Everyone knows Kentucky is the best team in the country by far.  But the fun of the tournament isn't that it accurately crowns the best team in a fact-finding process full of fairness and objectivity.  The fun of the tournament is that it's a wild and unpredictable ride full of upsets that aren't fair or objective at all.  We cheer for anyone-but-Kentucky precisely because it's more fun when things are more unpredictable.  There's no other tournament like that, which usually is concentrated on finding out who is the best, not trying to topple that team from their high perch.  This is March Madness.  Madness is what makes it so fun.  When Baylor and Iowa State both fell on the same day, the tournament was already displaying the delightful insanity that is college basketball at a record pace.  What's coming next?  Who knows!  That's why we watch.

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