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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ojamajo Season 1 Version 2.0 Released:

The original english subbed Ojamajo was only in 360p.  It looked awful.  It was so small as to nearly be invisible.  Doremi has worked to fix that situation and their results shine forth today.  These files are dvd rips, high quality stuff that people can actually enjoy watching.  It's time to start watching Ojamajo again, or, if you haven't watched it yet, there's no excuse left not to watch it for the first time.

Ojamajo starts slow and only really gets good once Onpu is introduced, 30 episodes or so in.  The best part of Ojamajo isn't even in this season, it's in the sequel season Sharp, which Doremi hasn't released a version 2 of yet, but are working to release an HD version of as their next project.  So if people are curious as to why Ojamajo is so highly ranked both here and in polls in Japan, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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