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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beautiful Anime Girls Permapost Overhauled:

After much effort, my random art gallery of beautiful anime girls now has the names of all the girls, what series they are from, and for all of their portraits to be grouped together by character and series.  Now anyone can learn more about the beautiful anime girls who strike their eye the most.

Around 200 different beautiful girls await with around 600 pictures between them.  Generally, the more beautiful the more pictures, but there's a lot of subjectivity in that.  Since there's always more beautiful anime girls, these numbers will always be drifting higher as time passes.

Major 2nd, the new manga following the storyline of Major, is being translated and is really great so far.  It's a shame the actual Major manga hasn't been translated yet, though, or else the 2nd series would feel a lot more connected.

Akatsuki no Yona's tv anime run is at an end, at a very unsatisfying and random point.  There's still an ova upcoming, but it's not like one additional episode could make any difference in said unsatisfying halfhearted conclusion.

Atelier Escha and Logy is fully subbed in blu ray, thanks to Kite Seekers the fansub group.  Let the reviewing begin!

Fairy Tail episodes 1-175 (the original run) is also out in blu-ray.  For a show with so many beautiful girls seeing them in the highest quality is a must.

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