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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona Manga:

Now that the Akatsuki no Yona anime is over, it's time to start reading the manga.  But where do anime watchers begin?  Where does the anime leave off and the manga-only content begin?

The answer is chapter 48.  If Akatsuki's anime is popular, maybe they'll go ahead and animate a second season once enough manga content has come out.  But generally speaking, shoujo manga never get high anime sales, even when the manga is wildly popular (look at Ao Haru Ride.)  The manga is pretty much your only hope to find out the conclusion of this riveting oriental fantasy romance.  Not that we're anywhere near the conclusion in the ongoing manga, either.


Reina Li said...

Thanks, you gave me all the answers to the questions i was going to ask.

Anonymous said...

life saver <3

Miyuka Ami said...

Perfect <3 Many Thanks - That´s totally helpful :D

Noga Nahon said...

You saved my life