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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valvrave Finally Done:

This just in!  The last great anime series of 2013 without a blu-ray release has finally been released in blu-ray today.  Kakumeiki Valvrave, Valvrave the Liberator, has finally freed us of our long wait.  All of a sudden, FFFansubs got all the rest of Valvrave done in a flash, after doing nothing with it for years.  It's certainly a pleasant surprise.  One can only hope that Baaro fansubs will do something similar with its now 6 episode backlog in terms of Dragon Ball Kai Buu.

Chihayafuru season 2 has also been waiting for a lonnnng time, ever since 2013, for a blu-ray release.  The first half was covered by commie subs, but the 2nd half has only been covered by 'do it yourself commie subs,' who announced he was tired of waiting for commie subs blu-ray and did it himself.  Proactive fansubbers are always welcome, but one wonders if the release was really as good as the normal fansub group would have been.  Oh well, the important thing is to get things done, not quality.  Who cares about quality in a blu-ray archive-intended version release?  >>.

So long as we're talking about long-delayed blu-ray releases, could we be seeing the last third of Ranma 1/2 come out in blu-ray soon?  I wouldn't be surprised, seeing as how Doki subs finally released the 2nd third in December.

Speaking of slow Doki blu-ray releases, there's still four more episodes of Sakura Trick blu-ray we're waiting on from Doki.  During the Christmas rush, they made a lot of progress, but for these two months of the new year there's been nothing.  It's been a full year since Sakura Trick came out.  Though it's not as bad as Valvrave's 2 years of waiting, it's about time we got our lovely lesbian ladies in high definition already.

And so long as we're talking about long-delayed Doki fansub releases, isn't it about time for Little Busters Ecstasy to come out?  We're still at 98.5% of EX lines translated, 58.27% edited and 0% proofread.  It looks like the long wait continues with little to no news coming out of this corner.  Quite possibly the best visual novel ever, still stranded in limbo after all this time.  This is especially important to translate precisely because the anime didn't do a good enough job converting it.  If the adaptation had been Cross Game caliber I wouldn't be worrying about this, but we're talking H2 or Miyuki quality here.  Practically half the game was left on the cutting board.

Speaking of the slow people over at commie subs, Mahoutskai no Yoru is 100% translated and just waiting on the editing over at commie subs.  This is from Type Moon, so expect the same as Tsukihime or Fate/Stay Night visual novel.  That should be something very exciting to look forward to, but like Little Busters EX the progress just crawwwwwls forward like watching glass seep to the bottom of a window frame.

Speaking of slow Little Busters EX translations, the 8th and final episode of the EX anime still hasn't been subbed.  The 7th came out on New Year's Eve, so it looked like the 8th would finally be coming shortly, but two months later. . .

Even so, so long as Refrain Subs hasn't said they've given up, the episode is bound to come eventually.  Just like FFFansubs managed to bring out Valvrave 2 years later, surely Little Busters EX episode 8 is coming out any day now.  Valvrave gives us hope for all delayed projects.  A Dream Delayed is Not a Dream Deferred!  Unless you die of old age first.  That's got to be the worst. . .

I pity the poor fools who are already in their 50's, waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish his Song of Fire and Ice series before they die.  Yeah, good luck with that one, folks!  Before then, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and alzheimer's will kill you all.  If it doesn't kill George first.  But for the rest of us, long delays just mean combining the fun of anticipation along with the fun of fulfillment, and getting twice as much fun as usual.  Delays are just part of the game.  In the world of waiting for translations, every day is like Christmas.  So Merry Christmas, folks, Valvrave is finally all tied up with a big red ribbon for us all~


Anonymous said...

Do you know Japanese at all Diamed?

Diamed said...

If it's just spoken Japanese, I can carry on conversations in it, though I have to use roundabout words to get my points across, and I'm sure my pronunciation is all wrong. I can also understand spoken Japanese so long as it sticks to routine topics.

If it's written Japanese, I only know a handful of kanji/hiragana that I learned simply by being really memorable. Reading even a sign is way out of my league.