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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My 'Anime Rankings' Permapost Gets Some Additional Information:

I added a new feature to my Anime Rankings permapost.  It's called the 'unique standout feature' listing.  In as few words as possible, I try to describe what makes this show, out of all anime, and out of all the other great 170 shows, so uniquely valuable.  It appears to the right of the 'source' part of the listing, which is to the right of the 'length' feature, which is to the right of the 'timeline' feature, which is to the right of the name of the show.

This answers the question as to why each series has to be watched, because there's just nothing else like it, and certainly nothing strictly superior to it in the world.  Every show has its own unique quality to add to the overall worth of my anime rankings, its valuable contribution to the whole.  Once you've watched all 170, you'll be a well-rounded person, but if you fall short by even one show, you'll end up lacking a very important perspective on an interesting aspect of life.

Because of the need for brevity, obviously I cannot describe in detail why I love each and every series listed.  A few words is all I have to offer, but I made sure that the words were all different from one another between all the varied series.  This implies that if the show says something generic, like "Friendship" or "Family," then we're talking about the single best representation of friendship or family in art.  That's very high praise we're talking about, if a show can be summarized that succinctly.

One common word choice I use in these listings is 'Ultimate.'  By that I mean the 'final word' on the subject.  There could not be a more platonic ideal version than the one offered.  It's the ultimate rendition of that genre, you need look no further because this one has it all.  But it also means it's the most strait-laced.  This means if you want a story that meanders a bit more from the straight and narrow path, then ultimate probably isn't what you're looking for.  'Ultimate' doesn't mean the best, it just means the purest rendition.  Though the two concepts often do travel hand in hand.

My anime rankings cover virtually all genres, from mystery to fantasy to comedy to romance to fighting to dramas to sports of all types.  Just type in your hobby, and most likely there's an anime that specializes in it in my rankings.  There's an anime for virtually every sexual question and category, meeting everyone's imaginable fetish.  There's an anime set in virtually every stage of human history, chronologically and geographically, even stories set in our near or distant futures.  There are stories that offer a deep insight or commentary into virtually every subject, from war to life to death to politics to pollution.  There's man vs. man battle royales, man vs. natural disasters, man vs. psychological traumas, man vs. career struggles, man vs. ballgames, supermen vs. supermen action series, even man vs. zombies.

A diverse range of women from all walks of life can be found as primarily workers, sisters, mothers, friends, students, lovers, athletes, leaders, self-improvers, warriors, entertainers, in need of saving or dishing out rescues.  There are more colorful lead female roles than male roles in the vast majority of anime, which works out best for both sexes, since we both like women more than men.

By showcasing the amazing variety of great anime shows Japan has to offer, there should be something for everyone.  No matter how bad their taste, at least one category should appeal to them, in one way or another.  Once they get hooked on that first show, they'll inevitably want to try out the next one, and soon enough another otaku will be born.

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