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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black World, Coming To Theaters Near You in 2100:

When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world: Botswana is in second with 93, Sweden in third with 64; no other country exceeds 32.
 The South African government estimates that there are 31 murders per 100,000 people per year. Or about 50 a day. That would make South Africa the tenth most murderous country in the world, outpacing Rwanda, Mexico, and both Sudans. And that’s using South Africa’s official estimates — outside groups put the murder rate 100 percent higher. Choosing not to trust the South African authorities is a safe bet — South Africa’s government, which has been led by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress since the end of apartheid, is outstandingly incompetent and corrupt.

Of course, de facto one-party rule doesn’t promote integrity. Unemployment is 25 percent, but President Jacob Zuma, of the ANC, recently spent $24 million of public money to add a pool and amphitheater to his private home. Not long after the story broke, he was elected to a second five-year term. Think-tank theorist Leon Louw, who helped defeat apartheid, calls the crime and corruption “a simple manifestation of the breakdown of the state. The government is just appallingly bad at everything it does: education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, everything that is a government function is in shambles.”

He adds — citing “anecdotal data” — that “most people don’t bother to report crimes.”

When the 4 billion new blacks take power in 2100, they will make your country like South Africa.  Worse every year than the year before.  The rape capital of the world.  The murder capital of the world.  Poverty.  Unemployment.  Corruption.  Failing infrastructure.  AIDS epidemics.  Failed schools.  Ultimately, a failed state.

The majority of South African wealth comes through trade of its natural resources, which came out of the ground, due to no human accomplishment of the dwellers in South Africa.  South Africa has gold, diamonds, and other precious metals.  However, if the whole world becomes South Africa, who will they trade their natural resources to?  Who will provide for them all of the high technology manufactured goods they've come to expect?  Who will give them the hard currency they need to buy basic things like air conditioning and water purifiers and jet engines?  South Africa can maintain a semblance of civilization, as can any other country in the world, so long as it trades with the actually useful countries on Earth that have the intelligence, talent, virtue and know-how to keep things afloat.  Once those countries are gone, eradicated by 4 billion African immigrants at a time when their own populations are naturally halving due to falling birth rates, there will be no one left to save South Africa.  Or anyone in Africa.  Or any of us.  Anywhere.

Black World.  The Black Plague.  2100 marks the end of the world unless we do one of two things -- curb immigration to only those people who can contribute to the welfare of the host civilization by adding more utility than they subtract from it by immigrating to our lands -- or curtailing African birth rates to below replacement, like the rest of the world has already done, and forcing them to live like civilized human beings instead of malignant spreading cancer cells.

Meanwhile our joke of a black president is still saying that global warming is the gravest threat to mankind, because the world will heat up by 2 degrees by 2100 if we don't act soon.  Two degrees.  The horror.

It is horrifying to watch a society regress, to actually go backwards instead of forwards on the human timeline.  South Africa was once a nuclear power.  It was a leader in health science.  It was peopled by brave Dutch who carved their own civilization from the wilderness just like we did in America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  They fought and bled for their land just like we did.  Even at the very end, they fought against the entire Soviet Union and all of its vassal states to stop the spread of communism and miraculously won against armies far more numerous and well equipped than their own.

Now South Africa is just a shitty country composed of shitskins who shit all over their own living spaces instead of going into a toilet like any two year old has learned how to do by now in the civilized world.

A report by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), published in March, doesn't leave much to the imagination. According to researchers, members of 1.4 million South African households don't have access to sanitation and are therefore forced to relieve themselves in the open. The bulk of them live in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, North West and the Eastern Cape. Download the report [PDF]
 Additionally, 26 percent of all South African households, 3.8 million in total, only have access to below-standard sanitation infrastructure. These facilities have crumbled and deteriorated to such extent that they can be considered unfit to be used.
South Africa's ruins would be a perfect set for a zombie apocalypse.  Shambling across the remains of once great architectural works and bustling prosperous cities come the rapist, murdering, shitskins, carrying various primitive knives and clubs as they search for fresh prey to get their grimy hands on.  There is no difference between black world and the zombie apocalypse.  It's the inferior supplanting the superior right before our eyes, with vivid reminders of what once was all around us before we gave it all away, in either scenario.  The idea that we'd hand over the whole world to blacks, to the four billion zombies pouring out of black wombs as we speak, is the most repulsive horror story ever imagined.

There is nothing more disgusting than Black World, except for the whites who willingly wish for it to happen, even though they can easily see the consequences playing out right before their eyes in their 'trial runs' in Haiti, Rhodesia and South Africa.  Every time a white-run country is handed over to be run by blacks, the results are always the same.  It's always the same devastation and ruin wherever you go.  So why on Earth, why on Earth do liberals want to hand the rest of the world over to them too?  What possible justification, what possible excuse, is left to blacks that we should give them 'one more try' with America, Europe, and East Asia this time around such that nothing is left of civilization anywhere on Earth except our crumbled uninhabited ruins of old?

Can you imagine the 4 billion blacks set to be born by 2100 crawling all over the Forbidden City?  The Taj Mahal?  Roaming through Paris, London, Berlin, and Rome playing 'knock out king'?  Riding gondolas through Venice?  Hanging off the Notre Dame steeples?  Clambering like monkeys over the Hagia Sophia?  Hooting and hollering and dancing in the middle of the Kremlin?  Holding hip hop rap concerts at the Sydney Opera House?  Doing voodoo animal sacrifices under the Sistine Chapel's ceiling?

Before this mockery of our past, before this defecation over all the great men and great works of yore (literally, because blacks can't even go to the toilet when left to their own devices), wouldn't it be better to just blow up the whole planet and be done with it?  Do we really want the future to drag out on and on, after the four billion have immigrated to all four corners of the globe and rule everywhere, thanks to that wonderful invention known as 'democracy' and 'majority rule?'  Do we want to document and observe every last pitiful regression from the nuclear age, the information age, all the way back to the stone age again until the sun blows up and finally the blacks can't avoid sunburn anymore through their clever evolutionary adaptation?

Black World is worse than nothing.  It is evil.  It is the very definition of evil.  It cannot get any more evil than this.  The lifting of the bad over the good.  The supplanting of the superior by the inferior.  The declension of all the progress and effort and sacrifice of everyone who came before us.  The triumph of Satan over God.

It would be easy to prevent the threat of Black World.  All we have to do is close our borders or stop giving charity to Africa.  But it is nigh impossible to stop the liberals, who hold complete power across every facet of the developed world.  They own the churches, the schools, the media, the armies, the bureaucracy, the corporations, the artists, the writers, the police, everyone and everything.  Solzehnitsyn once said that poets were meant to be a 'second sovereign' to the people, a watchdog of the state that oversees whether it is moral or not and calls on good men to overthrow bad government through the voice of emotive reason.  Beauty and Truth were supposed to be the arms, the armaments that defended the Good.  Now all those forces, every single one of them, are in the hands of the liberals.  Instead of books being written about how bad it is when orcs overtake elves, like the Silmarillion, we read about how evil it is for magicians to consider themselves superior to and apart from Muggles.  Instead of reading about the incorruptible and high IQ Lensmen conquering the universe through the power of eugenics, we read about retarded sisters who ride the bus.  Instead of reading about great heroes who through their hard work and sacrifice preserved their country's liberty, like Plutarch's lives, we read about woe-begotten slaves, women, transgenders and queers who never accomplish anything in their lives but are still somehow heroes because they're being oppressed.  Now, snipers who fight in war are called 'cowards' while privileged white women in college who in their delirious minds imagine they've been raped by entirely made-up people are called courageous 'survivors.'

Up is down, left is right, and everything is not as it should be.  The 'second state' which was supposed to call out the State on its abuses of truth and tearing down of the beautiful, is instead gleefully joined at the hip with the state, furthering its ambitions, growing it to even further and wilder extremes than it ever originally imagined it could be.  Atlas Shrugged is beginning to look like a utopia compared to what we live in today, where saying the most innocuous facts, like Jeb Bush's web designer, that African-American children have 70% illegitimacy rates, still gets you fired.  There is no force left to check the surging tide of liberalism.  Like a wavelength where all the frequencies are the same, the wave is amplified over and over again and never canceled out.

If only there was one single insitution still outside the grasp of liberalism.  Even one single country.  But there isn't.  Not even one single country or institution is brave enough to step outside the bounds of liberalism and defy them front and center, unapolegetically, letting the whole truth hang out.  As Ayn Rand said, unless you stand against liberalism in principle, it will always advance.  Any argument aside from the principled argument will end up surrendering and compromising and negotiating away your stance until you're left with nothing but liberalism again.  Anything that is not explicitly anti-liberal will ultimately become liberal.  Just like Washington and Lee college deciding not to fly the Confederate flag anymore, even though the university is named after the South's greatest general.  The ridiculousness of it all, finding your own founders to be offensive, rejecting the very core of your identity and flopping around in the hopes of being forgiven by your liberal 'betters,' is the most humiliating genocide on record.  For here is the UN definition of genocide, something that has been inexorably practiced upon the South ever since the beginning of the Civil War:

To be a Southerner, by any definition a separate national/ethnic group than the Yankees who invaded and conquered us in 1865 after killing/capturing/disabling half of our able-bodied men, you must suffer the 'serious mental harm' of continuous shaming and demonizing in every portion of your life -- in the official state textbooks, in the churches, in the media, in entertainment, everywhere, you must walk around with head bowed while reminded of your endless and unforgivable sins.
North and South compared

Out of the 1,000,000 able bodied men the South had to offer, 490,000 were killed, wounded, captured or missing.  We fought to virtually the last man, taking 45% casualties, before surrendering.  The only braver stand in a war was Serbia's in World War I, who lost 90% of their men fighting against the combined might of the entire Austrio-Hungarian empire all on their own, and lo and behold America then went ahead and bombed Serbia into submission and surrender too a few years later in the service of Kosovar terrorists.

Article A) of genocide is covered by the Civil War.  Article B) is covered by the media's constant attacks on our Southern history and heritage and culture.

For article C), we have from Obama's own mouth that he hopes to destroy the Conservative South by making the country into 'a hodgepodge.'  He says it is no longer acceptable in public to have stances Southerners were once allowed to hold 'even ten years ago.'  This falls in line directly with "deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical (via swamping out, via 'hodgepodgeization') destruction in whole or in part."

Since the government pushes miscegenation and demonizes anyone who sticks to their own as racists, it also qualifies for article D) of genocide:

"Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group."

In addition, the staggering tax rates levied on white people in order to support the ever-larger-broods of black and hispanic parasites serves as a practical impediment to our own family formation.  It is impossible to take care of our own children when we're having to pay for everyone else's at the same time, from all across the world, as they all flock across our border completely unchecked in order to collect our free welfare benefits.

In addition, the constant lionizing of feminism and single mothers and working women and the demonization of men, to the point that we can't even be left to play video games on our own that appeal to us without getting attacked as a 'hate group,' again prevents the formation of couples, marriage, and children -- all of this very intentionally -- with the end result being our inevitable destruction.

Finally, even the last version of genocide, article E), also applies against us.  'Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.'  This occurs all the time in the South.  Children are forcibly grabbed by 'child protective services' in Texas by the hundreds when their parents don't raise them with the preferred liberal cultural beliefs that are expected of them.  You can have your children seized just for ideological differences with the state, and those children are then handed over to proper liberal foster homes.

That's when they don't just burn our children alive, like at Waco.  (Again in Texas, do we see a trend in federal law enforcement here?)

Even though the South is under genocidal assault in all directions, we are still taught in our schools that we are the oppressors and we must apologize and ask forgiveness of everyone else.  There has never been a situation more comical in history than white Southerners bending over backwards and groveling at Yankeedom's feet in the hopes of being forgiven of our sins, except maybe the situation in present day Ukraine.

Right when the Donbass region had the Ukrainian military by the balls, with 8,000 Ukrainian forces surrounded and out of supply at Debaltseve, they're stabbed in the back by Putin who insists that they agree to a ceasefire.  If the war had just played out, the Donbass could have marched on Kiev and stamped out the tyrants once and for all, root and branch.  Instead we get another useless ceasefire agreement which will, yet again, only mean giving Ukraine more time to resupply, rearm, and remobilize more forces for yet another fresh assault on their independence.  Why on Earth would you agree to this ceasefire when they already broke the previous one by shelling your civilian centers non-stop for months (which has no military objective whatsoever except genocide, the only goal left in the rabid Ukrainian-Nazi west)?

Does anyone really believe Kiev will honor their agreement and give the Donbass autonomy?  How could anyone be so stupid as to believe these liars, who have lied about everything for the last twenty years, as shown by their corruption index, the overthrow of their own elected government by a coup, the violation of their own ceasefire agreement earlier this year, and their attempted coverup of their downing of a passenger jet airliner in 2001?

These people are ruthless tyrants who will do anything to destroy East Ukraine and force it back into submission.  There is no way to reason with these people.  West Ukrainians are flat out insane.  According to polls, 80% of West Ukrainians believe that Crimeans didn't really want to join Russia, whereas those same polls, when asked directly of Crimeans, come out with 83% answers of 'yes we really did want this.'  When the population of West Ukraine is so far gone that they think even Crimea needs to be liberated, there is nothing left to do but kill them all.  There can be no peace with people like this.  You cannot talk to them.  You cannot make them see reason.  They are evil and insane and the only thing you can do is put them down like a zombie horror movie.  They must be flattened.  Destroyed.  Their ability to wage war completely annihilated, so that they can never threaten the East again.  Donbass should march on Kiev, destroy the Ukrainian army, disarm the entire populace and never allow them to arm again.  This is the only stable peace you could ever hope for with a pack of raving madmen.

Donbass should ignore Putin, who clearly does not have the best interests of East Ukraine in mind, but is angling for his own geopolitical objectives at the cost of sacrificing Donbass's freedom and hard won military gains.  They should go it alone and win this war once and for all, or they'll be regretting it in less than a year.

It's a comedy how backwards the West views the Ukraine conflict from the actual reality on the ground.  There could not be a clearer division of right and wrong than this Ukraine war.  Life could not be simpler for a moralist than this:

The west overthrows in an illegal coup the duly elected president of Ukraine.  At this very moment, the state loses all legitimacy and every region has every right to fend for itself.  There is no rule of law anymore.  There is no way you could possibly break the law, then, by seceding from the rogues who took illegal power in the first place.  Then, the first thing this new rogue government does is pass new oppressive laws against East Ukraine, denying them their right to speak Russian anymore, which is the native tongue of their land.  This is cultural genocide.  The Donbass region erupts into protests, demanding regional autonomy so that they can regain the freedom they once had under their previously democratically elected government.  However, this is inexcusable to the rogue power in Kiev, which launches an offensive against civil rights protestors with the entire armed might of its newly commandeered forces.  When the protestors reply by forming their own militias in self defense and start shooting back, the rogues in Kiev raise straight out Nazi battalions as death squad volunteers flying under the same banners they attacked Russia with in World War II.  Again, how clear does good and evil have to be before Westerners can see what is really going on in the world?

At first, the Kiev offensive is going well, besieging Donetsk and Luhansk and causing a humanitarian crises in these cities by denying them basic food and water, like they're besieging Leningrad instead of a city full of their own people and kin.  But with a miraculous counteroffensive against Mariupol, which is taking more ground than the Donbass had lost, Ukraine suddenly agrees to a ceasefire.  This ceasefire makes the rebels give up all their gains around Mariupol, but they themselves do not withdraw from their military gains at the Donetsk airport.  When the rebels object to this and try to reclaim their own freaking airport facility, Kiev decides to start indiscriminately shelling the civilians of Donetsk with artillery set up at the Donetsk airport, compounding their treason with outright massacres.  Through righteous morale and knowledge that their cause is in the right, East Ukraine has now fought off the Kiev military, only to be told that they must accept yet another ceasefire so that they can be betrayed and massacred again.  And the Western press, throughout all of this, continuously condemns the 'terrorists' of East Ukraine and the 'invaders' from Russia.  The invaders were the West Ukrainians, who invaded the Donbass after being shown quite clearly, in two referendums, that they were no longer wanted, but drove in with tanks and artillery anyway killing every civilian in their path.  The Russians, if they've taken any action in East Ukraine, has always been as protectors and liberators of their oppressed fellow ethnic Russians, who are under genocidal assault from the west.  And yet Russia is the invader?  Really?

This is the problem.  We live in an age of universal deceit, the Big Lie, where the most preposterous things are repeated to us over and over, to the point that the unintelligent masses, who never are well informed about these issues to begin with, all just blindly fall into line with whatever the media is saying and zombie-like repeat all the slogans they're told to chant.  The few intelligent people who can see through the liberal establishment's lies are dismissed with various slur words and the unintelligent people mindlessly chant the slogans that 'we're reprehensible and wrong' that they've been told, refusing to listen to us when we try, as the 'second state,' to arm Good with the weapons of Truth and Beauty, and rally the people against their own destroyers.  It's a dystopia.  We're living in a dystopia of lies every bit as absurd as 2+2=5.  If anyone could ever come to the conclusion that Russia is in the wrong on Ukraine, they're willing to believe anything about anything.  Their position is the most ludicrous stance anyone could have on any question on Earth.  There is nothing less likely to be true than that Russia are the bad guys in Ukraine.  Up is more likely to be down.  Left is more likely to be right.  That is just how far we've fallen.  This is the world we live in now.

There is no need for Black World to destroy everything in 2100.  Through liberal lies, even the white world is a disgusting sore upon the world, an oozing putrescence that releases nothing but filthy lies unto the world.  It's already as disgusting to see people in France rally behind free speech while actually cracking down on free speech all across the country, throwing people in jail just for voicing their opinions on history or current immigration levels.  It's already disgusting to see an ape in the white house speak about injustice when Darren Wilson isn't convicted of murder for defending himself against Michael Brown.  It's already disgusting to see Russia's beautiful figure skaters slandered by the West who howl at the moon when the genuinely better performers win the gold fair and square, labeling it corruption and theft of what was rightfully theirs.  It's already disgusting when a laser pointer is shined into the Russian goalkeeper's face right before the corner kick by Algeria in the World Cup which led to a goal seconds later and the knocking out of Russia from the tournament, and no legal action is taken and nothing is done to redress this obvious injustice.  There is only so much someone can take before it all vomits out.  Thousands of children are raped in Rotherham, and the British rally to protest Nigel Farage, who visits the town to decry this injustice -- no rallies are ever made against the actual Muslim rapists, or the Labour party city council that empowered these Muslims and refused to prosecute them no matter how much evidence accumulated of their wrongdoing.  This is the inverted world we now live in.  Being against rape is an unforgivable sin, whereas protecting rapists makes you one of the enlightened, good people of the world.

Except when imaginary 'overwhelmingly blond' Haven Monahans are raping people, then of course all good people are against rape, and only the worst sort of scum would defend these imaginary rapists from their imaginary crimes.  For liberals, it was never the rape that mattered.  Just look at Bill Clinton.  He raped Juanita Broderick and tried to rape Paula Jones and Kathleen Willy.  He killed dozens of people in order to silence them from testifying to all of his other crimes, from Ron Brown to Vince Foster to his own security guards to his previous business partners the McDougals.  Democrats don't give a damn about any of this though.  They all just look the other way and whistle with their hands in their pockets.  But the moment a blond southerner from Virginia has supposedly raped someone, never mind that there isn't a single Haven Monahan in the entirety of the USA, half the newspapers in the country are crying out for blood vengeance against all fraternities in general.  'Who? Whom?' is the only question liberals ever ask.

We white southerners are in the crosshairs.  We are the whom.  The lies told by the media are all in order to genocide us.  Just like the lies in the press are designed to complete the genocide of East Ukraine, which is already well on its way (1 million out of 5 million of the original populace has already fled as refugees).  Our country is just as disgusting and evil as Ukraine is.  In fact, we're the empowerers of the tyrants in Kiev, so in the end our country is even more disgustingly evil than they are.  If I had to choose between "Black World" 2100 and "White World" of today, it's all the same dead end.  Evil is triumphant everywhere.  There is nothing good left to defend.  Spiritually speaking, our cities, our nation, and our souls are already corrupted, ruined, and beyond repair.  Those who would heal the people aren't listened to.  The prophets are ignored, and God can no longer speak to his flock.  So it goes.


Brad said...

This was an incredible, yet depressing read.

JOE BALLS said...

this is great and true!