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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Permapost Updates:

I've added a new permapost, covering good non-Japanese movies and tv shows, as a complimentary addition to all my lavish attention to anime.  Even if something's not from Japan, from time to time it can still be entertaining, so it's fun to recognize other people's achievements too.

For the same reason, I've divided up my 'good books' list into three parts.  Japanese light novel authors, who are the sources of so many great anime series and thus deserve recognition somewhere or other on my site, get their own top 30 listing.  Most of these light novel authors I've read directly, but if the anime covers the entire source work in an admirable fashion, there's no real need to read the books (nor are they commonly translated in these cases anyway), so in this lone exception I can list light novel authors I haven't actually read as some of my favorite authors.  Then there's also a fiction top 30, which the non-light-novel authors can compete in whom I've read and liked.  Finally there's the non-fiction stuff, written by philosophers, opionionators, historians, scientists, essayists, etc, whom I've read who get a top 30 of their own.  For now everything's even at 30, but I figure if I find another 'great anime' creating light novelist, I'll add another to all three lists and make it a top 31 for each category, and so on ad infinitum.  Eventually I'll reach 100 great authors in this manner.  Already this branching into categories has allowed me to recognize 40 more authors than my previous version of this permapost managed.

In addition, I've updated my good manga permapost to have a plethora of new information.  Beside the name of the manga now appears the name of the author, who deserves recognition just like the authors in my good books section do.  In addition, it has a list of how many translated chapters of the manga are available to the West, which will be updated continuously as new chapters of any of these series emerge.  Some manga series have zero, zip, nada translated chapters available, but I still know they're good manga because they are the source of great anime series I love.  It's still a travesty to not be able to read what happens after the anime ended, though.  For that reason, scanlators really need to get on the job and get these great series flowing West for the rest of the world to enjoy.

On the subject of good manga, Touch's manga deviates from the anime, perhaps not an enormous amount but still a recognizable amount, and so now it's necessary to read the Touch manga as well as watch the anime, just like with Miyuki and H2.  The Cross Game anime seems to be the only time Mitsuru's original work was actually faithfully transcribed to the TV screen.  It's no wonder this is the best Adachi anime by far.  In a sense, it's the only one of his series that hasn't been butchered.

I've also updated my beautiful anime girls list to include more pictures from even just yesterday, so be sure to check out the new stunners.

With this, hopefully the giant splurge of permapost making plus updating can come to a slower trickle of changes from here on.  Updating so many posts at once to this extent is a little bigger of a challenge than I had intended.

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