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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5.4 Billion:

According to UN demographics projections, by 2100, 5.4 billion people will be black and/or Muslim.  This is out of a total population of 11 billion or so, so around 1/2 of the world will be black or Muslim 85 years from now.

I reached this number by using these two websites:,_Medium_variant%29#Countries_and_territories_by_population_and_annual_change_from_2080_to_2100

This just tells the raw numbers of people who will be living in each country on Earth in the year 2100.

This tells us the current percentage of Muslims in each country.  Multiply the raw 2100 numbers by the Islam percentage numbers and you get the number of Muslims in the world.

For blacks it is much easier, add up all the black-only country populations, then add in the blacks in America, the only place they're a sizable minority while not being Muslim.  In France, the UK, and such, just adding in the number of Muslims in their country is likely to snag the blacks in the country as well, so I refrained from double counting this figure by not adding into the pot the black minorities in countries outside of the USA to the total.

This is a conservative estimate, because I presumed just to make life easy that the current Muslim minorities living in majority non-Muslim countries would remain the same percentage of the population in their states as they are today.  This is of course silly, because Muslim immigration plus higher birth rates means that these minority percentages will actually be much higher, or become the outright majorities, in most of Europe and Russia.  But I am ceding this argument entirely and pretending, in some sort of fantasy land, that Muslim populations will not grow as a percentage of the population in any minority Muslim region on the planet.

I don't need to assume any Muslim takeover of Europe to make my point.  Even with their native birth rates in their own countries, they're already slated to take over the world.  To, in fact, be the world post 2100.  The majority of human lives, the majority of human experiences, will be felt by black or Muslim brains.  Reality will be going on inside their heads, not ours.

The total population of whites come 2100 will be less than 1 billion.  If whites think they can support five black thugs/muslim terrorists in addition to their own families while still being safe enough to walk to work and back home every day, I guess these demographics aren't a problem.  However, in every country such a population distribution has been tried, it hasn't worked very well.  For instance, the South African whites are not able to stay safe themselves, or take care of their black brothers economically, despite their best efforts of the past twenty five years.  Lebanon also found out through a few civil wars how difficult it was to live as a non-Muslim minority surrounded by Muslims.  The non-Muslim minorities in Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt, recently sizable within the previous century, have all been virtually wiped out.  If there are 5.4 Muslims or blacks in your country for every white, whites would only be a 15% minority in said theoretical country, only a small variation from the Pakistani Hindus or South African whites of the 20th century.  There has never been a successful, prosperous, safe or happy country with these demographics in the world.

This is a conservative estimate, but given this estimate, there won't be anything left to conserve in North America or Europe.  More than half the world will be plunged into eternal darkness, misery, and woe.  That is if jihadis don't unleash weapons of mass destruction on the infidels and try to genocide all the non-believers like ISIS has been doing in Iraq.  In that case, the whole world will be engulfed into the darkness of nuclear winter.

And all of this, all of it is because we won't implement 70% popularity poll approved immigration policies.  Our masters, the elites, are ramming this future down our throats even though we've vociferously protested against it in every possible way for at least the last thirty years.  With the elites on one side (the top 1% are about to own more wealth than the bottom 99% according to a new study) and their 5.4 billion foot soldiers on the other side, the tiny shattered remnant of the white race that survives to 2100 won't stand a chance.  It's like the union between Sauron and Saruman.  Sauron provides the orcs, and Saruman the intelligence and funding.  What then of Gondor?  What of Rohan?  I guess Lord of the Rings is going to get a new ending, a much less optimistic one, in the real world.

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Brad said...

How will Blacks/Muslims be able to sustain themselves once they become the majority? They're not capable of creating or even maintaining advanced civilizations.