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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Anime Just a Month Away:

The summer anime season is just a month away.  Never fear though, Cart Driver has its season preview up so that people can decide ahead of time what they wish to see:

So what will change come the summer season?

1:  We'll be losing Brynhildr, No Game No Life and Atelier Escha.  The standout new spring seasons were all 1-cour.  Perhaps if they sell well, they'll come back later though?

2:  We'll be losing Love Live and Soul Eater Not, but that's okay because the anime presumably will get all the way to the ending with them.  Hopefully.

3:  We'll probably be losing Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to.  *Sigh*.  Comedies never last beyond one cour.  The utterly useless re-air of Break Blade as a tv season will also end.

4:  This means the rest will stay with us.  One Piece, Precure, Fairy Tail, Jojo's, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and Dragon Ball Kai is a huge block of good anime to be continuing into the next season.  Automatically, the summer season will have 7 good shows.

5:  Sailor Moon Crystal, SAO II, Fate/Kaleid Liner 2wei and Hanamonogatari join the lineup as guaranteed great shows.  This gets us to 11 good shows guaranteed.

6:  OVA's for Hayate no Gotoku, Non Non Biyori, Girls und Panzer, Little Busters EX and Tamayura are all slated to come out.  Even OAV's add up eventually!

7:  Other promising shows include Barakamon, Glasslip, Jinsei, Majimoji Rurumo, Hanayamata, Aldnoah.Zero, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Ao Haru Ride.  It's reasonable to expect at least three of them will turn out watchable, right?

8:  In which case the summer season will have as much to watch as the spring season.  Not bad, huh?  Maybe the overall quality will dip, because it's impossible to replace so many good shows like No Game No Life, Love Live, Brynhildr no Gokukoku, Soul Eater Not and Atelier Escha all at once.  But this will still be light years ahead of what the winter season offered.  Also, a single season of Sword Art Online is worth all those other series put together so it hardly even matters what else is airing or not airing once Gun Gale begins.

In other news, Tales of Zestiria is getting a prequel anime special.  Just the thing to get people hyped up for the next game in the franchise.

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