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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Generalizations are Generally True:

Classifying people genetically is less useful than classifying people via their spiritual characteristics.  Therefore, whether groups should be called 'races' or 'clines' or 'populations' is all besides the point.  I feel closer to the Japanese people than the European people, with whom I hold almost nothing in common.  However, it just so happens that genetic classifications and spiritual classifications correlate extremely well together.

For instance, there is not much difference between saying 'all Arabs are worthless' and 'all Muslims are worthless.'  The correlation between these two statements is above 90%.  Simply calling yourself Muslim, in any sense of the word, is enough to condemn a person as irretrievably evil.  This is because Islam stands for all that is rotten and vile in this world, and openly sanctioning it cannot be done without an equally rotted and vile heart beating within.  Of the many things Islam preaches:  Rape is okay.  Slavery is okay.  Murder is okay.  Theft is okay.  Lying is okay.  In fact, anything is okay so long as it is done to the nonbeliever.  Now, this in itself wouldn't be a problem if Islam were rational and tolerable as a belief system, in which case everyone could just be Muslim and the issue would disappear.  However, becoming a believer in Islam sacrifices practically everything of worth in life.

Women are not treated fairly, and as such, it is impossible for love to exist in this society, because there can be no love without mutual respect and equality of status.  Everything is turned into rape or  at best prostitution between the sexes.

Truth is no longer upheld in Islam.  If anything conflicts with dusty religious texts, no matter how empirically or logically valid it is, it is still to be rejected and ignored.  This prevents all moral progress, all scientific progress, and all intellectual progress.  This is why Islam as a civilization rusted to a halt millenia ago, falling behind Europe in the first place.  Innovation is a sin in Islam.  You are not even allowed to introduce new ideas into a Muslim society.  Needless to say, freedom of speech, thought, and inquiry, as well as freedom of conscience and religion are banned.  If you try to leave Islam the penalty is death.  If you say anything against Islam the penalty is death.  In a situation like this, a person's spiritual, inner world is so stultified and barren that it truly does resemble the deserts in which these barbarous people live.

Beauty is no longer upheld in Islam.  Depictions of human forms aren't even allowed in Islamic art.  Women are not allowed to be even viewed in this vile corner of the globe.  Everyone has to put on a giant, formless trash bag so that no one can ever enjoy the simple sight of one another's god-given forms.  Naturally, all inventive and expressive paintings, literature, music, dance, and everything else is also banned in Islam.  There is no fun in Islam.  In addition, all good art inevitably inspires the imagination towards freedom and away from the mental chains that tightly wrap every brain in Islam into pounding its head on the ground five times a day.  Therefore, art cannot be allowed to exist, just like science cannot be allowed to exist, because it might give people ideas that maybe Islam isn't so great after all.

If someone can look at all the things that Islam denies, bans, and sacrifices, even going so far as to chop off a girl's genitals so she can't enjoy sex, even banning the simple joys of food and drink as somehow being sinful and unacceptable, to the point that there is simply nothing that can be done, nothing at all that is allowed within Islam, and still say they are a Muslim, then I say they are evil.  If anyone can embrace a being of such darkness than they too are darkness.  There is no excuse.  According to the CIA World Factbook, 100% of Saudi Arabians are Muslim.  I assume there is some sprinkle of guest workers or visitors or whatever who aren't Muslim, but the number is vanishingly thin.  As such, I can safely say that 'Saudis are all scum who deserve to die.'

When people speak in a racial manner instead of a spiritual category, it's not because they're low-minded bigots who think skin color matters more than the heart.  It's because it's a shorthand for what they really mean, which is generally correct, except in the case of rare and inconsequential circumstances.  The purpose of a generalization is to make your point, not to be infinitely accurate and precise.  It's to express your will about something.  Saying, "I hate Saudis," or "Arabs," or some other term for the group, is just a general thrust which really means, "I find this group to be morally repugnant due to their ideology and behavior."

The same is true of blacks.  When people say 'blacks,' what they really mean is the general concept of 'blackness.'  Blacks who adhere to the ideological and behavioral norms of 'blackness' are a worthless, despicable collection of refuse.  Obviously this does not include the black engineers who work at Google or honest black writers like Thomas Sowell.  What it does include is the vast majority of the blacks in this world, however, so the general statement is valid and accurate enough to get across what the 'bigot' was trying to say.

Blacks who adhere to the traits normally associated with blackness are more beasts than men.  They are extremely narcissistic, in that they think the whole world revolves around them, and they could care less about anyone else.  Strangely enough, despite having the fewest achievements on this Earth, they report to have the highest self-esteem as a group.  Their intelligence is not sufficient to grasp the most elementary scientific, intellectual, or moral truths that the rest of mankind has long since discovered and incorporated into their culture.  For instance, they have not yet become potty trained.  Even two year olds are potty trained, but the blacks of Africa have still not figured this concept out, but just squat and defecate wherever they might be standing at the moment.  HUD housing units are full of open piss because blacks cannot restrain themselves for the five minutes or so it would take to reach a regular toilet.

Blacks are not trained in any other behavior, either.  Their criminality is beyond imagination.  If they were persecuted for every act of theft or violence they did routinely in their daily lives, the whole damn race would be behind bars, including the women.  As matters stand, even with everyone bending over backwards to forgive black criminality, 30% of their men still spend time in prison.  Their domestic violence rates are just as bad as their stranger-violence rates.  The number one risk of death black women have is from their black male 'lovers,' and the children are regularly slapped and beaten around for the most minor of infractions.  We cannot seriously call blacks lovers, either, because 80% of their children are illegitimate.  If you aren't willing to marry each other and live together as a family, you don't love each other.  Period.

Blacks cannot restrain their appetites.  This is why the majority of black women have an STD.  Believe it or not, every child is born STD free.  If they stay a virgin until they are married, and marry another virgin, they will never catch an STD in their life.  This is the baseline sexual morality that everyone else more or less manages to perform -- as shown by the virtually nonexistent rates of STDs in other races.  But blacks cannot keep to this baseline morality.  They simply must be promiscuous, because like animals they have no self control over any of their animal impulses.  Nor are they intelligent enough to practice safe sex, like everyone else has figured out, in order to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies even when they can't restrain their sexual appetites.  Blacks account for half the abortions in this country, despite only being 13% of the population.  How do you manage that?  What type of person is so careless they'd rather kill their own babies every few months than just take a pill once a day that prevents the issue entirely?

These same blacks cannot restrain their taste for food.  Black obesity is a pretty much 1:1 correlation.  If you're black, you're fat.  4/5 of black women are overweight or obese, a rate that is 80% higher than corresponding white women.  Even this is probably generous, because while a white woman can be slightly overweight, black women tend to be morbidly obese, and yet they're both lumped together in the same category.  Food is just one more appetite that blacks can't resist, just like sex and violence.  In fact, there doesn't seem to be a single appetite blacks can resist known to man.

Look at the seven deadly sins -- in which sin do blacks not rank #1?

Sloth -- blacks have the highest welfare rates.
Lust -- blacks have the highest STD and abortion rates.
Greed -- blacks spend the most on vanity items like grills, rims, and bling.
Wrath -- blacks are the most violent and criminal race.
Pride -- blacks, despite having no accomplishments, have the highest self-esteem.
Envy -- blacks constantly complain that they aren't given the things other people have.
Gluttony -- blacks are the fattest people on Earth when given access to the food stamp trough.

Blacks are morality's worst nightmare.   Generally people find they are unduly tempted by one or two of the seven deadly sins, and must fight very hard to not succumb to them, since they are generally predelicted towards them.  But all blacks manage to fall for all seven, all the time.  The stereotypical, normal black is a fallen creature that cannot avoid even one single category of sin.  When there isn't even a trace of God or the angels left inside a creature, but is instead wholly given over to bestial ways, it is more proper to call it a beast than a man.  Blacks have more in common with pigs or hyenas than other human beings, and therefore they cannot be listed as humans like the rest of us.  This isn't due to their genetic distance from the rest of us but their real observed differences in temperament and behavior.  You can argue all day about how race isn't real and yet those differences in behavior remain, which are the only differences anyone ever cared about in the first place.

Nor is it possible for oppression or abuse to force a group to act in this way.  Jews, even when rounded into tiny ghettos by Nazis, maintained a civilized standard of behavior.  Even when forced into concentration camps, even while waiting to die from being gassed, Jews maintained civilized behavior.  After the Jews got out of the concentration camps, they maintained civilized behavior.  Likewise, when Japanese are put into interment camps, they come out the other side still civilized.  Likewise, when the entire country of North Korea is treated like one giant open-air gulag, the North Koreans still maintain civilized behavior.  There is no amount of repression or oppression that causes people to act like blacks, so it is impossible for blacks to blame their behavior on someone else's oppression.  Even if we were trying to make blacks act that way, we wouldn't have succeeded as brilliantly as they have managed to do to themselves.  In fact, blacks acted far more civilized when they were oppressed than they act today.  They dressed well, spoke politely, were productive workers and stayed out of trouble, so long as the South kept them in line from 1600-1960.  But the moment they were left free to their own devices, they degenerated back into the animals they naturally were, just like the blacks of Haiti, who threw off their cruel masters and slaughtered every white and mulatto on the island, thus creating their current island paradise that they've been living in for the last two hundred years.  It was due to our oppression that blacks were ever mistaken for human beings in the first place.  Blacks were forced to ape our behaviors, but they never managed to internalize them.  As such, the moment they were allowed to do what they wanted instead of what we wanted, all resemblance between our groups passed away in an instant.  The first thing blacks did once they were freed in the USA is fall into an orgy of rioting.  Even though Europe treats blacks like porcelain and gives them every delicacy, they still riot in England and France.  Blacks even riot in China, God knows how they even got there.

Now that blacks have been free for multiple generations, we can see for ourselves what black culture has become.  Trayvon Martin, a kid from a broken home, who had a criminal record of violence and theft, who was a drug dealer who also took drugs himself and was on drugs the day of his death, who described himself as "No Limit Nigga" and gave the whole world an up-yours as his portrait photo, attacked a neighborhood watch man by slamming his head repeatedly against concrete in an attempt to murder or permanently injure the man's brain, was shot dead in a clear act of self defense, as determined by the jury of said case.  And what do blacks do?  They rally behind the kid and say America is to blame.  You probably couldn't find even one black in a hundred who doesn't support Martin over Zimmerman.  Anyone who supports Martin over Zimmerman is an animal who has cast his lot in with the animals.

But it gets even better than this.  O.J. Simpson was found, via DNA evidence, as well as footprints, discarded items, testimonies, etc, to be clearly guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt of the double murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.  Nevertheless, the black race rallied behind Simpson, saying he was innocent, despite O.J. Simpson's clearly guilty conscience by trying to flee the cops in his white bronco.  Even if all the evidence in the case was framed against him, no one forced O.J. Simpson to implicate himself by fleeing arrest in a giant car chase.  That was his own choice, and is as good as a confession to any sane objective observer.  Anyone who sides with a brute murderer like O.J. Simpson of his own wife and a poor unrelated stranger who happened to be there at the time, is an animal who has cast his lot in with the animals.

But it gets even better!  Rodney King was a black man who was drunk and resisting arrest, who already had a prior criminal record.  No matter how much the white cops tried to wrestle him into submission, he was impervious to it all and kept standing back up again.  As a result, the cops had to take desperate measures to finally subdue him after a long and protracted fight.  The jury that saw the full tape of the encounter found the police not guilty, because they were simply doing their job against a violent criminal resisting arrest.  As a result, an entire city broke out into rioting, as the black population, like usual, sided with the criminal instead of civilization.  These rioters, in their righteous wrath, pulled an innocent truck driver from out of his seat and threw a brick at his head, nearly killing him execution style, as he sat there helplessly surrounded by the mob.  Upon seeing his permanent brain injury, the blacks danced and celebrated with glee in as close to a satanic ritual as imagination can describe.  Subsequently, Rodney King, despite getting millions of dollars in compensation for the police brutality imposed against him, spent his whole life drunk and getting arrested for yet more crimes he committed one after the next.  He finally killed himself by drowning in his own private swimming pool (much good his wealth did him!), where it was found by toxicology reports that he had alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and PCP in his system.  There could not be a better description of 'loser' in this world than Rodney King, and yet LA went up in fire, and 58 people were killed, over the simple arrest of this bestial thug.  Any black who sides with Rodney King is an animal who has cast his lot in with the animals.

Black culture is Trayvon Martin, O.J. Simpson and Rodney King.  All blacks support these 'heroes' and 'icons' of blackness.  Blacks have visibly sided with the devil, with darkness, and embrace it as their own.  Just as all Muslims are evil for worshiping their evil deity known as Allah and their evil prophet Mohammed, all blacks are evil for protesting the innocence of these three black men who were all obviously and undeniably guilty.  Even if blacks don't behave animalistically themselves, they still endorse animal behavior by sanctioning the behavior of their fellow blacks.  Just as a Muslim who never does anything violent himself, is still part of the system that cuts off female genitals, sticks women in black bags, kills apostates, hangs gays, and rapes the women of Sweden, because he endorses the culture and ideology that leads to all of that in a straight logical chain.

The past had a few additional groups possibly just as bad as the blacks and muslims of today.  The communism of Cambodia and present-day North Korea is just as soul-crushingly evil as Islam, but thankfully isn't nearly as long-lived.  The pure death worship of the Aztec culture and their likeminded Inca cousins is a particularly vile stain on mankind's history.  In addition, the caste system and overall mystically nonsensical Indian culture is a perfect formula for eternal ignorance and injustice.  Still, it's hard to believe that even Aztecs, even Pol Pot, could mimic the sheer mindless materialism of black behavior.  In the end, blacks just take the cake in despicability, whereas Muslims take the cake in dangerousness.  Muslims really are under divine orders to kill or conquer everyone else in the world, and they really do act upon these orders.  Blacks really do manage to destroy any place they live in, from Detroit to Haiti to Africa.  Naming these threats and advocating action against them isn't 'racism,' and it isn't due to their skin color, or their genetic distance from the white genome.  It's just looking out at the world and seeing what is right in front of our eyes, and refusing to look away or call it something else.


Brad said...

I agree with all you said here, but I just want to clarify that the truck driver who's head was smashed with a brick lived... Regardless this barbaric act and many others that occurred during those riots was simply disgusting. Our culture (yes I'm black) has become, literally, one step away from tribal.

Diamed said...

You're right, I was wrong, I fixed the post to reflect that. ^_^;

It's nice to hear the occasional black voice of reason, I wish you all the best on your lonely path.