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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Tale of Two Voices:

In a push for more male voices to add to my great seiyuu list, I've fished up two big ones from the very same pond -- the voice actors for Regal and Zelos in Tales of Symphonia.  These two will join the already amazing Symphonia voice cast which includes Collet (Nana Mizuki), Kratos (Fumihiko Tachiki) and Sheena (Akemi Okamura).

Though their performance in Tales of Symphonia was dandy, that isn't really why they're being invited to the hall of fame.  They have an enormous body of work full of great deeds to back them.

Regal's seiyuu, Akio Ohtsuka, is the voice behind Blackbeard in One Piece, Rider in Fate/Zero, Kyouraku Shunsui in Bleach, Batou in Ghost in the Shell, Uvogin in Hunter x Hunter, Radi Jaeger in Valkyria Chronicles, Mushiban in Yes Precure 5 Go Go, and endless other manly roles.  He's even the voice behind Solid Snake in the metal gear series.  Sometimes a deep, rumbling bass voice can convey feelings and passions better than anyone else in the world, and at times like those you call upon Akio.

Meanwhile, Masaya Onosaka is the exact opposite, with a high, squealy voice that is full of weakness and self-ridicule, until the moment he wishes to become cool and suddenly you see through to his true self of inner steel with a voice full of menace and power.  Masaya Onosaka plays this exact role in Tales of Symphonia as Zelos, but he does the same for Vash the Stampede in Trigun, Isaac Dian in Baccano, and Hirako Shinji in Bleach.  He just seems to have the exact right pitch to be someone who wavers between reliable and unreliable at will.  It's a unique gift, and a lovely trait to go alongside all the other great voices that have been featured before him.  Sugiyama Noriaki, for instance, doesn't know how to turn off his badass voice.  It's just always going at all times, no matter the situation.  This is what makes his voice such a pleasure to listen to, but it means there's a niche open for people like Masaya to crawl in and take other roles.

The symmetry of a 2:1 ratio certainly didn't last long, as recently boys have been impressing me more than their remaining un-included female counterparts.  But who knows, maybe I'll find four more girls along the way.

In other news, Lodoss War is out in subbed, 1080p blu-ray.  Finally!  And in some strange coincidence, they're also adding more to the franchise with some silly joke series this coming April.  I never imagined Lodoss War would have a timeline extending all the way to the present day, but there it is.  Now this anime is as current as any other.

There will also be new Hayate no Gotoku oavs.  Every little bit helps, so the more the merrier!

Plus the Strike Witches oav's are going to take place between the 2nd season and the movie.  Sounds fun.

Plus Sailor Moon Crystal starts this summer, and seems to be genuinely planned to follow the manga this time.  Great news for this series.

Plus Gun Gale Online starts this July.  Let's pray it extends all the way to Mother's Rosario.

A lot to look forward to, huh?  The Olympics were already great, but the rest of the year is going to be even better.

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