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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Russia Triumphant:

What a perfect Olympics for mother Russia.  They won the overall medal count.  They won the gold medal count.  They won the most prestigious gold medals in the Olympics, team figure skating gold and women's individual figure skating gold.  They put on the largest Olympic games in Winter history without a problem.  They performed a beautiful opening ceremony that topped all the previous Winter openings.  There were no terror attacks, no gays were arrested, etc, etc -- all the bogeyman stories leading up to the games by the press turned out to be specious nonsense.

The Russian athletes loved playing on home ground and put on the performances of their lives, all across the board.  Russia won more than twice as many medals this Olympics as they had the previous one in Vancouver.  Watching the patriotic Russian athletes and the patriotic fans cheering them on at every venue was a lovely feeling from the beginning of the Olympics to the very end.

Russia was hungrier for gold medals more than anyone else there, and that passion put them over the top.  Congratulations to Russia on a perfect Winter Olympic Games.  Every subsequent games will now be compared against this one, which had the best sliding center, the best downhill course, the best biathlon course, etc, etc, according to all experts.  Fifty billion dollars buys a lot of superlatives, huh?

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