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Friday, February 21, 2014

New York Times Restates What I Just Said Two Posts Ago:

The article points out that adoptive parents have a 0% correlation to the outcome of their adopted children, just like I did.  It points out that success or failure is genetically inherited, just like I did.  So on and so forth.  It also ends with the same conclusion as my article -- given that all success in this world is unearned and just due to winning the genetic lottery in life, redistribution of wealth to a more equitable point than where evolution randomly put us becomes a moral necessity.

It's unfortunate that all the intelligent people of the world basically agree with me, and yet no change ever comes from this.  This is because in a democracy, stupid people still control policy decisions.  And stupid people are too motivated by spite ("I'm not about to let that lazy bum get a cent of my tax dollars!") to heed carefully researched and reasoned arguments that appear on the New York Times.

But it's always nice to see that the liberal paper of record is now admitting some of the most radical, extremist truths that the world refuses to believe and censors every chance it gets.  In the end the truth always wins, but it's always satisfying to see said truths prevail in real time.  Everyone should read this article and see for themselves that far from my thoughts appearing from a void, they're the scientific and moral consensus of all intelligent, knowledgeable, rational souls.

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