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Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter 2014 Anime Impressions Part 1:

Saki National-hen is of course good.

Tonari no Seki-kun is funny, but a bunch of repetitive 5 minute shorts really isn't that exciting.

Nobanugun had somewhat interesting characters.  The plot and setting are terrible though.

Everything else that's aired so far has been utter crap.  Noragami, Imocho, Nobunaga the Fool, Space Dandy, Buddy Complex, Witch Craft Works, they're all so bad I don't even have the motivation to explain why they're bad.  They're boring, they're random, they're too caught up in looking ecchi or cool instead of telling an actual story someone could actually care about, etc.  This really is the worst anime season in modern history.  At the end of the week the remaining winter 2014 series will have aired their first episode and I can pass judgment on them too.  But I suspect nothing will survive.  It'll just be Saki, Naruto, Pretty Cure, and Hunter x Hunter for the next three months.  Well, at least there's Saki.  The most recent ep of Saki was amazing, as always.  It was so full of nostalgia and foreshadowing it felt like a balloon ready to burst.  Now that's how you make a good story.

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