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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why we Should Ignore the Coming Armageddon:

It might seem strange to people when I write a post pointing out ten different ways the world is coming to an end in just the next few decades, but then go back to posting about how great anime is afterwards. However, these posts are not contradictory. In fact, they're complimentary.

For the world to have value, it must be able to produce value at some exact time. If only the future has value, then the universe has no value. Think about it. Once we finally get to this valued future, it will become the 'present,' and thus lose all of its value again. We would never actually reach the valuable part of existence. Therefore the present must have value, independent of the future. Since the whole universe is doomed to heat death in a few billion years (not long at all, considering it took 13 billion years just to reach sentient life in the life-cycle of this universe), there's no point to anything unless the present has value. If death, destruction, and doom were enough to invalidate the value of life, entropy would have already done that -- we hardly need demographics to lend a hand.

It would be nice if mankind had a future past 2050, but it isn't necessary for people alive today to still lead a good life. A life full of valuable, meaningful deeds is still open to us, so long as we enjoy what time is left to us. There are basically three meaningful ways to enjoy life -- love, beauty, and truth. Or if you prefer verbs -- caring, appreciating, and understanding. They are all mental activities (thus free to produce, non-zero-sum goods) and they are all infinite in scale and scope. There is never too much of any of these feelings inside our heads. We could always do with some more. We are currently living in the best era of human history, an era with more love, beauty, and truth than any that has ever gone before. We will soon be entering a dark age with little of any of these things. Therefore we should appreciate what we have even more poignantly, not less, than we ordinarily would have, had we not known about our doomed future.

We're probably going to be the happiest generation of mankind for a long, long time. We will be blessed with all the best games, music, books, sports matches, movies, tv series, etc, that will ever be made in human history. If we don't consume them, who will? Once civilization collapses, no one will have access to any of these joys we are being saturated with daily. Won't all these vehicles of love, beauty, and truth feel lonely in the future, when no one is left to listen to them? It's our job to not let a single such toy go to waste.

Patrick Buchanan recently wrote a new book, Suicide of a Superpower, that grimly lays out the same old facts -- the entire civilized world is running out of people, while importing immigrants who can't tie their own shoes, much less pay as much money in taxes as they receive in benefits. The end result will be a planet of the apes. How could it be any different? Demographics is destiny. While Nigerians have ten kids a piece, Japanese have one, if they're lucky. The future, therefore, belongs to Nigeria. The whole world will just be "Greater Nigeria." Congratulations world, you sacrificed the entire world upon the altar of diversity, outdoing the Aztecs by leaps and bounds. Once and for all we will prove we weren't racist. Only at the price of everything good, clean, beautiful, pure, and sacred in this world. But who cares! At least we weren't racist!

I have no reason to hope for, or expect, anything but the grim future Patrick Buchanan paints. Only living in a dreamland can deny the reality in front of all of our faces -- Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Haiti will soon = the entire population of the Earth. The ruthless logic of differential birth rates demands it. The ruthless logic of geometric expansion dooms all of us. In the end it's just mathematical. Opposing this force of mathematical inevitability is like Caligula's war with the sea. No matter how many times I raise my voice in opposition to overpopulation and mass immigration, everyone is too busy celebrating diversity to listen. In the end, the entire civilized world, not just America, committed suicide, all at once, all together, and all for the sake of 'not looking racist.' It would be unbelievable except that we're seeing it before our very own eyes. If someone had time traveled back to 1911 and told them what the world is doing today, they would lock us up in an insane asylum. No one would believe us for a second. Just like it's impossible for any sane person on Earth today to believe what is happening in front of them, while the insane masses hold hands and sing kumbayah.

It is unprecedented in the history of mankind for a people, a nation, a culture, a race, to unilaterally and peacefully hand over its territory to an alien race/nation/culture/people, and then die out while chanting hymns to tolerance and diversity.

It is even more unprecedented in the history of mankind for invaders to successfully conquer their SUPERIORS in terms of military power, economic productivity, or any other measure imaginable. People who cannot figure out how to open doors or pee in toilets are displacing and conquering people who sent astronauts to walk on the moon and split the atom. This is today. This is tomorrow. This is the anti-miracle our brave new world has produced. Something so farcical, so evil, that only a supernatural power could possibly conceive or explain such a feat.

Given how unprecedented the situation of today is, it's obvious that this time the world really will end, unlike all previous times where the world did not. It's true that for thousands of years the world hasn't ended, it's in fact improved itself and reached new heights of greatness and glory. But that was then, before we started letting in shambling neanderthals across every border and giving them free food and medicine to breed as prolifically as they like. Now, things have changed. We have figured out the perfect recipe to destroy the world, and we have implemented it. Yes, past tense. We have already implemented it. Like a boulder pushed down a mountain, it has already been irrevocably set in motion. The end result, when it lands at the bottom of the hill to a resounding crash, is ALREADY FOREORDAINED. There's nothing more anyone can do to stop it.

The only hope mankind has left isn't for people to suddenly wake up, abandon liberalism, and go about reducing the population of stupid breeders that has infected the whole world with their immigrant tentacles. Part of the irrevocable process we have set into motion is a media, and an education system, that systematically prevents such an awakening from ever occurring. This generation is even more happy-fairy-dopey liberal than the last, not less. No doubt the next generation will be even more indoctrinated than ours, the press and the schools have gotten this down to a science. There's nothing a few lone voices in the wind can do to overthrow their edifice of lies. The insanity is so constantly reinforced, and ENFORCED, (firing dissidents, ostracism, hate speech laws, etc), that the only possible path to politically forestall Armageddon was shut off long ago. It was probably shut off in 1945, when the last light of hope went out in the flash of the nuclear bomb that evaporated Nagasaki.

If you want to save the future, don't worry about winning hearts and minds. There is only one path left: invent a technology so profound that it changes the entire equation overnight. Genetic engineering, space flight, or artificial intelligence. That's it. Nothing else will do. Even free energy or immortality won't save us at this point. Luckily there are very smart, very passionate people with large amounts of money working on all three projects as we speak. Will they complete their revolution before 2050? I don't know. Some people say their miracle inventions will appear in a decade. Others say it will take centuries. It's really up to God at this point.

But there is one thing we can do, and that's enjoy our daily lives. Whether the world ends, or has only just begun, we still have the same moral duty -- to maximize our life utility, to get as much out of life as we can, and fill the universe with value, as opposed to dead empty matter like its been for so many billions of years, and will be for so many endless eons to come.

Do not lay up treasures on Earth, because blacks will steal them or break them in 40 years anyway. Lay up treasures in Heaven, ie, your own brain, by creating happy memories. Blacks can't steal that wealth yet. Nor can they tax it away. Affirmative action doesn't yet know how to deprive us of our thoughts and give them to the less deserving.

Whether scientists invent a miracle or blacks destroy the world, people no longer have any use for accumulating material goods. They will become 0 either way, in one case because they are irrelevant, surpassed by infinitely better and more goods, and in the other because blacks will steal them from you so all you'll have done is enrich them, not yourself. This is the time to store up spiritual goods and go on strike against the normal, material world.

It's the right time to watch anime. Everything else, at this point, is pointless.

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