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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Does the CIA World Factbook tell us about 2050?

Once you've read the Bell Curve or Wealth and IQ of Nations, you will learn one piece of the two-piece puzzle that, together, proves the world is coming to an end.

The first piece of the puzzle is that IQ is genetic, not environmental, and that the average IQ of a sub-saharan African is 70. Whites are considered retarded at IQ 70, by the way. There is no possibility whatsoever that a bunch of retards can inherit a sophisticated modern civilization. It will revert back to neanderthal, stone-age levels if left to 70 IQ primitives in a matter of moments. Just look at Zimbabwe. After seizing white farms, they were unable to produce any crops themselves, and ended up just overseeing vast wastelands. Now Zimbabwe receives foreign aid to feed its people, when before it was the breadbasket of Africa. What happens when the whites are all gone? Who will give Zimbabwe foreign aid then? At that point Zimbabwe's descent will go all the way back to its destined endpoint, the neolithic age. As will the entire rest of the world, since there will be nobody, anywhere, left to bail the blacks out.

The second piece of the puzzle is the CIA World Factbook. This piece tells us demographic trends, ie, what populations are going to grow in the future, and which will shrink. Guess who has the highest birthrates? The dumbest people on Earth. And guess who has the lowest? That's right, the smartest people on Earth. This is a formula for Armageddon. How could it end any other way?®ionCode=sas&rank=17#af

If you go to this link, you will a list of countries by their birth rates. In fifty years, these are going to be the sole inhabitants of the Earth -- them and, of course, their children, who will be of the same color they are, and the same IQ.

1. Niger.
2. Uganda.
3. Mali.
4. Zambia.
5. Burkina Faso.
6. Ethiopia.
7. Angola.
8. Somalia.
9. Burundi.
10. Malawi.
11. Republic of the Congo
12. Mozambique
13. Chad
14. Sierra Leone
15. Benin
16. Sao Tome and Principe.

Someone please stop me if they're starting to see a pattern here.

If we wanted to save the world from its impending new neolithic age, we would have to A) stop foreign aid. B) stop immigration. C) Reduce the birth rate of African countries. D) Cull the black race from existence.

Liberalism precludes us from doing any of the above. All of them are too 'insensitive' and 'mean-spirited' and 'discriminatory' to implement. Even though there are a thousand solutions to the problem of African birth rates, not a single one of them can be implemented, because all 1,000 of them require, first, that people cease being liberals.

But it is impossible to overcome this first, all-important hurdle. Liberalism is all-powerful, it is invincible, if it could have been overcome, it would have been long ago. Now, it's too late. All non-liberal countries on Earth have been smashed by liberal countries in war and occupied until they switched to the 'liberal' side. Not even China dares to say or do non-liberal things like 'we must lower black birth rates or world IQ will plummet.' If China can't say this, who can? Every country on Earth loves to talk about how anti-racist, tolerant, and diverse they are. No one is willing to stand up for civilization and against black breeding habits. If no one is even willing to say anything about it, what are the odds anyone is willing to DO anything about it?

Not only are 99% of the people in the civilized world liberals, they are such fanatic liberals that no amount of evidence or facts, no amount of logic and science, can persuade them to abandon liberalism. They would rather the world end than admit liberalism is wrong. They have abandoned politics, liberalism is a new faith. Like the Christians of old, words no longer reach them. This is just one more reason liberalism is impossible to overcome.

But it gets even worse. Not only has everyone decided to become a reason-immune liberal zombie, but they've set up an entire indoctrination system that brainwashes every last child on Earth into the cult of liberalism before they can come up with any reasonable mindsets or views of their own. Liberalism has made sure that no new generation will be anti-liberal either. There is no way to start with fresh, blank slates and argue the pros and cons of liberalism to a neutral child. All the children are kidnapped into public schools and force-fed liberalism non-stop, 18 hours a day. On TV they see nothing but chummy blacks and whites getting along and going on dates together. In school they read nothing but how evil racists were in the past and how saintly blacks were in overcoming their suffering as victims of evil racists. There is nothing but 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'The Color Purple,' 'Roll of Thunder, Hear me Cry,' 'A Raisin in the Sun,' and lord knows what else. For variety's sake, liberalism will throw in some more victim-porn -- every year gets a new Holocaust book, and every year teaches us that "johnny has two mommies," but in the end it's all about the poor, poor blacks. The apple in the liberal's eye is the black race. They, above all, can never be criticized or confronted about anything.

In a setting like that, how could kids emerge as anything but die-hard liberals? When they're taught 18 hours out of every day that blacks are exactly like whites, except they are saints who never do wrong and are always heroes who overcome evil whites in the end, when exactly can we teach a new generation of kids to step up to the plate and stop the coming black birth rate Armageddon? Are kids being given the education and moral sense necessary to stop foreign aid to Africa, immigration from Africa, or African birth rates? Give me a break. Kids, once brainwashed enough by our schools, would be willing to do anything for the poor starving Africans. We will ship off all our money as foreign aid. We will invite every last one of them to immigrate into our countries to live off our taxpayer dollars as welfare queens. We will call each and every new child a 'blessing' of 'diversity' to be 'celebrated,' even when they're 99% of the population and we're only 1%. Each new black child will only add to our wonderful diversity. Whites are automatically non-diverse, and blacks are automatically diverse, even when the ratio is 1:99, didn't you know?

You can't persuade the current generation of liberals, who are still stuck in the civil rights era and how they heroically defeated the South at Gettysburg to free the slaves. They are so infatuated with the idea of blacks as victims that they are unwilling to listen to any story where blacks are the perpetrators of any foul deed. But you can't persuade the next generation of kids anything anti-liberal either, because they are carefully indoctrinated by their parents to be even more fervently liberal than even the civil rights era parents could dream of.

But, surely China, Japan, and South Korea won't pay attention to this nonsense, right? After all, they aren't taught to worship blacks 24/7, right?

Sorry, by 2050, China, Japan, and South Korea won't exist.

Coming in 2nd to last in the entire world in birth rates, Japan had 7.31 children for every 1,000 women this year. That's 1/7 the number of children Niger is having. For every Japanese person in 2050, there will be 7 Niger-s. So it doesn't really matter if Japan is liberal or not. It won't exist in the first place. Japan will be an abandoned, dead isle.

South Korea comes in 7th to last, at 8.55 children per 1,000 women.

China comes in 159th, at 12.29 children per 1,000 women. That's still 1/4 the number of children Niger is having. It's also still well behind the number of kids necessary simply to maintain your current population. In 2050 China will be a shell of its former self, populated solely by old tottering grandmothers. They won't be able to resist the 'black plague' of African immigration either. No one will resist them, because liberalism is a terminal illness that infected China, South Korea, and Japan long ago.

You see, liberalism says that women don't need to start families or have children, but can just abort all their babies if they feel like it. Since this is what women feel like doing, the inevitable result is the death of your nation. It doesn't take long to commit suicide as a country once you've adopted an insane, utterly nihilistic belief, now does it? Fifty years will be plenty of time for liberalism to abort, birth control, dump and divorce away every prospective child in East Asia. By the time liberalism is through with a woman's womb, not a single child ever escapes destruction. It is a death cult, in addition to being all powerful and all pervasive, it is also all destructive.

Humorously, if liberalism would at least enforce this measure of women's rights on Africans, then Africa wouldn't swarm over in its trillions to devour the whole world, like it is slated to do given current birth rates. But liberalism is hypocritical as well as evil. It only wants women's rights for evil racist people, like whites and Asians. If you are black or brown, you get a free pass, you can do whatever you want, have as many babies as you want, beat your wives into submission all day long, and they'll do nothing but write books about what heroes and saints you are, while celebrating the diversity of your 'colorful culture.' Liberals are the most disgusting creatures on Earth, snakes that have far less pride than Satan ever managed. They will hiss warnings about global warming down one fork of their forked tongues, demanding all the intelligent, enlightened races stop having any children whatsoever, while simultaneously celebrating Africans and Muslims reproducing like flies and immigrating to every corner of the Earth as a wonderful 'enrichment' down the other fork of their forked hissing tongues. They don't even bother with consistency. The consistency can be found in this argument, and this argument alone: Whites and Asians must die to make room for more blacks and browns, the only truly worthy life forms. Women's rights, global warming, gay rights, and every other cause must take a secondary place to this all important primary mission of liberalism.

But what about the worse is better theory? Won't whites and Asians wake up one day, in the middle of some black ghetto, and realize this is insane? That no one could really want blacks to inherit the Earth? At that time, won't they turn this all around?

Sure they will. just like the whites of Zimbabwe turned everything around there. Just like the whites of Brazil turned everything around. Just like the whites of South Africa turned everything around. Just like the whites of Detroit. . .oh wait, ACTUALLY, NO ONE HAS EVER TURNED AROUND A BLACK PLAGUE IN HISTORY.

Blacks are like entropy, they are the arrow of time. Once blacks infect a region, it's lost forever. It is never reclaimed by whites. It's just gone. Erased, from existence. So no, worse is better will not save us, because it never has. It's silly to think we'd suddenly realize that liberalism is insane when so many worked examples have ALREADY PROVEN THAT BEYOND ALL DOUBT, and yet whites never learned from those lessons either, so why would they this time?

Because this worse will be worse than any worse that has ever come before?

Perhaps. But then, for that to happen, Armageddon will have already occurred. To get any worse than Zimbabwe, we're already talking about the collapse of the entire world. So this doesn't say anything against my case. It just says that after Armageddon, maybe someday, some scattered few white or Asian cavemen will pick up the pieces, once civilization has been well and truly smashed beyond all redemption. Is that something we should be hopefully looking forward to? Really?

Liberalism cannot be overcome by force. There would need to be a sizable portion of at least the military on the side of 'racism' and 'discrimination.' 'Hate,' and 'bigotry.' But as I just said, 99% of people are liberals, and children are even more fanatically liberal than adults. Since the army recruits from children, many of whom these days are colored in the first place, how could you possibly get the army to join your side? How could you possibly beat the army in a violent war? Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. What can a few handguns do against the all-powerful bombers and satellite tracking drones of the US Army? What about their tanks? Their nukes? What could a handful of racists do against a force like that? It's so utterly hopeless it makes you want to cry. The people would also, having been brainwashed 24/7 that racism is the ultimate evil, 100% support any war, no matter how ruthless and deadly, against a racist power that dared to oppose liberalism. You are better off being an army for the freedom of cows that wants to impose vegetarianism on the world than an army fighting for the survival of the white race.

The one army, the one nation, that liberals will never allow to live will be a racist, white nation. They will never negotiate peace with racists. They will kill every last racist on Earth, at any price, no matter what. That is how much they hate racists. It is a white hot fury beyond anything else in their lives. They hate us like Christians hate Satan. If we came to blows with liberals on the issue of race, they wouldn't treat us with the kid gloves they treated the Afghans and Iraqis with. It would just be indiscriminate slaughter to the last man, woman, and child. It would be our extermination.

Reason cannot overcome liberalism, force cannot overcome liberalism, kids can't be turned against liberalism, China and Japan can't overcome liberalism. And if you can't overcome liberalism, you can't stop the black plague. Once the black plague has swept the planet, goodbye civilization.


That is why we must transcend while we still have time. Technology, given time, will give us new options we never had before -- becoming a new life form even more powerful than the US military, escaping to a place liberals and blacks cannot follow, or changing all life on Earth simultaneously to a more acceptable form that even liberals would approve of. These options will become available in the near future given current trends in technological innovation. Various people have various dates for this singularity, but not a single person 'in the know' doubts it will happen. Technology buffs all take it as a given that we will invent all three of these tools given time, that it is within human intelligence and the laws of physics, that it CAN and WILL be done if we just keep cracking away at it.

Even if we reach these technological singularities a little after 2050, in, say, 2100, it might not be too late, because the black plague may hit some places initially harder than others, sparing our scientists for a few more years before they too are flooded by the entropic wave of death. This is our one and only hope. Unrealistic?

And some other hope is more realistic?

Just be lucky we have any hope at all.


pochtron said...

Did you read this inspiring book :

Facts about reality : Blacks and Whites are not the same species. Moreover, Whites are not even the descendants of Blacks.

Anonymous said...

You sure are a Gloomy Gus.

Would this be the same CIA that learned of the fall of the USSR the same way we did, in the news? I do believe it is. The CIA is so utterly incompetent that anything it says about 2050 can be auto-disregarded.

The white race survived the last Ice Age, the fall of Rome, the Plague, and 1001 other disasters. We can sure survive an age of liberal idiocy that shows every sign of coming to an end.

As for countries turning back the Black Tide, well, Israel is doing that very thing. ( http(COLON)// ) They've seen the ghettoization of Tel Aviv and they're not putting up with the TNB ( http(COLON)// ) I'd say they're doing a good job of stopping the fuxation. We will follow suit, and sooner rather than later.

Obama will go down in history as America's first -- and last -- darkie President. That he will likewise go down as the worst post-WW II president will open a great many eyes.