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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Changeling: Prologue

Sometimes ideas are better conveyed through fiction than non-fiction. Even though I don't agree with about half of what Harold Covington says, his Northwest Quartet is still a brilliant work of art that both inspired me and reinforced my dedication to the Good Cause. If Harold Covington had tried to convince me with dry academic essays or sophisticated arguments concerning everything he said, I would have tuned him out as boring and unimportant. But when he puts pen to paper and creates a living breathing world of heroes and villains, I'm mesmerized, and find myself agreeing with anything he says or does.

Racism needs more fiction writers. It needs more Northwest Quartets. Note, I am talking about hopeful fiction where the good guys win and the bad guys lose and we all live happily ever after. I did not read Mister and I have no intention of doing so, because the book was apparently just another 1984 dystopia where nothing could be done and we were all doomed. Everyone in our community is well aware of how bad the situation is and how bad it will become. We don't need to read a book about that. What we need to read is a book that reaffirms that we will win, we are good, and what we think, say, and do does matter. The Northwest Quartet says that. Hopefully, so does Changeling.

This project is not overly ambitious. I have not edited this book to a professional polish, or extended its length to the size of a full novel, or done a number of things I would normally do to craft the perfect storytelling masterpiece. I only have a limited number of good ideas and I need to make money when I put pen to paper writing those down. ((I have never received any money for anything I've posted online)).

This book is not overly realistic. There is no real attempt to make the scenario believable. The scenario doesn't have to be believable, so long as its hopeful, inspiring, and entertaining. I don't think the world will look anything like the world I portrayed in Changeling, 300 years from now, it is that way solely for the convenience of the plot.

Changeling is a work of fiction. The views of the characters within Changeling may or may not be my own.

This book was written for racists, white nationalists, race realists, futurists, etc. You're Changeling's good guys, so I hope you'll also be Changeling's fans.

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