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Monday, November 23, 2009

Problems Only WN Can Solve:

Why do I keep saying America will fall and only white nationalism can possibly emerge in its wake? Do I have a crystal ball? Am I just indulging in fantasy?

No, and no. What I have is the force of history and the intelligence and knowledge to interpret the historical signs I see in front of me.

First, no diverse empire has ever held together in history. Eventually it always fractures along ethnic lines. The Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia are all recent examples of this. But in truth for centuries now we have seen examples of this -- When the European empires fell, hundreds of ethnic nations emerged in their wake. Some, like Hungary, in Europe. Some, like Iraq, emerging from the Ottomans. Some, like Venezuela, splitting off from 'Grande Colombia.' Some splitting from South Africa and becoming Swaziland. You see, it's everywhere. History has been utterly merciless to diversity for centuries now. As late as 1960, America was still 90% white. It was stable for centuries because it was not, in fact, diverse. Only in the 1980's did Mexican immigration pick up speed enough to start creating a truly diverse America. That has set the clock ticking -- no country has ever survived diversity, we have been in the midst of diversity for 30 years now. It's just a question of time. The stress builds every day. White flight proves whites are unwilling to live around non-whites, at any price. Eventually America will run out of places to flee, and whites will be forced to turn and fight for a land of their own instead. Current white attitudes, and a history of thousands of years, shows America is no more magical than any other section of mankind -- just like everyone else, we can't abide diversity. We want to live around people like ourselves. And like everyone else, we will eventually resort to civil war to secure this right.

The answer to diversity is a white ethno-state, set up in a sparsely populated but large landmass of the United States, the northwestern states and Alaska. Only white nationalism is offering people this solution. No other solution is viable. There is no other way to escape diversity. Therefore when the problem of diversity reaches a flash point, no one will seek out communism, libertarianism, christianity, or any other creed. They will see none of them have any solutions to their problem, and they will seek out white nationalism instead.

Second, the debt is approaching the level of a failed state. Once the majority of a country's GDP is spent on interest on its debt, it has become a failed state. It will either be seized by its creditors, or collapse in revolution, as the government fails to provide any services to its people while collecting massive taxes. This has also happened multiple times in history. Britain seized Egypt in the 1800's because its entire GDP was simply servicing interest on the debt to Britain. When Egypt threatened to not pay back its debt, Britain conquered Egypt and kept the interest payments coming. America's debt is impossible to pay back. It is now at 130 trillion. The interest on the debt is approaching 50% of all government spending. Once the baby boomers retire and start collecting social security and medicare, we are doomed. The extra benefits programs of Bush's prescription drugs, and now Obama's national health service, will only exacerbate the problem. The onerous provisions of cap and trade will bankrupt America that much sooner. Our endless wars overseas are only exacerbating our debt. Just like the Soviet Union collapsed from Afghanistan, Afghanistan is going to bankrupt and collapse America too. Neither republicans nor democrats have shown any ability to control deficit spending or eliminate debt. It will continue to rise, it cannot be paid off, and interest on the debt will reach such unpayable levels that a taxpayer revolt will follow.

White Nationalism has an easy answer to our debt problems. If we are a new nation, we don't owe a dime to anyone. We have nothing to do with the USA's debt, as we are no longer a part of the USA. A white separatist state would leave behind the decayed husk of the USA, which would still exist on paper, and would still be responsible for all of its debt and the people who have to answer to all of their creditors. We won't be. We will start with a new currency and a new budget, at a complete 0. A new beginning, total debt forgiveness for everyone, a clean slate. Considering how many people are in debt to their ears just to pay for necessities in America like housing, transportation, and education, total debt forgiveness to all the vampires who gave out these loans is a selling point only WN will offer. Come to our state and start over, this time with a citizen's dividend to help pay your way through life. That is the only answer. The old USA is bankrupt and can't do anything anymore about its headlong plummet into insolvency.

Third, modern employment is a shell game. Most people are not in fact in productive employment, they are pretending they are doing something and collecting pay checks from those they con -- either from tax payers, or from fools who buy their useless products and services because of a sufficiently persuasive advertisement. America is determined to exist for the sake of the super rich, who set public policy. They will continue to allow millions of unskilled immigrants into the country even with 20% unemployment rates. They will continue to take advantage of gullible and stupid people with all sorts of insurance, lawyers, debt, and luxury spending scams. Credit cards have interest rates at like 50%. This is just usury. Public bureaucrats who ostensibly were hired to take care of the poor, pocket all of the money for themselves and only take care of themselves. Teachers fail to teach their students the most basic abilities in math, reading, and writing. Kids are going to college incapable of converting fractions to decimals.

We are facing a dual problem, a giant employed workforce that do nothing but leech off of the productive, and a giant unemployed workforce that can't even do that. The answer isn't to get everyone back to work. There isn't enough work to do that. The answer is a new paradigm where work is not the center of life. First, we must stop immigration so that what work there is, is available to our citizens. Second, we must pay a citizen's dividend so that people without work can still live and raise children in our community. We should return to jobs based on manufacturing, extraction of natural resources, and high tech gadgets our geniuses can provide the outside world. As we will have high standards for our citizenry, and use eugenics from there to improve them, we will quickly have the best scientists and universities on Earth. Converting that into businesses that provide money is not that difficult. Imagine our experts going around building fusion power plants for China. That's a very large market, that only White Nationalism will achieve, because we are the only people on earth serious about creating genius (eugenics) educating genius (IQ tracking and schools for the gifted, not the remedial, put first), and employing genius (giving them the money they need to spend on science experiments of their choice). In America, some woeful amount of GDP is spent on research and development. Something less than 5%. All of it goes down the sink of maintenance costs, like medicare. By lowering our maintenance costs and honoring a more frugal living (and abolishing all parasitism that diverts our economy down sewer holes), we can save more money and sink it into science. By investing more in science, we can become the leaders of the world in technology. By becoming the leaders, we can create whole new markets that will both employ and enrich our citizenry.

Fourth, nihilism and hedonism have seized our youth culture and it is hurting them, and those around them, in incalculable ways. Anyone you ask, if offered a choice between being dumped, or beaten up, would choose being beaten up. But assault is banned and dumping is fine. Anyone on earth who was given a choice between losing their wallet, and losing their wife, would choose their wallet. But stealing is banned and divorce is fine. Anyone on earth who was given a choice between their house being burned down, and becoming addicted to a deadly chemical which warps their whole life around mindless highs and lows until they die, would choose for their houses to burn down. But arson is banned and drugs are fine. Anyone on earth would prefer to be groped or called a lecherous name, than their kid die in a drunk driving accident (whether it was their kid or the other driver.) And yet sexual harassment is banned and alcohol is legal.

In our bizarro world, the things that hurt us most, are all legal, and we have no legal recourse to avenge ourselves upon our victimizers. Whereas the things that hurt us least -- well, it's not like they are rigorously persecuted either. Crime gets almost as large a free pass as immorality in the new improved America. America has no intention of stopping this descent. Crime will rise in direct correlation to the demographics of our minorities. Feminism will continue to entrench itself, and hedonism will continue to spread, so long as broken homes perpetuate a vicious cycle into worse and worse behavior each generation. There is nothing communism, libertarianism, liberals, or Christianity can do to stop these trends, because none of them are willing to pass any law against them.

White nationalism is different. It grants that if a government is going to take away your right to redress your grievances, then it must redress your grievances itself. If we are not allowed to kill women who cheat on us, then the government must punish them, and prevent them from committing adultery, in the first place. If we are not allowed to seek out and kill anyone who hurts our family, the government must seek out and kill them first. If we are not allowed to enforce oaths like "till death do us part," then the government must enforce those oaths for us, by banning divorce in all but exceptional cases. If we are not allowed to protect our children by limiting their access to mental sewage, drug dealers, sluts, alcohol, and so on -- then the government must be willing to do so for us. The current US government requires all the children of America run a gauntlet of STD's, miscegenation, pre-marital sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, suicide, and crime before they hit 25. A parent of a single child, after investing his entire life into that child's happiness, must sit back and watch helplessly to see what will become of him, now that he is outside the parent's protection. More often than not, the result is horrible, and breaks their heart. Who speaks for them? Who offers any solace to them? Just as horrible though is a parent with five kids, who has to run the gauntlet five times, each time wondering if this is the loved one who society will corrupt, betray, and kill before he even had a chance to live. We need a government that addresses a parent's fears and a child's rights to grow up in an environment that's at least attempting to give them a good life. Attempting to provide a happy path for them to follow. Our commercials, our media, our stories, do nothing but celebrate vice and degeneracy. But the people who actually practice these creeds are not happy and vivacious like the stories show. They are depressed, suicidal, poor, diseased, despised, and ashamed of themselves. Nothing good comes from it. They are sold a bill of goods, conned. They are victims of a fraud perpetrated by their society. It said drug use, alcohol, cigarettes, free love, divorce, adultery, sodomy, and all the rest were the path to happiness and liberation, when in fact they are just a path to hell and an early death, making everyone else miserable around you as you go.

Eventually society will become so degenerate it will no longer be able to raise a functioning member of society. When the entire next generation of kids become homeless nymphomaniac druggees, society will no longer stand. At that point only a pure ethnostate that starts over from first principles, that unapologetically stamps out vice and sin, can save a state from economic and violent dissolution.

Fifth, the birth rates of the modern west are unsustainable. Any culture that fails to have 2.1 children per generation is doomed to eventual extinction. Whites in America are something like 1.7. Smarter whites have an even lower birth rate. Obviously, if your population keeps halving, and halving, and halving, each generation, eventually it disappears entirely. Given the state of marriage, the state of the economy, the state of our morals, there is no way people will spontaneously start having more kids. They can't afford them, and they are too selfish to have them or raise them. Many people have a genuine fear that even having children in this age is child abuse. If they have no hope that a white born today could have a good life in a majority-minority USA, they will simply not have kids as a mercy to them.

Libertarianism, communism, christianity, none of these people can solve the fertility rate, because none of them are willing to lay down a simple law. You MUST marry by age 20 and have 2 kids by age 25. That simple. White nationalism will do so, and in doing so, secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. That is the most essential law in the entire law code. More important even than immigration control. It is the absolute pillar of the new white ethno-state. Without it, all we have is ashes, old age, and death. Alongside this law, will be help provided by the government to make sure it is possible to follow it. The citizen's dividend, which can pay for a family of 4 even without any other job. Apprenticeships for children leaving school, so they have a real chance at a skilled job they enjoy. Moral education in the schools, so people get used to their duty and do not find it particularly harsh or onerous. And laws that forbid adultery and divorce, that help keep families together. And a military and police force willing to make sure no one can harm the children you do have.

Given that America is plunging into nihilist hedonism, unpayable debt, intolerable diversity, below replacement birth rates, and economic disaster, the question isn't why America would fail. The real question is how can anyone imagine it will survive? It is fated to fall. History demands it falls. The only way for it not to fall, at this point, would be technological inventions so dramatic they simply sweep the board of all preexisting conditions and start civilization over on a new level. Technology does not have much time left to do this. The collapse will be within 30-50 years. All of the problems listed above have no answer from the usual suspects. In fact, they are the people who created these problems in the first place. The biggest problem is they fail to recognize them as problems. The second largest is none of them have the guts to pass a law against them. If you don't have the guts to pass a law, you cannot solve any problem. If individuals could solve their own problems, they wouldn't exist in the first place. It's obvious, by the very existence of our problems, that individuals CANNOT solve them alone, that government IS needed to find solutions to them. Even so, libertarians, liberals, conservatives, all harp endlessly on how individuals, freedom, and the free market will find solutions to all of our problems. If they could have found a solution, they would have by now. All across the world fertility is extinction level for the white race. Every single government has responded by saying individuals will work it out themselves. Every single country continues to reproduce at extinction levels. What larger experiment is necessary to prove my point? Will they need the extra data of the next 30 years? Do any of them think fertility will turn around in that time? With mass immigration flooding all the available jobs and unemployment at 20%? Yeah, good luck with that.

Ahh! I forgot dysgenics eventually lowering intelligence to the point that a modern technological society can no longer be maintained, another dagger to the heart of contemporary America. Another problem only WN can solve. I'd also point out a variety of environmental crisis coming our way, from global warming to water loss to topsoil loss, but I am not sure how bad they will really be. I will just point out it is possible environmental crisis will also add to America's woes, and that WN would rely on sustainability as a matter of course. Simply by switching to nuclear power and banning immigration, we would become the most green government on earth.

In any event, the point is this. America's problems are too large for anything to save our country, short of a miracle. All the other parties have no solutions to our problems. People in the midst of this collapse will continue to suffer, no matter how many parties and movements they turn to. Their continued suffering will make them continue searching and changing in the hopes of finding a solution. By default, everyone who turns to nationalism will stop searching or changing, because it is the right answer. This sorting process will result in everyone eventually, by random chance, evolving into white nationalists. At this point we will take power and solve all the problems on Earth. It is simply a syllogism. How can it not be this way? If we are right about the coming problems facing the earth, the problems only we talk about and everyone else refuses to believe even exist, much less need solutions, we will be the only group that can solve them. The only group people can turn to when the crisis arrives. Nationalism is therefore fated to be victorious, or was unnecessary all along, in which case it's better that we're not victorious. Either way we win. IF no crisis arrives and everything is magically perfect, then there was no need for nationalism and we can all just enjoy our peaceful and productive lives. If a crisis does arrive just like we predicted, then people will turn to us for their solutions and we will provide them, for our own lives and theirs, creating a utopia where we can all be happy again. I can't ask for more from either eventuality. The future is bright.

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