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Monday, November 23, 2009

Communism < Conservatism < Liberalism < Islam < Nationalism.

I think this is an important topic, because it is my basis for all my optimism. Communism fell because it was unsustainable. It fell without even a bullet fired. It fell when people realized that there was a gap between their ideology and their reality. The gap could no longer be papered over by lies, it was simply too vast for anyone to not see it anymore. It could no longer be bullied or murdered into submission, because even the soldiers were going hungry, dying in Afghanistan, and ashamed of themselves. There were simply no pillars left for the state to continue, and so it ended. It ended suddenly, without warning, and without a shot fired. There was a collective last gasp of Soviet Man, and it simply died of old age.

The Soviet Union was less capable of long term survival than America is, as far as tyrannies go. For one thing, the rulers of Russia were Russians. This made it very hard for them to be cruel, to be inhuman, towards their own people. Somewhere in their hearts they still loved Mother Russia, and could not bring themselves to the same cruelties that the Georgian Stalin and his jewish comissaars did in the 1930's. America is firmly in the grip of minority rule. The 'slicer' coalition of jews at the top, and their low IQ legions at the bottom, have been dictating our discourse, what can and cannot be said, what can and cannot be thought, for decades. Our minority government is willing to do anything to us. Their open borders policy is genocide, they know it, and they revel in it. They feel nothing for us. Nothing but hatred and the desire to genocide us as quickly as they can. In comparison, Russia's rulers were saints.

Second, the Soviet Union did not have, for the most part, true believers among the populace. The United States does, and in ridiculously high numbers. Communism was not a religion, it was an economic model that promised to deliver people material wealth. This was a very bad system to base a tyranny on, because if it can't deliver the wealth, people have no reason to be loyal to the ideology. Islam is much better. It delivers all its goodies in paradise, after you are dead. There is no way to verify whether Islam is true or not. Therefore it can rule for eternity, and the people subject to it can think they are in fact happy and blessed to live under tyranny, penury, and brutality all their lives. I would say multiculturalism is somewhere in between. This is because the promise of multiculturalism is a spiritual good, that is delivered in the present.

The promise of multiculturalism is that blissful moment when you hold hands and sing kumbayah with people of all types, overcoming all differences for a spiritual union in the embrace of the brotherhood of man. It never has to actually happen in real life, simply imagining it is good enough for most liberals. Liberals who live in all white neighborhoods, who attend all white schools, who go to an all white church, and only marry other whites, still get the spiritual goods of the kumbayah song, rumbling throughout their lives in the back of their heads. "I am one of the good people, the chosen people, the blessed liberal who overcame hate and embraced love." There is no real way to quantify the 'good' that multiculturalism provides for these people. Feeling good about yourself, and gaining the approval of all your peers for evincing the right opinions about multiculturalism, is basically priceless. Even if the whole country is falling apart and the liberals are starving to death in basements hiding from machete wielding blacks, they will be thinking to themselves, "I am one of the good people, the people who embraced love, not hate. If only all those haters hadn't made the blacks so disadvantaged, if only we could have given them more, if only they had been raised differently, none of this would have happened. At least I'll die knowing I wasn't one of those awful racists. I will forgive the very blacks who come to slit my throat, and try one last time to hug them, to show them that really I was one of the good ones, the liberals, who embraced love."

This religious ecstasy will be the highlight of their lives. The more they suffer for diversity, for 'love,' for the brotherhood of man, the more elevated and spiritual and joyous they become. There is no point, no amount of destruction, that could convince them to change their minds. Then their life would have been in vain, and they wouldn't be the elect, the chosen, the blessed, the 'lovers.' They'd rather die than become a 'hater,' it is the new taboo, the unclean, the desecration. You can snort cocaine and have endless sex of all types with all people, and you are still pure. But if you think a nasty thought against a non-white group, you are defiled forever. Religious feeling does not go away simply because a religion has been discredited. Humans evolved to be religious. For one reason, it gave them a healthy respect for the unseen -- like germs and disease. For another, it helped promote order and cooperation between groups, which gave the obedient, the faithful, the meek, an edge over more fractious and infighting barbarians. There might also be further advantages, it might be a consolation for the suffering, a relief to the lonely, a strength to the warrior who would otherwise flee, there's so many benefits faith can provide the weak. Who wouldn't want an all-powerful, or at least very powerful, God on their side? Who wouldn't perform better, at any task, if an All-Knowing God were watching and would judge you in the afterlife? We are stuck with faith.

Liberals have chosen their faith. It is very difficult to convert people from their faith. Communism was not a faith -- liberalism, multiculturalism, is. But unlike Islam, it is a faith that can be shaken by reality. Because many of these liberals will find that, despite themselves, they really do hate the non-whites. That, after enough contact with them, it really has become too much. That they really do want out. That, after all, maybe there really is a limit to how much they can stomach. There are also the people who thought they were liberals, simply because no one had ever told them otherwise, but the moment they are forced to stop and think about it -- by being mugged by a black, or forced into bankruptcy, or divorced, or hurt by some socially approved group -- they suddenly realize they were never liberals to begin with. As non-whites hurt whites more and more often, these people will be the first to realize what a croc the whole thing is.

Liberalism also made the mistake of basing its creed on verifiable facts. It is very difficult to have faith in something when you know it isn't true. Liberalism's required fact, the foolish weakness it left in its armor, is that all people are essentially equal. That the only differences between men and women, whites and blacks, are superficial and bodily. That every single brain is a blank slate, of infinite potential. Just as communism was eventually rebutted by the fact that everyone was still poor, egalitarianism will eventually be rebutted by irrefutable scientific evidence that people are not equal and can never become equal, no matter what you do. This will occur when we find the gene(s) for intelligence. It is inevitable. The gene for intelligence is basically the same as when St. Paul said, "If Christ is not risen, there is no faith." If there is a gene for intelligence, there is no faith. That's it. It simply falls to dust forever. Certainly it is possible to doublethink, to somehow embrace a contradiction, to soldier on despite the nagging doubts in your head, but it's like a deer running after an arrow has already pierced its heart. All the hunter needs do is follow it a few hundred yards and let it die.

Liberalism will not outlive the generation that discovers the intelligence gene. It will die with them. What faith will then replace anti-racism? Like a pendulum's swing, it will of course BE racism. It will be a faith built on blood, nature, evolution, destiny. People will realize they are all born with a wyrd, a doom, a pre-existing identity, and that they are part of a vast sea of genes that are all them, that the race is all in it together. It will be the religion of the race-soul. The acknowledgment of human differences, followed by an exploration of what it means to be a member of your group, followed by an enlightened adherence to the 'type' you learn you represent. The Platonic Ideal of Whiteness will become the hero in our literature, the person our genes are telling us to be, to become, to grow into. And our faith will be judging ourselves, and others, on how closely we approach these ideals. It is clear to me what the ideals of the white race soul are, and what the platonic white man is -- a vessel of truth, beauty, and love. That is our race soul, that is our new religion. That is our staff to lean on, and our afterlife to look upon, our purpose to fulfill, our reason for being, our all in all. It is everything religion ever provided, and reality cannot break it because finally, for once, it is reality.

Our new taboos, our new desecrations, would be treason to the race. Would be acting in a manner not becoming to our race. Dishonor and disloyalty will be the two charges everyone trembles under and fears. The two charges they will do anything to avoid. And two charges we will, with righteous indignation, enforce to the hilt, just like liberalism currently legislates its morality in hate crime laws, anti-discrimination laws, etc. You can tell what morality is prevalent by what is illegal. Don't bother with the libertarian crap about how everything should be legal. Every age has its religious taboos, has some behavior banned that makes no sense, except from a religious point of view. It can be eating pork, or cows. It can be wearing magic underwear, or hats. But the law is deadly serious about it all the same. White Nationalism will be deadly serious about our laws too. You can tell a serious person from a non-serious, by his willingness to enforce his values with deadly, and righteous, justice. If his convictions have not yet reached that point, you can dismiss him as a non-entity. Anyone who won't show up for the fight doesn't matter. He will simply obey those who do. Liberals are in deadly earnest, there are thousands of people currently in jail all across Europe for questioning their creed. The communists weren't. In the end, they couldn't shoot on their own people anymore. Liberals can. Muslims can. And serious white nationalists can too.

Our myths like 'the day of the rope,' are not going anywhere. They show we are deadly serious about enforcing our values on our people, on tabooing the taboo. That is the sign of a healthy, and powerful, religion. A community that will not rot or change with the tides of fashion, because too many people are still willing to kill and die to defend it. You have to admire Islam -- after 1400 years there are still suicide bombers and assassins killing and dying to enforce their taboos. Do not badmouth the Prophet, do not become a loose woman, etc. Communism was a total lightweight. It lasted 70 years. Liberalism is probably somewhere in between. It has a higher inner strength than communism, (or libertarianism for that matter. Who has ever been a martyr for cutting government spending?) but much less than Islam, and much less than nationalism. Nationalism mobilized all the nations of Europe and made them bleed each other in the tens of millions. I don't mean dragging civilians by the hair and shooting them in the back of the head -- communism can kill helpless people in large batches. But communism couldn't save the USSR from the Wehrmacht, they were simply surrendering across the entire front. Stalin had to appeal to the people's patriotism, he had to stoop and call his people 'brothers' over the radio. In fact, it is still called the Great Patriotic War over there. Likewise, patriotism is what drove the Nazis to fight against overwhelming odds on all fronts, throughout the entire war. They were always outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded. It didn't matter, they were nationalists, and nationalism is strong. The people answer to its call. Wave a flag and sing a national anthem, and the effect is electric. Tears spring into people's eyes. Our faith is incredibly powerful. Liberals recognize this, that is why they spend 24/7 denouncing us, and no other opposition. That is why they fight us day and night, not their deracinated Republican foes, not the aracial color blind libertarians, no one but us. They are terrified of us. Specifically, the anti-semites. Why? Because we are the only serious people. The only determined people. Anti-semites are the people who withstand the test of character. They know it is impossible for any threats to emerge from a group too cowardly to even name the jew, or tell the honest truth, or proclaim their real beliefs for the world to see. How can I identify the 'serious' white nationalists? Just look at our two stories of revolution. One is by Pierce, the other by Covington. The only two authors who wrote glowingly about a race war to save the white race, were both anti-semites. If philo-semites were serious, they would have just as bloody a story of their own, only, it wouldn't involve any antisemitism. You would expect scenes of massive slaughter and carnage, of heroes breaking all moral taboos and creating their own law wherever they went, of selfless sacrifice for the race no matter what the price -- where are their stories? Nowhere. Only anti-semites write serious pro-white literature about a serious pro-white future. The philo-semites, simply by having no vision of the future, having not even a fantasy of victory, can instantly be identified as the already defeated. The already crushed in spirit. They won't show up at the muster. They'll be muttering about having too many 'bad elements,' and 'being too socialist,' and 'making us look bad,' even after the bullets start to fly. They are the crushed in spirit and they will sit on the sidelines the whole war long. They are cowards. I'd be fine with jews in my country, so long as they apologized for what they as a group have done in the past, marry whites, and their kids marry whites, and their kids marry whites, (and so on), and adopt the same faith as the rest of us -- clinging to no shred of separate identity the moment they take on citizenship. They will either be wholly a member of the community, or not in our community at all. Assimilate or leave.

We don't need jews. If they won't abide by our terms, fuck them. There are six times as many intelligent whites as intelligent jews, in America alone. We did just fine without them before they arrived in the late 1800's, and we'll do just fine after they're gone. We don't need you. We don't need your approval. We don't need your help. We don't need you. If you want to join, fine. But it will be on our terms, and in service to us. Not you, not your tribe.

The same goes for any other assimilable minority. If you bring something to the table, if you're a swell guy, fine. But you will marry a white, and your children will marry whites, and their children will marry whites, and so on. And you will abandon your identity at the door. You will be an honorary aryan and go by nothing else. Your loyalty will be to the white race and no one else. If you don't love us, if your heart doesn't swell with pride when you read the constitution, or look at our statues, or salute our flag -- then leave. Assimilate or leave. Don't create a space in the culture for you, don't make us include you, don't try to widen our horizons or broaden our exclusiveness. Fit in or leave. Even advocacy that our nation 'should really be more about x' or 'should really include more y's' would be treason and you'd be gone or strung up on the nearest lamp post, depending on our mood. We don't need you. You're here because a white person loves you, and you love a white person. That was your ticket in, that was the good faith we saw in you. If that good faith was simply a pretense, then so is our tolerance. Our forbearance is also a pretense, liable to snap at the first hint that something has gone wrong. If you aren't confident that you belong here, don't come.

Why jump through all these hoops instead of just ban non-whites outright? Because part of the white race soul is objectivity and fairness. If they really, truly, objectively, are more qualified than a white, and more loyal to whites than a white, if they are closer to the platonic ideal of the white race soul than a white is, it would be a betrayal of our nature to turn them away. And a white homeland needs to first and foremost abide by our inner nature, or the cognitive dissonance will a) stillbirth the nation as it does not appeal to the European race soul as worthy to fight for. b) create cognitive dissonance in our populace as we read all the sob stories of people discriminated against for no good reason, even if the nation were to succeed, and the stress of this cognitive dissonance would rot us from within. It would make people less loyal, and more doubtful, over who is really in the right, and who is the moral side.

That is a moral high ground we cannot leave to our opponents. We cannot leave any morality to our opponents. ALL morality, ALL of it, will belong to us. We will have an absolute monopoly on the entire heart of the white race. If there is some part of whites we are not serving, then we have failed them. As a reflection of the white race soul, we must accept the white race's verdicts -- and one of them is fairness, objectivity, merit -- to set up standards, and judge people as individuals, not ahead of time, not summarily, not as a group.

This does not mean we can't have standards. We can have extremely high standards, standards that invalidate 99.9999% of all nonwhites and jews. So long as they are applied fairly and evenly, so long as there is a standard that can conceivably be met, whites will feel reassured that we are in the right and have the moral high ground. Citizenship being earned through love of country and adherence to its laws does not strike people as unfair. People being turned away, families being broken up, patriots who supported us from the beginning being less qualified than illiterate hillbillies -- that will break us, not them. Liberals would just love that. They'd focus all their cameras on it. It would be our undoing. That is not a moral high ground I am willing to cede.

Communism is the weakest belief system, it lasted the shortest time, because it couldn't deliver on very simple promises and was exposed for a fraud immediately. Conservatism used to be strong, but now that Christianity has been exposed as absurd, with no divine retribution, no miracles, no cures outside of modern medicine, no reward for being Christian, with the origin of the universe and life and intelligence being explained by science, the religion is dead and the rats are leaving the ship. Likewise, all that nonsense about small government, liberty, low taxes, and so on is anemic and pathetic. It hasn't had any power since the articles of confederation and it's never coming back. People Want a strong government. They Want a society that looks after them and protects them. They Want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The only people who argued for liberty were just liars who were really fighting for race. Whether it was the Confederacy, the State's Rights movement opposed to desegregation, or the tax cutters who want to give less welfare to minorities, it is always just a veiled position on race. Racism Lite can never compete with principled, determined Racism. It can't even compete with liberalism. The sooner it dies the better.

Liberalism is strong for now, but it is built on a foundation of sand -- the scientific belief in the equality of mankind. Once that is dis-proven, it will be in the exact same situation that Christianity finds itself in today. The old people will cling to it, the young will mock it and discard it for good. All of society will be searching desperately for a new direction, this time founded on the truth.

Islam carries with it a poison pill -- its lack of innovation means it will always be scientifically, and thus militarily and economically, weak. Anyone with brains and courage can smash it in direct conflict. Islam has relied on the cowardice of its opponents, whose principles were not strong enough or coherent enough to stop their extremely principled and extremely focused goal of world conquest. It will break on the rocks of white nationalism. We are smarter, we are more ruthless, we are more innovative, we are more flexible, we are everything they can never be. If Islam attempted to fuck with a white nationalist Europe-Russia-America axis, God help them.

And so we arrive at nationalism. Looking at the European elections, we're around 10% of the populace already. In the past, we had total power. Science cannot discredit our claims because we are right. Our countries can't collapse because countries only collapse due to diversity. We cannot lose a war because nationalism creates the greatest warriors of all. Our economy can't collapse because we are devoted to science, genius, and equity. Our fertility can't collapse because we will require marriage and children. Our morals won't collapse because we will use censorship, education, and law to train our people onto another path. Our genome won't collapse because we will employ eugenics. Our government won't collapse because our nobility will enforce an unchanging constitution. Nationalism has no weaknesses, it only falls to an even more powerful nationalism. That's what sunk the Germans in World War I and World War II. If not for the same nationalist fervor in the hearts of their Russian, British, French, and American foes, they would have conquered the world. Nationalists DID conquer the world. Only after the European powers had conquered the whole world, did they fall to bickering amongst each other for the spoils. The most foolish, greedy, short sighted wars ever fought. But nevertheless, proof positive that nationalism is the strongest system on earth. All attempts to replace it will fail. Meanwhile, all other system's failures will be replaced by nationalism. It happened last time society was in disorder, it will happen again. It can't happen any other way.

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