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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The jigsaw puzzle comes together:

I encourage everyone to read this post and study his graphs and statistics, that bear out everything I've been saying.

Of course, Whiskey's failure is to suggest any cure to these problems. That's where unafraid truth tellers have to step in and propose the unthinkable, rather than just whine about how bad things are and maintain their social status among their peers by not rocking the boat: A law that requires everyone marry by age 20 and have 2 children by age 25 while banning adultery would solve this societal collapse neatly and efficiently. Until we stop pitying the poor women who have to 'settle' on their high school sweetheart or someone their parents introduced them to or someone who scientific tests show would be a good match, and start pitying the poor men of today who will never get anyone, ever, change won't happen. As a utilitarian, the question is simple. Would we be happier or sadder, as a whole, if people were required to marry and have two children each by age 25 and adultery were banned? Is today's current society, so well shown in its degeneracy by Whiskey's post, more or less calamitous to the people living in it, than one where marriage was required by age 20 and divorce was nearly impossible and adultery outright illegal?

Once it's established that the world would in fact be a better place if the nuclear family were restored, even if it means trampling over the individual rights of women to headhunt for alpha males, or lead soulless hedonistic lives of endless debauchery, or genocide the entire race by not having children, then what are we waiting for?

Like pieces to an enormous puzzle, it's obvious what the law code of the White Republic should look like:

Aristocracy will replace Democracy.
The Citizen's Dividend will replace Socialism.
The Nuclear Family will replace Women's Liberation.
Eugenics will replace dysgenics.
Science will replace religion.
Truth, Beauty, and Love, will replace Tolerance, Equality, and Freedom.
Homogeneity will replace diversity.
Montessori Schooling and Moral Training will replace Public Education.
IQ and Personality tests will replace Credentialism/College.
Apprenticeships will replace College/Job Training/Temp Workers.
Profit Sharing ala stock market will replace interest bearing loans.
Government mints will replace the Federal Reserve.
Carefully chosen books, music, movies will replace the influence of the jews.

There are a variety of problems facing the modern world. There is no single cause for our people's decline. It is an extremely complex and multifaceted problem. The creation of a new state is the only clean slate that can address them all simultaneously.

The problems with democracy are well documented, the benefits of aristocracy are obvious. Rule by our betters is superior to rule by our inferiors.

The citizen's dividend's benefits are well documented, it is obviously superior to socialism. Everyone getting a living wage simply for existing, is better than endless targeted programs that inflate the bureaucracy, fail to deliver the promised products, needless interference with the free market, rule by special interests, and all the rest of the corruption. It would also be cheaper than the taxes we are already spending and doesn't create any debt like socialism has. (to the tune of 70 trillion dollars of unpaid liabilities.)

The Nuclear Family, as enforced by a set of laws that read: Adultery is illegal, Divorce is practically impossible (less than 1%), Marriage is required by age 20, 2 children are required by age 25, women cannot work more than part time until their children are raised. Reinforced by the power of the Citizen's Dividend that ensures the financial contribution of the wife in a marriage, and the security of the children they have, whether the parents have a job or not.

Eugenics, as enforced by laws that read: Children with known genetic errors will be screened and aborted. Parents who are clearly dysfunctional via IQ or personality or health testing, or exhibit atrocious behavior unfitting of a parent will no longer be allowed to have children. Parents of good genes, high IQ, and good behavior, will be elevated to the nobility and can pass this title onto their children, with all the power, privilege, status and wealth that goes with it. However the children's children will not gain nobility from their grandparents, but will again only be nobility if their parents deserve it. This 'phasing-out' of hereditary privilege allows downward and upward mobility, but also rewards nobles who have large families, and gives a certain measure of stability and self-awareness to noble children. The death penalty for all felony crime will also have a eugenic effect. If you cannot follow the rules, we don't want you.

Science over religion: Principally through our education, but also at home, parents should pass these teachings down to their children. That all organized religions are simply charlatans and liars, that miracles do not exist, that everything happens for a reason that science can discover and explain. Only by relying on science can we achieve our full potential, as masters of the universe and the pinnacle of evolution. Without science, we will all die like ants when this world inevitably is destroyed by other humans, disease, meteors, flooding, lack of CO2, the sun exploding, a supernova of a nearby star, etc. God has never saved anyone and never will, no afterlife awaits us except in the blood of our descendants and the seeds we plant in their minds.

A new morality -- That our life has a deep and wonderful meaning, because we can experience Love, Beauty, and Truth, and our goal is to make the whole universe resonate with these three themes, an otherwise empty meaningless dead void. That these three Goods are absolute and inviolate, and it is the duty of all people to be moral and uphold them in every moment and choice of their lives. That these goods are so Good, that any means necessary to achieve them, are themselves moral thereby.

That no man can serve two masters, and therefore no nation can serve two people's, two cultures, two goals, two dreams, or two of anything. That in order to succeed at something, everyone must unite behind it. That we have an important, absolute goal, and there is no room for anyone who doesn't believe in it or contribute to it. In short, that only a homogeneous nation, not a diverse nation, has any worth. This homogeneity need not be genetic, though I suspect it largely would be, because beliefs, personality, and IQ are genetic -- but it must be strictly upkept and enforced, through education to those born (or exile of those who can't fit in), and strict immigration controls for those who wish in. However, those who are non-white, should have to marry whites, and whites should always be at least 90% of the population, for the sake of civic unity and stability.

A new education, as outlined in my 'towards a new education' plan, and elaborated upon by any well-meaning thinkers, that serves the true goal of creating a moral individual who can discern right from wrong and true from false, with a firm identity, in accordance with the overall culture and wishes of their ancestors.

IQ tracking and personality tests (which already are scientifically valid, but we should work to improve dramatically. . .just look how successful eharmony was at quantifying what makes a good match for marriage, by relying on personality tests.), to replace college and credentialism. College is a waste of time and money. Aside from a few obscure roles, a living breathing teacher is not necessary to obtain knowledge. Lectures could simply be posted online, forums could chat online and a pool of students/instructors could answer whatever questions you currently had, and so on. Extremely bright people should not be wasting time or money getting a piece of paper saying what a simple IQ test could verify in 15 minutes -- I'm smart and should be given a good job with lots of responsibility. Charles Murray already proved in the bell curve that IQ was a better indicator of job productivity than a college degree in that field. It's time to close down this worthless racket, and in doing so, give men back the jobs they have lost to women, who are better at college but worse at the job itself.

Apprenticeships, years where businesses train their own employees at their own expense, will replace all current job training, college, and the like. If a business wants a good worker, it should have to make one. If a job really is extremely complex and requires years to learn, then people should be taught by actually being on the job, watching the people doing it, being guided through the steps, not in some classroom learning about it theoretically. Just as its easier to learn a language through submersion in the actual country it's spoken in than years of classroom teaching, it is easier to learn a job by doing, than by hearing about it in a classroom for years. Businesses will no longer have endless access to foreign labor, or H-1B visas, or whatever, and therefore if they want workers, they will have to invest in them. The citizen's dividend will also require people are paid a decent wage -- or they won't even bother working. Stuff it, fat cats. This would also solve all our unemployment problems.

In order to avoid the trap of endless debt, loans will no longer be issued to fund people's dreams or aspirations. If someone wants to found a business, a bank can offer to fund it in return for a % of the profits, just like the maritime ventures during the age of exploration. The same for all other capital expenditures. As far as consumption goes, people will have to rely on buying big ticket items with their citizen's dividend they've been saving up. Or their parent's citizen's dividend, or their rich uncle's citizen's dividend, etc. People will no longer consume more than they can afford, or use more money than our country actually has to offer.

There will no longer be inflation or funny money. The federal reserve is toast. All money will stand for some real product or value that our country has actually produced. As technology improves, prices should go down, not up, every year. Since there are no loans anymore, deflation would have no adverse affect on anyone, it would just quietly make everyone richer as time went by. Of course, if there isn't enough money to conduct business efficiently, we can always mint more. But it will be at our public discretion, not made by capitalists smoking cigars behind closed rooms.

Suitable entertainment and stories for such a society will be dredged up from our thousands of years of cultural history, new media supported by the government or private citizens will create new, suitable, and carefully supervised entertainment. The sewage pipe of Hollywood's influence that drowned America will not be allowed to re-appear. Mental Pollution will be considered just as important as physical pollution.

Have I left parts of the system out? No doubt. But the point is, everything has to be changed at once. There is no single problem afflicting the world today, it's a multitude of problems, arising out of a multitude of different groups. Corporations are robbing the proletariat blind. Immigrants are diversifying and fracturing our civic unity. Stupid people are outbreeding smart people. Crime is everywhere. Men can no longer find life partners, women are no longer having children. Morality has turned into a charade, where simply mouthing the right platitudes is more important than people's own behavior. Bureaucrats are paper pushing our tax dollars around but delivering no valuable service. Entertainment has become debased, and debases its audience in turn. Education is indoctrinating people into the wrong beliefs, and not providing any useful skills. Religion is hopelessly outdated and suitable only for superstitious cave men, not a technological society that requires science for everything we do. So on and so forth. There are problems everywhere -- but the proper system, the proper law code, can solve all of them simultaneously. With the right laws, we can form a righteous people and a righteous nation. It is possible to create a utopia, totalitarianism does work. We simply have to take into account human nature, and build our laws around this nature, instead of trying to violate it. Furthermore, by concentrating on eugenics (and later genetic engineering), we can shape our people into any mold we please, thus getting rid of the roadblock of human nature altogether. In a dozen generations we could have any sort of people we desired.

What's important is partially the innate power level of the people who form the nation, but desperately more so, their philosophical dedication to the cause. If the people simply stick to these laws, we will succeed. Just like Solon or Lycurgus, who handed down their laws to Athens and Sparta, with the strict condition that they must be obeyed and stuck to unchanged forever, gave those people a 500 year golden age, unrivaled by anything else on Earth at the time -- this law code, so long as it is revered and upkept, will make us the greatest people in history. Dedication to the cause, to the laws, to the culture, to the nation, to the chain of being that is ancestors, the present, and descendants all united in one single body for one great purpose -- this is our true strength. By it we succeed or fail, everything else can be provided by the law, even our intelligence, even our personalities, can be raised by successful application of the law -- but dedication to the law must come of our own free wills first. What we need is a nation of true believers, not of slaves or oppressed folk or conscripts. With true believers, anything is possible. So for now, we delineate this new vision, this new clean slate we are replacing everything with, and recruit the true believers we need. There are enough desperately miserable people on earth, enough people driven to the brink by what is happening in this world, that there should always be converts willing to listen to our dreams. When we're strong enough, we implement it -- and the new history of a new people, with a new philosophy, with a new law code, with a new everything, will begin.

Better than everything that came before. Better than anyone who came before. The hope of the universe.

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